{ California couples hope ads spur gay marriage support }

What do you wanto see here?

What do you want to see here?

“Our family may look different from yours, but we’re not.”

So will say gay couples as they parade their version of ‘families’ across your TV screen prior to the inauguration. We have the gay-owned film studio ‘Power Up’ to thank for the production of said ads, however they are still in the works.

Won’t we all want to be glued to our TVs now? Not only do we have to stomach Obama’s mantra’s, but in the days leading up to his January 20th inauguration, we will have the distinct pleasure of seeing gay right’s activists finally put a face to their name, i.e. cause, in five television spots in support of gay-marriage. I wonder who the lucky families will be? And I mean families in the loosest sense of the word.

As reported today by none other then the Silcon Valley’s own Mercury News,

They’ll target counties where high numbers voted for Proposition 8, the Nov. 4 ballot initiative that stripped gay couples of the right to wed in California.

Keep your guard up out there! Just because the election is over, we need to remember that the dissenting voices have not gone away. We need to keep the reasons why we support traditional marriage in the forefront of our minds, so we can retrieve the info whenever an opportunity arises where we can explain things to a confused friend, i.e. fence-sitter, or as my Dad calls them, “sheeple,” as in people who follow blindly like sheep with out making decisions for themselves. These days in our family we seem to apply the “sheeple” term to people in all sorts of political and social arenas.

It’s time to think hard about where we will stand, what we will stand for, who we will stand next to through the present and future political and social turmoil. Once you’ve made a decision about where that will be, then don’t be passive and complacent, get up, stand, up, work hard and try to make a difference. (And I hope when you are doing all of this standing and working, that you are on the side of protecting traditional marriage, children and families!) 🙂

The group says the idea for the ads came after several gay and lesbian parents realized their personal stories had influenced acquaintances to vote against Proposition 8..

If they are claiming peer pressure, or an influential position in the lives of their friends and family, then so can we. People who care about us, also care to know what we believe in and why. If you can’t explain why, then google up info or read traditional family blog archives (hopefully mine, and my friends’) until you get a reasoned explanation worked out; one that you can vocalize and share with people.

The various reasons people have for voting one way or another are interesting, and usually private, but let me share one recent experience. I was at a YES on 8 sign-holding party with my parents and some people from Church, in the rain the night before the election. We were on the corner of a crazy busy street and this nice guy came along on his bike. He had to stop and wait for the traffic signal to change so I asked him if he was “going to vote yes on Prop 8?” He kind of looked at me funny, then said, “I already voted.” That’s all fine and dandy right? But then I asked, “did you vote yes on prop 8?” Short story shorter, the dude couldn’t remember how he had voted on Proposition 8. Seriously buddy???? I think I said something like, “I hope you voted yes!” Then the conversation turned to my Dad and me talking about how people that like, who “don’t know beans about the issues,” shouldn’t be voting. (The fact that he barely spoke English is a topic for a completely different day and blog. We’re not prejudice here at the Journalista Chronicle, I’ve taken numerous Spanish classes in my day and dated men of various races before I married at 31, (another blog topic), but shouldn’t people have to be “up on things” before they can vote? In all honesty, I would rather have convicts voting then uninformed non-convicts. At least prisoners have plenty of time to read, research the law and keep themselves informed).

So back to the topic…you just never know why people voted the way they did; in fact they might not even know why or how they voted. That’s hard for me to get my head around, but hey, those people are out there. If you can have a positive influence on people who don’t have a clue or think they might not care about traditional marriage, be prepared to start talking about all of the education, psychological, marriage, health, religious, family and other issues that need to be addressed, defended and talked about. Our positive and truthful influence counts too! Don’t let the same-sex marriage activists have a louder voice then ours.

Source: Mercury News