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Let's get emailing!

Let's get emailing!

The NY Times ran an article about the H8 donor list map. Read it here.

Let’s take a minute and write  a letter to the editor and tell them what we think! Be sure to follow the instructions.

Letters to the Editor—NY Times instructions for submitting:

Letters for publication should be no longer than 150 words, must refer to an article that has appeared within the last seven days, and must include the writer’s address and phone numbers. No attachments, please.

Send a letter to the editor by e-mailing letters@nytimes.com

{ The New York Times…Letters to the Editor }

You're Kidding Right?

You're Kidding Right?

I came across these letters to the editor in my never-to-be-favorite-newspaper, The NY Times, when I was finally checking up on the latest happenings in the fight to protect traditional marriage. I mean this in the nicest possible way, but I just can’t believe how delusional some people can be when it comes to certain things. . .mainly the facts surrounding homosexual marriage (like gays are not the Japanese in internment camps, they are not black people fighting for civil rights and they are not mistreated Mexican migrant farm workers, althought they would like us to think they are), and the horrific damaging effects of it; (besides my hubby’s ex. . . I totally believe how delusional she can be. . . can you say craaazzzzyyyy…. and I mean that in the nicest possible way too. . . Why is it that all exes are crazy?….sorry, off track. . . the ex is my other rant, when it slips, oops. . . and today she’s  in rare form)  The original Editorial entitled Separate and Not Equal can be read here.  The editorial says the same old mantra about gay marriage…bla..bla…bla… equal rights. ..bla…bla…bla… fairness …bla..bla. . . you get the picture.  So, I just wanted to comment on these letters to the editor that fall under the heading “Let New Jersey’s Couples Marry, All of Them” . . .Headlines like that are sure to get reactions!

These people have got to be kidding??? Check them out for yourself, roll your eyes, shake your head, and then tell us what you think in the comments section below.

Our first Letter to the Editor submission is from a gay woman, who has a child, and is irritated about her relationship and immoral choices not being validated and condoned by all of society. Too bad. But at least she has cohorts, since she is not the only gay person who thinks that homosexuality should be integrated into society like it’s perfectly ok. She writes:

Bravo for calling on New Jersey’s governor, Jon S. Corzine, to honor his promise to grant same-sex couples the right to marry.

It is beyond frustrating for me, as a lesbian, a taxpayer and a contributing member of our state and society, to know each and every day that my relationship is unequal to a heterosexual couple’s relationship.

I know it’s a tough concept for this lesbian to grasp, but homosexual relationships are unequal to heterosexual marriages.  When I was young and super protected by my parents, I had a high school boyfriend (not before I was 16 however) and even though I didn’t know a lot about homosexuality, I still remember a comment he made. He said that homosexuality can’t be right because they can’t reproduce.  There is no way for them to reproduce; adoption and raising relatives’ kids and indocterinatin public school chidlren with their gay agenda or whatever, is not the same thing. I don’t believe in the theory of evolution, however even according to that theory, homsexuality doesn’t fly. . . survival of the fittest. Who will be surviving accourding to darwin? Heterosexuals who can reproduce. . . that would be Men and Women ladies and gentlemen!

The practice of homosexuality is immoral and not in accordance with the laws of God regarding morality, procreation, marriage and families. I need to check out some research on how many of  homosexual people would admit to being taught these principles in their youth, but then are now trying to convince themselves and the rest of society that their homosexual practices are OK. Heterosexuals who shack-up, have sex before marriage, have children out of wed-lock also,view pornography and involve themselves in other immoral acts, also violate those laws. Immorality is immorality, whether the couples are gay or straight, but marriage is marriage and is meant for only a man and a woman.

As a parent, I find it extremely difficult to explain to my child why I cannot “get married.”

I can imagine it is for this lady who probably really knows that what she is doing is wrong and unnatural, but yet she still has to try to explain to her child why it’s ok. The explanation is simple!!! “I am gay sweetie, and marriage is only between a man and a woman, not two women, so it is not right for me to get married. However I want you to get married to a wonderful man/woman (sex of the child is unknown) and be happy and have children and I can’t wait to be a grandma!” Something along those lines would be nice. . .this kid needs all the help he can get being raised with out a father and a mother who are married and can teach him.

He does not understand what a “civil union” or “domestic partnership” means. He does not understand how politics work. He does not yet understand bigotry, bias and small-mindedness.

She dug her own grave on this on. Be gay, whatever, but don’t bring a child into this situation and deprive him/her of their right to have a father and a mother, and the influence an teaching of a parents of the opposite sex. It would be nice if “domestic partnership”  and “civil union” didn’t even need a definition. And she wouldn’t have to explain “bigotry,” “bias” and “small-mindedness” either, if she didn’t have a child with a gay mother. It looks like she is having a difficult time telling her child that most of the world doesn’t agree with homosexual marriage and that they are upset that she is depriving him/her of a father, and a real family, and because of this, gay rights activists’ have coined those terms to explain their anger at real marriage, traditional marriage and family values. ” I’m sorry child. I can’t give you these things or even teach you about them.” Maybe she can start with explaining “hypocrite.” Most of us probably know that children learn by example, not by “telling” them what to do. ..This mother will likely have a tough time. Although self-inflicted on the mother’s part, I feel for them and their situation. I am also very saddened by the fact that most gay parents don’t care if their child is gay or not. Why would any parent wish that sort of confusion and inner-tourmoil on their child? Not to mention the struggle to be accepted by their peers, to fit in at school, etc.

So many of us are told to be thankful for the progress we have made — yet it is simply not enough. Our committed relationships are exactly like heterosexual committed relationships, with the same potential for joys, challenges and rewards. They are, indeed, marriages and deserve equal nomenclature along with equal rights.

Elizabeth Schroeder
Montclair, N.J., Dec. 20, 2008

Well, referring to committed homosexual relationships, and heterosexual relationships in which the dating couple is having sex…then yeah, I guess she has a point, the relationships are exactly alike. . . immoral. But she is wrong and insulting to all of us who have a traditional marriage,  in equating these types of “relationships” with marriage. Let’s just break this down for a sec. . .(I accidentally typed sex..no pun intended 🙂  A girl and a guy, or a man and a woman, who have been dating, even for years on end, do not, in any way, shape, or form, think that they have a “marriage.” A man and a woman who adopt a child together, or raise one parents’ children together, to not think they have a “marriage.” Because heterosexual couples know what a marriage is, they know that if they don’t “get married,” then they don’t have a marrige. And if homosexual couples can’t marry, then they certainly don’t have a marriage either. I don’t really care what they think it is. Back to the delusional theory from the beginning. . . if gay couples want to convince themselves that because they have been with one partner (although studies have shown that even committed gay couples are not sexually exclusive)  for 3 months that they are married, whatever, but legally, marriage can and should be defined as only between a man and a woman.

I was going to comment on all three editorials, but apparently I had a lot to say about this one. Click the link and read the others if you want to, and comment on any and all you feel like it. I don’t mean any disrespect to Elizabeth Schroeder, I respect her right to voice her opinion and to choose for herself how she lives her life. I was simply using her letter to comment on the generalities of the gay lifestyle.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Thanks for reading!

{ The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty sponsors NY Times Ad! }

Salt Lake Temple & Christmas Lights in Temple Square

Salt Lake Temple & Christmas Lights in Temple Square

Scholars, dignitaries and religious leaders from a variety of faiths signed their names to an ad that ran on Friday Dec. 5th in the NY Times. The ad was sponsored by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and states,  “the violence and intimidation being directed at the LDS or “Mormon” Church, and other religious organizations – and even against individual believers – simply because they supported Proposition 8 is an outrage and must stop.”

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints expressed appreciation today for a full-page advertisement in The New York Times that decries the “violence and intimidation” directed toward the Church because of its support of Proposition 8.

Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said: “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints expresses its gratitude to the signatories of the full-page advertisement that appeared today in the New York Times. This was a thoughtful and generous gesture at a time when the right of free expression of people of faith has come under attack. We join with those of all religious faiths and political persuasions who have called for reasoned and civil discourse on matters that affect our nation.”

I think its wonderful that so many religions have come together, formed friendships and alliances, and worked together and supported each other in their efforts to protect traditional marriage. The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty has done a very kind thing by sponsoring this ad!

The statement by the group also called for others to add their names to the letter and concluded with a declaration of unified support:

“Therefore, despite our fundamental disagreements with one another, we announce today that we will stand shoulder to shoulder to defend any house of worship — Jewish, Christian, Hindu, whatever — from violence, regardless of the cause that violence seeks to serve.”

Read the entire ad here. Just click on the page to enlarge the print.

Source:      newsroom.lds.org, “Prop 8 Backlash Is “An Ourtrage That Must Stop,” Group Says in Support of Church