Dr. Laura Sounds off on Executive Orders and Roe vs Wade// personal responsibility and moral choices are where abortion needs to go

My readers know how much I admire Dr. Laura, and agree with pretty much everything she says, so I thought I would post on a recent blog entry of hers, where she talks about the recent abortion upset in the media and Obama’s plans.

Dr. Laura has coined Roe v. Wade as the “you can kill the babies in your body” law, and as a huge advocate of personal responsibility and moral choices, she thinks that this is where abortion should go.  She writes,

approaching this issue of abortion through the legislature and the courts is a lost battle. Totally lost battle, in my opinion.

I am here every day begging, pressuring, cajoling, negotiating, nagging people to do the right thing, especially when it comes to their kids.  Not divorcing, unless it’s dangerous or destructive in some horrendous way, because kids need an intact family.  Not to have kids out of wedlock intentionally, because that ruins their lives, statistically speaking, emotionally and psychologically.  And not to have abortions.  You live with that for the rest of your life, and there’s a dead human being who could’ve been somebody really special.

I love this part: “It’s NOT against the law, NOT to have an abortion.”

The law could say that it’s perfectly legal to rip a baby out of your body anytime you damn well want.  But the law can be there, and we can choose not to do it.  It’s not against the law to not have an abortion.  It’s not against the law to put a child in a situation for adoption.  And, is the only time we’re going to do something, is when there’s a law?  Can’t we do the right thing without a badge in our face?

If you’re in a quandry about your position on abortion, think about what Dr. Laura has to say… Its always easier to make the morally right choice. Ask any girl who’s had an abortion. Most of them regret it and are still haunted from that fateful decision.

Calling all parents, pregnant teenagers and Roe .v Wade supports…

So, in your families, you can teach your children that affordable housing means housing you can afford, not housing the tax payers can afford for you, but what you can afford for you. I’ve lived in some sad situations, but that’s because that’s what I could afford.  So, for me, that was affordable housing.  To say somebody else has to afford your housing is not the mentality this country was built on.  And it’s certainly not a mentality that makes you feel good about yourself.  That it’s perfectly legal to get pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, doesn’t mean it’s something you ought to do or it’s a good thing to do.  It can’t make you feel better as a person or a woman, when giving somebody you created the opportunity for life is a better choice.

Attention Pro-Life Advocates. . . let’s take a different approach

So I give up with the Planned Parenthood nonsense.  That, to me, is just part of the evil empire…that place. And I give up with Roe vs. Wade.  I give up with that.  You’re not going to get anywhere with that, folks.  Give that up and turn to each other.  Stop looking for the government to take care of this.  Look to yourself.  Influence each other.  Do the right thing; be open about it.  Anybody who’s ever gotten pregnant in the wrong situation and put a baby up for adoption, say it out loud!  Make it be a wonderful thing!  Not a thing of shame, but a wonderful thing – that you were willing to sacrifice nine months of your life, plus the nine months it takes to get your body and mind back together again, in order that another human being, brought into this world by no fault of their own, no doing of their own, has a life.  You should be proud of yourself. That’s why when women call me and tell me they put children up for adoption they couldn’t take care of, I tell them they’re my heroes. So, stop looking to the government for the handout, the bailout, the law.  You know what the right thing is to do.  You know.  You know the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, since the beginning of time (read the Bible) the influences around you try to dissuade you from doing the right thing.  Listen to the small, still voice:  Your conscience that tells you the truth.  Follow that voice.  If not, follow mine.  Okay?

New Video Reveals ‘Lawbreaking’ Planned Parenthood// in addition to killing babies, they are ignoring the sexual abuse of young girls

The Mona Lisa Project

Alias used to be my favorite TV show. I’m all for undercover, spy stuff, and well, that seems to be the story for many Planned Parenthood offices around the country lately. Honestly, I don’t even know how Planned Parenthood employees sleep at night. . .

A third Planned Parenthood clinic has been exposed as willing to cover up statutory rape after UCLA student investigator Lila Rose released more hidden-camera footage of Tucson Planned Parenthood counselors advising a 15-year-old not to bring her 27-year-old “boyfriend” to a judicial hearing to waive parental consent requirements.

Sexual relations between an adult and a 15-year old is considered a felony in Arizona state, and all instances of statutory rape are to be reported to law enforcement. Of course, always-breaking-the-law Planned Parenthood, doesn’t report those things, in fact, they advise minor children, that’s right, children, how to get around the law, protect these rapists/boyfriends and present themselves in court so as not to incriminate the criminals.

The investigative video was produced by Live Action Films as part of its Mona Lisa Project.

In the video, Live Action President Lila Rose accompanies her friend Jackie Stollar into a Tucson Planned Parenthood clinic. Stollar poses as a 15-year-old girl

Commenting in a Feb. 3 press release, Rose said: “These videos demonstrate that Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider, is entrenched in an organization-wide policy of circumventing state law and concealing the sexual abuse of young girls.”

See other under cover Planned Parenthood videos here @ Live Action.org

Find out more about the Mona Lisa Project, and see more videos, here

Source: Catholic News Agency

Should a Doctor Be Forced to Perfom an Abortion Against His Will?// the aclu and planned parenthood certainly think so…

Will our doctors be sued for being Pro-Life?
Will our doctors be sued for being Pro-Life?

They aren’t just taking over marriage folks. . .

The Department of Health and Human Services put the regulations in place last month to reinforce federal laws that protect doctors from being forced to participate in abortion and other anti-life practices, thus protecting their freedom of conscience. Planned Parenthood and as usual, the ACLU are suing over these laws.

Dr. David Stevens, executive director of the Christian Medical Association [said], “If we lose this one, soon there will be no Christian health care personnel debating the other ethical issues like cloning or physician-assisted suicide.”

Source: citizenlink.com

At Obama’s Request, Congress Pulls Abortion Industry Funding in Economic Stimulus Bill// but allots millions for STD prevention

The Democratic-controlled House approved a historically huge $819 billion stimulus bill Wednesday night with spending increases and tax cuts at the heart of the young administration’s plan to revive a badly ailing economy.

Is $335 million for STD prevention a good way to spend economic-recovery money? Too late. . .that’s what is included in the bill that passed the House by a 244-188 vote Wednesday evening.

Republicans and some Democrats have complained that the recovery bill is loaded with items that would provide little short-term help in boosting the economy. Republicans say the bill instead has become a vehicle for congressional Democrats to get approval for projects they’ve been unable to secure in recent years with congressional Republicans and President Bush able to foil their efforts.

I guess there could be worse things than money for STD prevention, however the debate abounds how including this in the stimulus package will actually help create jobs. I’m guessing it won’t. But we should count our blessings that STD money was all that was included in this crazy stimulus thing. Because it could have been worse, much worse:

House Democrats were forced to remove a separate $200 million that had been designated to boost contraceptive coverage under Medicaid, the government-run health care plan for the poor.

That provision was removed after President Obama made a personal appeal to take it out of the bill.

A good idea if you ask me, considering that it was just an under-the-table, round-about way for our typically sleazy politicians to actually provide Planned Parenthood with $200 million for abortions.

In their proposal, Congressional Democrats had loaded down the economic stimulus bill to send taxpayer funds to domestic abortion groups. The stimulus plan originally included a measure to send more public funds to the Planned Parenthood abortion business to fund contraception and birth control. Specifically, a provision in the proposed legislation cleared the way for expanded federal funding of contraceptives through Medicaid for those who aren’t even poor. As proposed, states would have sought a waiver to offer Medicaid “family planning services” to people who didn’t qualify and who didn’t need them. That’s a socialist government for you, provide services and keep the people from taking care of themselves. Under a Clinton-era program, a waiver meant that the Federal Government would have shelled out $9 for every $1 the state pays for said services.

On Friday, when the House Energy & Commerce Committee considered the congressional Democrats’ spending bill, the committee eliminated the waiver requirement.

As a result, all 50 states will now offer Medicaid “family planning” services (including contraception) with the federal government offering the same $9 to $1 match. Although the money doesn’t fund abortions directly, it goes to Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion business, which would otherwise have to spend its own money on contraception.

Pro-life advocates say the governmental funds free up Planned Parenthood dollars to promote and perform abortions that it would otherwise have to spend on family planning.

“Regardless of where anyone stands on taxpayer-funding for contraceptives and the abortion industry, there is no doubt that this once little-known provision in the congressional Democrats’ spending plan has nothing to do with stimulating the economy and creating more American jobs,” he said.

Sneaky, Scandalous Democrats! Did they really think that no one would catch on to their plan–Fund abortions with money technically allocated for birth control and condoms via Medicaid. When Planned Parenthood didn’t have to give them out, because the government would have, they would then be able to use that freed up money to perform more abortions. Sickening huh???? We have to keep an eye on these people every second. I am constantly amazed by the pure lack of integrity, intelligence and plain common sense in our elected officials. Actually, I’m not constantly amazed, I’m not surprised at all, it’s the status-quo in D.C. and Sacramento. Nothing new. . .

I read somewhere that although Obama requested the removal of this “contraception” part of the bill, and it is not included in the stimulus package that actually passed, he still has a plan to provide money for these disguised abortion purposes, just not within the confines of this particular package. It seems like he’s on the scandalous fast-track; first week in office, and already he has plans to undermine the votes of the legislature. So, yeah, he asked that it be removed, but he still has something up his sleeve.

To be continued. . .





Does ‘No Name-Calling’ campaign reject believers?//

‘Christians are not the oppressors, nor the creators of division in classes’

Wow. . .the more research I do, the scarier the public school system seems to get. Gold stars for all parents who home school their kids, or who can afford a Christian private school and make spending money on tuition a priority. In conjunction with the tolerance and acceptance of homosexuality in schools comes the attack on Christianity and all conservative values, and thus the students who fall into those categories. The GLBT community always tries to blame their problems on us, the conservative Christians. Well, sorry gang, give it up, it’s not going to fly. Actions have consequences and you’re not going to make the rest of society responsible for your perverted, irresponsible, and self-inflicted life anguish. That’s all on you.

An upcoming “No Name-Calling” campaign for public schools, sponsored by none other then a homosexual activist organization, is prompting concerns from a Christian group, which contends the effort promotes hate, not tolerance.

“Is respect for Christians part of these ‘no-naming-calling’ lessons?” asked Linda Harvey, head of Mission America. “Or does this effort in reality create more division by labeling and stereotyping objections to homosexuality?”

You won’t be surprised what other organizations are sponsoring this program: Anti-Defamation League, Educators for Social Responsibility, the National Education Association and the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. With this ‘no-name-calling’ campaign comes the attempt of GLBT groups to promote their agenda, seek preferential treatment and disrespect Christians. Just like I said in my post yesterday about tolerance training, shouldn’t no-name-calling be a blanket thing, referring to any type of name-calling  not being tolerated on any front, rather then a sneaky way to promote of the homosexual lifestyle?

According to the NoNameCallingWeek.com website, the inspiration for the idea comes from the a book called “The Misfits,” by James Howe about 5 junior high girls, all different, are taunted, one who’s taunted based on her sexual orientation/gender expression.

Motivated by the inequities they see around them, the ‘Gang of Five’ (as they are known) creates a new political party during student council elections and run on a platform aimed at wiping out name-calling of all kinds.

The website said the No Name-Calling Week Coalition, created by Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, or GLSEN, consists of more than 40 national partner organizations. The coalition organized the first No Name-Calling Week in schools across the nation during the week of March 1-5, 2004. This year, No Name-Calling Week will take place next week.

The website claims it wants to focus national attention on the problem of name-calling in school, and that’s nice and all, but don’t be fooled–what they are really trying to bring attention to is how  much they think GLBT people are discriminated against, and how everyone should think being gay or whatever is so great and wonderful. Ick. . .

Mission America’s Harvey, however, insists it’s not hate that is behind opposition to homosexuality.

“There is in fact, grave concern for these kids, lots of prayers, etc.,” she wrote.

The only hate around, Harvey said, is homosexuality itself.

“It hates the natural human body and spirit, and opposes truth at every level. It fights gender integrity as marvelously designed by God. It ‘uglifies’ a person, preventing the full blossom of natural beauty as a young male or female. It is a dead-end affection, fruitless, never creating new life,” she said.

You got that GLBT folks??? It’s not complicated. Daryl Presgraves, the “No Name-Calling” campaign spokesman, said that they sold 4,000 promotion kits to schools all across the U.S., which includes a 27-minute video, a guide with lesson plans, a copy of a book, two posters and 60 stickers.  I’m sure the liberal school administrators think that this program is a bargain at $129 bucks. When asked, Presgraves

declined to confirm whether “homophobia” would be condemned also. He said “any type” of hurtful word should be avoided.

Typical. . .you can’t expect the truth or the straight story out of these people, which I find cowardly.  If  you can’t be honest, then what do you have? This guy is trying to promote a program but he didn’t want to give the real truth about it. Well, I’ll answer that for him. Of course the no name calling list includes homophobia. That is practically the whole point of this thing anyway; this groups wants to tell kids how crappy they are for thinking that homosexuality is wrong. I think that anyone should be able to teach the concept of not calling names without having to explain sexually explicit details of homosexuality to young children.  Its hard to teach children right from wrong with out including religion and the real reason they need to be kind, compassionate, caring. God expects us to be; and Christ is our ultimate example. That’s the reason. And yes, it does include compassion and sympathy for homosexuals and people who are different, but we do not have to think that behavior is ok, nor should we teach our children that it is.

“The whole point is when someone hears a hurtful word, they can say, ‘This hurts me,’ and have a discussion,” [Presgraves] told WND.

Harvey, however, said that simply misses the point.

“‘Gay’ student clubs only add fuel,” she said, “by dwelling on supposed discrimination while urging entry into the behavior. The enemy? Traditionalists – students, teachers, parents – who know how harmful homosexuality is.”

She said bullying students who are acting out homosexually cannot be excused.

“But the solution is not to endorse homosexuality. Instead, we need to get counseling for these troubled kids to help end their self-destructive behavior, at the same time schools should consistently punish all uncivil and unkind treatment by bullies.”

Harvey said such programs “assume that homosexuality as a behavior is something worthy of respect and defense, and that it’s harmless. It’s not. Let’s get it out of kids’ lives.”

That’s the kicker right there. Harvey hits the nail on the head with that statement. The programs do assume, in fact more realistically force students to think that homosexuality is ok and worthy of respect and defense. Homosexuality is not harmless!!!!! I am so disturbed by the lack of compassion exhibited by the GLBT community for the rest of America. Its as if they are wishing for these children, and even everyone else, to experience the kind of anxiety, turmoil, family chaos, sexual perversion and lack of self-esteem that they themselves have experienced being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered. They don’t want these children to experience the sacredness of intimacy within a loving and committed marriage, a real marriage between one man and one woman. They are trying to rob these children of one of life’s essential joys.  None of these GLBT people can say life has been blissful and easy for them, or that they have been happy, they would be lying if they did. They are past the trying phase of agenda execution. so make no mistake they ARE promoting this life of sadness and suffering on America’s children. This is vile behavior at it’s finest!

[Harvey] said the sponsorship of GLSEN should alarm parents [and I hope it does].

“This is the extremist group that helps kids organize homosexual clubs, and has stated a goal to get homosexual student clubs in all schools, kindergarten through 12th grade. Grade school-ers declaring their homosexuality? This is child sexual abuse!” she said.

The solution isn’t that complicated, she contended.

“It’s simple. Schools have to choose, one or the other. Both messages cannot remain with integrity. Either schools need to wise up and remove homosexuality and cross-dressing from the school climate (meaning: remove the propaganda and get help for these kids), or the conservatives and Christians need to go. That’s what is desired – for Christians to leave or be suppressed,” Harvey said.

“Christians are not the oppressors, nor the creators of division in schools. This horrendous behavior is. And it will not end, even if Christians were to leave. Actually, all that’s restraining total barbarism is the few true Christians left,” she said.

Parents, call your child’s school, or district office tomorrow morning promptly, and find out if this program will be taught next week. Pull your child out of school and send them to Grandma’s to visit, or make other arrangements for them if you have to work. This is too important! They don’t need this filth ingrained in their brains and saturating their souls.

Source: worldnetdaily.com