Does the Government Really want to help people….sure they’ll help you, right out the door they’ll help you…


So, the government is trying to convince everyone how much they want to help Americans huh? How helpful was this?

So I had an interesting discussion with my brothers and my Dad today. My Dad has this friend, well actually he’s never met her, but my brother has. She answered the door naked one day when my little bro went over to her apartment to check out an electrical issue. Interesting meeting…… Anyway….

See, she used to be a tenant of my Dad’s in one of his apartment units. Well, she couldn’t make rent, she moved out, found a cheaper place in town, and one day sent my Dad a letter saying that her building had been condemned by the city, and that she had been evicted and had to move by last Sunday. So here’s how the story goes from there: {Click here to continue reading…}