The CA Legislature Wants to Reject Your Vote// go rally at the capital on Tuesday…

Calling all Nor Cal residents and everyone else who can get to Sacramento by Tuesday. It’s time to get serious and let our government know that we don’t appreciate them ignoring our votes and forgetting who they work for.

Proposition 8 Hearings will be held in these rooms: {Scroll down for background details on the hearings}

HR 5
Tuesday, February 17
State Capitol
Room 4202

SR 7
Tuesday, February 17

State Capitol

Room 4203

Here’s the latest update from the DNA: **Ok, so the most recent word is that the opposition is going to be busing people in from San Francisco for the hearings so seating at the actual hearing may be limited, come early. If you have kids, bring water bottles and a few snacks, comfortable shoes. Security is tight there, so remember, no pocket knives etc.

If we have more people come to the hearing than we can fit in the room, we’ll hold a concurrent rally outside the capitol building with a petition signing.  No body will be wasted!  Kids and families are welcome!  Come and be heard!  Wear your yellow shirt if you like!  If it rains, bring an umbrella, we’ll rally in the hallways!

Don't let our legislators stamp this on our ballots! Rally for marriage on Tuesday!

Don't let our legislators stamp this on our ballots! Rally for marriage on Tuesday!

Here are the details on the rally from United Families International:

This resolution would put the Assembly on record as supporting the repeal of Proposition 8 and declaring that the initiative was an improper revision to the California Constitution. -Equality California Website

Dear California Supporters of the Family,

State Assembly and Senate Considering Resolution Encouraging State Supreme Court to Overturn Prop 8!!!

SR7 and HR5

On Tuesday, February 17th at 10:30 am, The Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing followed at 12:30 pm by a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Proposition 8. The committees will be considering crafting a joint resolution encouraging the California State Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8. By issuing the resolution the Assembly will officially express its opposition to Proposition 8, calling for its repeal, and stating that it was an “improper revision” to the state constitution.

Read HR5 and Read SR7

Passing these resolutions flies in the face of the will of the voters. Prop 8, was passed by a clear majority of California voters in November 2008. Fifty-two percent of California voters stood up to protect the family, which is the lynch pin of civilization. William Glaston, a former policy advisor to President Clinton, is quoted in the UFI Marriage Advantage Family Guide. He states, “Marriage is an important social good, associated with an impressively broad array of positive outcomes for children and adults alike….Whether American society succeeds or fails in building a healthy marriage culture is clearly a matter of legitimate public concern.”

Don’t let the Assembly take your vote away. Join us in protecting marriage, children and the future of family and our society.

What You Can Do

Attend the hearing. It is taking place Tuesday, February 17th at the state capitol in Sacramento. The Assembly hearing will be in room 4202 at 10:30 am. The Senate hearing will be in room 4203 at 12:30pm. (See hearing info updates above). We encourage you to make the trip. By attending you will send a visible signal to the committee members in support of the family. To get driving directions and parking information follow the click on the links below:

For directions
For parking information

Call the members of the committees and fax letters asking them to vote no on HR5 and SR7

Assembly Judiciary Committee-Vote NO on HR5

Julia Brownley
Phone: 916 319 2041
Fax: 916 319 2141

Noreen Evans
Phone: 916 319 2007
Fax: 916 319 2107

Mike Feuer (Chair)
Phone: 916 319 2042
Fax: 916 319 2142

Dave Jones
Phone: 916 319 2009
Fax: 916 319 2109

Steve Knight
Phone: 916 319 2036
Fax: 916 319 2136

Paul Krekorian
Phone: 916 319 2043
Fax: 916 319 2143

Ted Lieu
Phone: 916 319 2053
Fax: 916 319 2153

Bill Monning
Phone: 916 319 2027
Fax: 916 319 2127

Jim Nielsen
Phone: 916 319 2002
Fax: 916 319 2102

Van Tran
Phone: 916 319 2068
Fax: 916 319 2168

Senate Judiciary Committee-Vote NO on SR7

Ellen Corbett
Phone: 916 651 4010
Fax: 916 327 2433

Dean Florez
Phone: 916 651 4016
Fax: 916 327 5989

Tom Harman
Phone: 916 651 4035
Fax: 916 445 9263

Mark Leno
Phone: 916 651 4003

Mimi Walters
Phone: 916 651 4033
Fax: 916 445 9754

Please forward this to your friends and family members. We believe that through a grassroots movement, we can secure a safe future for families in our state.

United Families California

These links are courtesy of Beetle Blogger: Read HR5 and SR7

Supporters of Marriage Rally At Inauguration// group will hand out buttons in support of traditional marriage

“President Barrack Obama says he supports traditional marriage but is catering to anti-marriage forces by appointing known-gay rights advocate Eric Holder as Attorney General and by announcing his intent to reverse the ban on open homosexuals in the military. To balance his anti-marriage actions, Public Advocate will demonstrate public support for the marriage protection amendment in Congress on his first day — and frequently during his term — as President, ” said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

Tooday from 10 A.M. to 12 noon, a group of 25 volunteers with US conservative pro-traditional marriage group Public Advocate, will congregate near the corner of Louisiana Avenue, N.E. and D Street, N.E. from to hand out buttons at the Presidential Inauguration! The group has been granted a permit by U.S. Capitol Police to be near Union Station in the designated public demonstration area.

The group will also interview citizens on their support of marriage using small video cameras with special Inaugural day messages to President Obama to support traditional marriage. [This is such a cool idea]

I don’t live anywhere near Washington D.C. and I’m not all that wild about the inauguration tomorrow and the millions of tax payer dollars that have been spent on a party for D.C’s new scandalous elite, but I am happy that some people have planned to attend and rally for traditional marriage. I imagine it will be a complete zoo there tomorrow, and I’m sure there will be rallies for the gay agenda too, and I just don’t think I could stomach listening to those people chant all day. So, I’m grateful for the people who are willing to brave the chaos for this great effort!


{ Spain: big pro-family rally in Madrid }

I have always wanted to go to Spain. It always seemed cultured and interesting, and during all of my college Spanish classes, Spain was the “it” place for the Spanish language in it’s most proper form. But whether you’re in Spain or in the US, it seems people who are pro-family and traditional marriage, even the Pope, aren’t far from the usual gay activist criticism. They’ll hunt us down anywhere.

The AP reports of a Sunday Mass in Spain, attended by hundreds of thousands of people (pretty impressive turnout, even SF couldn’t top that I don’t think),

designed to promote traditional family values in a predominantly Roman Catholic country that has legalized gay marriage and made it easier for people to divorce.

Pope Benedict XVI started the service with a message urging Spanish Catholics, “to keep their families strong.”

“Dear families, do not let love, openness to life and the incomparable links that join your homes weaken,” he said in Madrid.

The archbishop of Madrid, Antonio Maria Rouco Varela, added: “the future of humanity depends on the family, the Christian family.”

Plaza del Colon, Madrid, Spain, Family Rally 2007

Plaza del Colon, Madrid, Spain, Family Rally 2007. Photo courtesy of

Despite the chilly overcast weather, hundreds of thousands of faithful people packed downtown Plaza de Colon and spilled out into streets running off from it in four directions.

Spain’s Socialist government has angered the church by legalizing gay marriage, making it easy for people to divorce and instituting a public school course in which children learn about homosexuality and same-sex marriages. It is also considering easing Spain’s restrictive abortion law.

Rouco Varela called abortion one of the worst “scourges” of modern times.

A similar mass and rally were held at the same time last year in the same square.


The Rebuttal: What pro-family/traditional marriage rally would be complete with out some backlash from the throngs of gay rights activists, and traditional marriage haters? The Sunday Mass and rally in Madrid, Spain is apparently no different. BBC News reports that gay groups and activists have reacted angrily after Pope Benedict XVI said that,

mankind needed to be saved from a destructive blurring of gender.

I understand that no one likes to be told they are wrong, or destructive, but it seems  as though the opposition is encountering these terms quite a lot as of late, and they especially didn’t like the Pope’s comments.

Speaking on Monday, Pope Benedict said that saving humanity from homosexual or transsexual behaviour was as important as protecting the environment.

So gay activists, angered by this, obviously think that, we, as in all of us who care about and believe in traditional marriage and family,  should actually care more about global warming, that we should all drop our beemers and drive hideous hybrids (not going to happen in my family), and that we should let them voice their opinions exclusively, let them behave as leeches on our society’s moral fiber and we should all run, hide and let them take over…..well I’ll say it again….not going to happen in my family. The UK’s Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement called the Pope’s comments, “irresponsible and unacceptable.” It’s always fine for them to rip apart comments that don’t condone their behavior, but when we call them out on their stuff, they are all to quick to say that we’re bigots, biased, and trying to keep them from exercising their definition of civil rights. I’m glad we have traditional marriage allies in Europe; the opposition is everywhere.

LGCM head Rev Sharon Ferguson said the Pope’s remarks justified “gay bashing” and bullying.

The Catholic Church opposes gay marriage. It teaches that while homosexuality is not sinful, homosexual acts are.

Earlier this month, the Vatican said that a proposed United Nations resolution decriminalizing homosexuality went too far.

“Unjust discrimination” against gay people should be avoided, but the use of wording such as “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” in the text would “create serious uncertainty in the law”, it said.

Sources: Associated Press, BBC News