NEW VIDEO, OBAMA BETRAYS SUPPORTERS// see what happened at the pro-marriage inaugural rally…

The update to the Public Advocate “traditional” marriage rally at Obama’s inauguration is here!!!! Watch the video to see people’s thoughts on marriage. Eugene over at Public Advocate posted a message on our initial rally post (linked above) and gave me the video info! Thanks Eugene!

I love seeing so many different kinds of people in this video all agreeing that marriage should only be between 1 man and 1 woman! They look so happy and  spoke with conviction! They represented the marriage supporters well and made us proud! Thanks to everyone who was there and made our voice heard. Now if only Obama and all of the dissenters would listen…

Follow the link on their site to their youtube video and leave some great marriage comments!!!

Source: Public Advocate

Pro-Family Forces Rally at Inauguration// update for public advocate rally

In a follow-up to this Journalista Chronicle post about the Public Advocate group who planned to rally and hand out pro-marriage buttons on Tuesday at the inauguration, here’s how it went:

“Based on our video survey takers and enthusiastic support demonstrated at today’s Presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. it is clear that most of the millions of citizens turning out today at the Inauguration of Barack Obama support traditional marriage and want a federal marriage protection amendment signed into law”, said Eugene Delgaudio, president of Public Advocate.

Over 657 citizens from 27 states attending gave video testimony and 37,357 wore buttons, stickers or t-shirts that stated “Preserve Traditional Marriage”.

12, 373 people refused our offer to support marriage openly which shows a big majority for supporting tradtional marriage today.

I’ll keep checking to see if they post any of the video interviews. All in all, I’d say it was a huge success. I’m happy to see that so many Americans are in support of protecting marriage.

Source: Public Advocate