How the ‘Yes on Prop 8’ Campaign Took the Web by Storm//

wwwAfter all of the political campaigns and hoopla are over, it’s always interesting to read analysis and info as to what went on behind the scenes and helped a certain candidate or issue to victory. Here’s a little insight into into the success of the Yes on Prop 8 Campaign.

The coalition used the Web to fuel fundraising, volunteerism, and voter persuasion, and two tactics in particular may have given them an edge: online ads targeted using voter file data, and a last-minute get-out-the-vote ad blitz.

The “Yes on 8” campaign got attention, not only for taking a forward-thinking and integrated approach to using the Internet, but for demonstrating that having a younger, more liberal base doesn’t necessitate Web prowess.

“The other side I think had an assumption…that they would naturally win,” said Jeff Flint, co-campaign manager for and a partner at Schubert-Flint Public Affairs. Because the Prop 8 opposition had a younger and assumedly more tech-savvy following, they were expected to win the Web battle. In the end, he imagines the No on 8 side wondering, “How did we get beat [online] by the stodgy, old, pro-marriage crowd?”

I personally believe that the opposition incorrectly assumed that all young people were going to vote no on 8, and therefore they believed that they had full reign of the effectiveness of internet marketing in this campaign.  Correction: there are millions of young people in this country that were raised with family values and integrity; and that was reflected in their Yes on 8 votes on Nov. 4th.  The No side should have counted on us being loyal to our values, just like we were. I think that it’s a great thing when you’re underestimated. Then the opposition can’t see you coming!

Click {here} see how the Yes on 8 campaign used the internet to their advantage.


Fight Back Against Prop 8 Harassment//

The National Organization for Marriage and Protect have filed a lawsuit to protect the identities of Prop 8 donors. They were not successful in getting a preliminary injunction, which is difficult to get, but the Judge’s Order indicated that he needed more evidence of reprisals against our donors. They need your help to win this suit!

If you or someone you know has been a victim of harassment for their support of Prop 8. Even removal of yard signs or intimidating e-mails are enough to warrant a formal declaration.

We need more donors to sign declarations giving evidence of harassment and intimidation, and are asking you to come forward and help us by giving those declarations.
Click here for info on how you can submit your declaration…your identity will be protected…