California Supreme Court upholds Proposition 8//


The voters, and now the California Supreme Court, have spoken.

Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman. That’s it!!!!!

Today, the California Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold Proposition 8, and the will of the voters, in a 6 to 1 decision!!! Only 1 dissenting vote. Marriage in California is now legally defined in our Constitution as only between 1 man and 1 woman. I totally agree with my blogger friend Pearl, when she said:

I am immensely relieved that this state’s judiciary was inspired to reaffirm the right of the people of California to amend our own Constitution as we see fit.

Society, families and children will benefit from this  preservation of marriage! As for the 18,000 same-sex couples who got married last year during a small window when it was legal, the court has ruled that they will remain valid. I find it interesting though, that these folks think they are married, in a state where our constitution clearly says their marriages aren’t “valid or recognized.” Married or not, homosexual couples retain the same rights under California’s domestic partnership laws,  so hopefully they will learn to be happy with that. They aren’t being deprived of any civil rights like they try to convince everyone they are. I’m just happy that the court didn’t let them hijack real marriage.

The Supreme Court’s website is most likely overloaded, so I haven’t been able to read the justices’ opinions yet. I’ll post more info later! Prop 8 made history today for a 2nd time. I hope that now all of the other states will follow suit…it seems like a lot of them have been willy-nilly passing pro SSM laws lately, but since we know that the nation watches, and often follows, California, hopefully today’s decision will have a positive influence when it comes to preserving marriage in other states.

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Redefining Marriage Will Come With Costs// and it will never be worth it…


I came across this really interesting article about what marriage is and what redefining it would really mean for American society, couples and families. The author poses this question:

What is marriage, and what is its role in society?

The government does not bestow recognition and benefits on couples simply because they have a committed sexual relationship, but because of the good that their commitment can bring to society. With marriage between one man and one woman, this “good” is its fundamental link with family.

What makes marriage unique among all human relationships and raises it to the level of a sacred bond is this: The union of one man and one woman is the only natural way that children are conceived. Moreover, the people best suited and motivated to take on the great task of raising a child from helpless newborn to independent adult are the mother and father whose love first brought that child into the world.

Marriage, then, is not just a private pledge of faithfulness, but a public vow to place the needs of others (spouse, children) above one’s desires. The “procreative potential” of man and woman does not keep their love focused inward, but enables it to reach outward, through the family, to literally build up society.

This notion of selflessness that is fundamentally necessary when rearing a happy and healthy child, is entirely contrary to information contained in this post from yesterday, wherein gay parents seem to  live in some alternate reality where “same-sex couples [think they] have a right to “get” children. (obviously it would be “get” since homosexuals in a homosexual relationship can’t “have” their own children). It’s as though children are a commodity to have. “I want to have a car. I want to have a house. I want to have a child.” There is a complete disregard for the rights, needs and wants of a child, which first and foremost is that child’s right to both a married father and a mother. The best parents are the ones who understand this need for selflessness, and putting their children, spouses and families first.

States have an enormous stake in the success of families. When families are stable and successful, all of society benefits. When they fail, however, the consequences are devastating and far-reaching. States should make every effort to uphold the integrity of the family!

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