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I hope you all are having a great Thanksgiving with your friends and family! I thought I would at least take a day off of blogging and start back tomorrow, but my family has just broken-out the X-box 360 and the “Rock Band” game, and that’s my cue to check out…well find something else to do that is. I’m not a big video game person, other then tetris and the occasional solitaire on the computer. Although my husband seems to be quite the drummer, and my sister’s a pretty good singer. And this rock band game seems to have woken up my little brother who has been sleeping in the living room since right after dinner. We’ll see how long my Dad can sleep with all of this racket!!!!! My other little brother is playing one guitar, I’m not Rock Band savvy enough to know which guitar it is, but we have a little snafu with the other guitar…. sniff…sniff…..When my sisters went by my house to gather all of the video game accouterments, they somehow left one piece. So my Mom is frantically calling friends to find the piece we need. Apparently Walmart doesn’t open up quite early enough to help solve this video game crisis.

I should have known that my family would provide good fodder for my blog, as they always would if I had a personal blog, so of course they did, as soon as they all arrived. I’ve just been too into vacation mode to blog about it before now. My 2 brothers arrived Tuesday morning, my Aunt arrived Tuesday late evening, and my 2 sisters and their boyfriends rolled in here around 1am Wednesday morning. We all stayed up to greet them, my Mom broke out the food for a middle of the night feast, then it was on to desserts and banana bread, as we all migrated towards the kitchen and gathered around the table. Since we are all political and “up” on the issues (we like to think 🙂    … and we all were heavily involved in and volunteered for the YES on Proposition 8 campaign, the conversation took a quick turn to the topic of the same-sex marriage fiasco (that is still going on), and the havoc gay rights activists are wreaking on society and families. These are some of the point that were made during our discussion:

  1. Gay people are so quick to anger because they know they are doing something wrong, immoral and unnatural.
  2. They are very defensive.
  3. They say free speech isn’t about religion, yet they were really quick to target The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and other churches.
  4. Gay rights activists and same-sex marriage proponents have heavily targeted the LDS Church and it’s members, however, the Church actually has a very liberal take on gay people. They can attend Church, they are loved and cared for, they are welcomed, and they are to be treated with kindness. The LDS Church even offers counseling and group type services to help individuals overcome their homosexual tendencies. What the Church doesn’t condone is pre-martial sex (and obviously same-sex marriage), and that goes for everyone, gay and straight people. You can be gay, come to Church and participate, but you just can’t be a practicing homosexual.
  5. They say we (YES on Prop 8 supporters) have singled out homosexuals and taken away their right to marry, but they have singled out several YES on 8 contributors. We didn’t single anyone out, we were just exercising our political rights.
  6. They say they want to marry, but there are tons of homosexual couples who never had any interest in marrying before now (hence the bandwagon theory), and they didn’t rush off to get married last May when the Supreme Court said they could. Now that they have been out-voted they are mad.
  7. Elton John isn’t all up in arms about Prop 8 or his civil rights or his right to free speech, why can’t gay people just “get it” like he does.
  8. It’s time for the fence-sitters to make a choice. It’s time to have a voice and take a stand, either one side of the fence or the other. It’s time to pick one, and complacency is not an option! If you have morals and value traditional marriage and family, then you can’t be silent and unengaged. It’s time to participate and decide what is important to you.
  9. Dr. Laura is a huge advocate for children…..she is constantly talking to her listeners about how children need a Mother and a Father.
  10. Gays are trying to take over everything, churches, politics, public education, (and in my opinion have already taken over, the entertainment industry, TV and movies) ….disguised as a fight for civil liberties and free speech, and they don’t think the law applies to them in any way. In other words, they seem to be going around doing just as they please with out regard for anyone but themselves.
  11. Gay people are not the majority in this country.
  12. Satan wants to destroy the family. He’s targeting the traditional family unit and distorting the truth about what’s right and wrong, and also by pushing for same-sex marriage, he’s able to rob future children of the right to be raised with a married Father and Mother. Not only is it completely immoral, but studies have shown that it is a serious detriment to a child to be raised by homosexual parents.  The list goes on and on about the problems they will have if they are missing a parent of either gender. In a previous post I blogged about an article that gives 5 Reasons Why Same-sex Marriage Will Harm Children, or you can find the entire post here.
  13. We need to be so careful…we need to stand by our values, our convictions and always, always do what we know is right!
  14. We don’t have anything against gay people.
  15. They seem to have a lot of things against us.
  16. They seem to fuel each others anger and get people all fired up about something they never even cared about before.
I Love My Family!!!

I Love My Family!!!

On a more personal note, we have two gay people in our family, my Uncle and one of my cousins. We have been nothing but supportive, loving and kind to them over the years. We have had holidays together, gotten together for dinners, vacations, you name it. My cousin is another sad story that I may post about at another time, but for now, we have always maintained a great relationship with my Uncle and kept that in-tact. He has a partner that he has been with for at least 10 years, they had a “commitment ceremony” years ago and some of my family and extended family attended.  He knows our values and beliefs and we know of his lifestyle choices, and we all acted like it was an agree to disagree situation, and therefore there was no need to talk about. His partner is really great and we always enjoy spending time with them. As many gay people are (a stereo-type I know, but a good one I think), they are very talented, well read, well-traveled, amazing cooks and super interesting to talk to…….but unfortunately, as of lately, my uncle has decided to create strain on the familial ties. Long story short, he was shocked and mad that we supported and voted for Proposition 8, knowing that he is gay……Because of our strong religious and moral beliefs, we can’t even believe that he acted surprised at our position on the same-sex marriage issue. I mean, we all knew which side he would be on, but we didn’t throw a fit because we’re straight and he didn’t vote with us in favor of Prop 8. We were and still are all completely stunned, and left with our mouths open, we really can’t believe this. All of these years, we never said anything negative, we welcomed his partner into our family (he’s a great guy, so why wouldn’t we?) and just assumed that since he knew our beliefs, that he knew we weren’t in agreement with or acceptance of his gay lifestyle….we have since come to the conclusion that we might have made a miscalculation on that one. We should have been more vocal about our position on his lifestyle, in a loving way, or at least brought it up…but then again, that’s a hard one, he knows our beliefs, we didn’t want strain in our family and we love him…. For some reason, he apparently thought that we would abandon our morals and values just because we have gay people in our family. Well, that was a miscalculation on our part. I say, let’s go back to the agree-to-disagree plan, there’s no need to be nasty or even discuss it. We don’t agree on Prop 8, or politics, which is why, as my Dad says, “we never discuss politics with them, because we know we don’t agree.” It’s ok not to agree, but it’s not ok to abandon your convictions and let someone railroad you. Our position is that we have always loved them, we have always been kind and respectful, we have always cherished our relationships with them, but that we support Traditional Marriage.

Sadly, this is such a difficult situation for families, and as we talked, we discussed how we are definitely not the only family in this situation. It’s not us that have now alienated him, it’s the other way around. Thankfully his partner is a little more level-headed and not quite so heated about his issue, so he has seemed to keep my uncle from flying totally off the handle. It’s bears considering that since my uncle has become so wrapped up in the election and Prop 8 drama, gay rights protests, etc., that he’s not thinking clearly, that he’s been sucked in my the gay rights mantra, and has somehow taken leave of all of the positive memories he has had with our family over the last 30 + years since he came out. I can only imagine what airs on Bay Area news stations and local newspapers.

This also game along with discussions about why my uncle is so angry now? He’s never once mentioned getting married, they didn’t rush to SF city hall to get married in May, and they never tried to adopt a baby…..It’s unfortunate that the alleged civil rights umbrella that gay rights activist seem to be thrashing around under, has such a negative effect on so many people, gay and straight……

Then we got off on the topic of guns and how gun sales and ammunition sales have sky-rocketed as of the election, and we need to do a little shopping……My family believes in and supports the Second Amendment too!

So I urge my readers….to be the voice of sanity and reason in their family and social circles. I hope you were able to articulate your favorable stance on traditional marriage at your Thanksgiving functions today.  When people go off on crazed tangents, or act nonchalant and uninterested about the issue of traditional marriage, speak up! Be strong and be heard!!!!! It is so important!