Trump Weighs in on Miss California’s Opposition to Same Sex Marriage//

Photo cource: TV
Photo source: TV

Donald Trump Defends Miss California

Off hand, I don’t know exactly where Donald Trump stands on the same-sex marriage debate, but he did have these nice things to say about Miss CA, for which I am very glad. I think Donald Trump is brilliant and I admire him for a lot of things, letting Perez Hilton judge his pageant, not so much. Although Perez did do a great job on The Celebrity Apprentice, perhaps that’s why Trump asked him back to judge the pageant.

Donald Trump, owner of the Miss Universe franchise, says Miss California’s anti-gay marriage response on the Miss USA pageant was not a bad answer to a very loaded question.

Miss California USA Carrie Prejean, Donald Trump said today, “gave a very, very honest answer when asked a very tough question at the recent pageant. It’s the same answer that the President of the United States gave. It’s the same answer that many people gave and at the same time, it was a controversial question. It was a tough question. It was probably a fair question because it’s asked of many people.”

Prejean, as the world knows, said she opposed same sex marriage, an answer that likely cost her the Miss USA crown because one of the judges, Perez Hilton, found it objectionable.

Trump said Prejean “gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from heart and I think for that, she has to be commended.”

One of the complaints many gay and lesbian activists have with President Obama’s opposition to same sex marriage is that it gives cover for the Carrie Prejeans of the world. Even though the president may support civil unions and other rights for same sex couples, it’s his insistence that marriage is between a man and a woman that allows opponents of what gay rights groups call “marriage equality” to paint themselves as mainstream and reasonable.

“Miss California has done a wonderful job, that was her belief,” Trump tells Fox News. “It wasn’t a bad answer, that was simply her belief.”

Sympathizing with Carrie Prejean, Trump adds that she was “a bit unlucky” to get the question from the openly gay Perez Hilton. “She was going to get killed” no matter how she answered it, the mogul says.

One thing that Trump doesn’t agree with Miss California on, is that her answer opposing gay marriage cost her the crown. He is quoted as saying that the winner of the Miss USA Pageant, Miss North Carolina Kristen Dalton, “really did a fantastic job.”

Miss California officials might strip Carrie Prejean of title//

rj13547_pageant_crownThe question of the day is whether or not Miss California, Carrie Prejean, violated her contract with the state pageant. They are certainly trying to make it seem like she did, and are working to strip her of the Miss California crown.

Pageant officials Tuesday said they are looking into whether Prejean violated her contract by working with a national group opposed to gay marriage and by posing semi-nude when she was a 17-year-old model.

Pageant spokesman Roger Neal said Tuesday it appears Prejean has violated the 12-page contract all prospective contestants were required to sign before competing in the November state contest. The contract prohibits Miss California from making personal appearances, giving interviews or making commercials without permission from pageant officials. In the last 10 days, Prejean has made televised appearances at her San Diego church and on behalf of the National Organization for Marriage, a group opposed to same-sex marriage.

The contact also contains a clause asking participants to say whether they have conducted themselves “in accordance with the highest ethical and moral standards.” As an example, it asks if they have ever been photographed nude or partially nude.

My guess is at this point, Miss CA probably doesn’t care. It seems the whole pageant deal only works if you agree with the judges’ personal views anyway,  at least in this case. Props to her for sticking by her beliefs.

Yet my comments defending traditional marriage have led to intimidation tactics that seek to undermine my reputation and somehow silence me and my beliefs, as if opinion is only a one-way street.”

What do you think about this beauty pageant drama? Comments? Leave ’em below!

I bet there have never been more people so interested in a beauty pageant or it’s contestants before. I always thought it was kind of a girls-watch-on-Sunday-night-type-of-thing.


Attacks on Miss California reveal intolerance of gay-rights activists//


[Carrie] Prejean hardly is alone in her conventional view of marriage. Polls show that most Americans share that view and voters in 29 states, including California, have approved state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Yet Prejean did something most Americans who oppose gay marriage no longer dare to do: She voiced her beliefs in the public square. And when pressured to recant, she refused.

I haven’t read a ton about the pagent debaucle, but what I do know is that this lady is a class act. She stood up there, in front of our entire country and told everyone what she believes,

“I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

That took courage and guts and I’m impressed. She probably knew that her no-on-gay-marriage answer would not be popular, she probably even knew that it would cost her the crown (Miss CA is almost always in the finals and has a chance of winning) but she answered the question honestly. And I think it’s great that Carrie Prejean has gotten even more press then the actual winner of the Miss USA pageant. I even watched the very end and I can’t remember who it is. People say there’s no such thing as bad press!

With that mild answer to a beauty-pageant query earlier this month, Miss California Carrie Prejean was catapulted to the center of an international controversy resulting in vicious attacks on her character, intelligence and religious beliefs.

I’m just a blogger and I sometimes get nasty hate messages because of my personal views, that of course I don’t approve to be posted in my blog comments, but this poor girl… a national scandal all because she doesn’t agree with the gay community… No one seems to have launched a national nasty campaign on anyone who believes in gay marriage. Isn’t that interesting????

With the personal assault on Miss CA being lead by blogger Perez Hilton, {click here to read about what a bang-up job Mr. Hilton did as a judge in this contest. I came across this blog post: “This Is What Happens When You Let Bloggers Judge Beauty Contests,” By graneyandthepig. I do not support the picture of a passed out girl in a thong in the blog’s header, but this post  makes some great points and seems to support Miss CA. If you want to get the 411 on Perez’s judging gig, check it out}.

Incensed by Prejean’s failure to endorse his views on gay marriage, Hilton took to the airwaves and Internet to call Prejean a string of unprintable names.

Oh nice. You get to berate and belittle and harass someone just because they don’t agree with you? Since when did the GLBT community get that added to their mile-long Constitutional rights want list? In addition to Hilton, the Miss CA’s barrage of harassers,

ranged from the TV journalists who fretted on air about Prejean’s insensitivity and pageant officials who publicly sided with Hilton to the parade of Hollywood celebrities who denounced Prejean and high-ranking gay British politician Alan Duncan, who called her a “silly [expletive]” and said that if she turns up murdered, “you will know it was me.”

Is this really national news people? Or rather world news, because apparently a British politician wants in on the nastiness too. Real classy huh? I wonder if his constituents are proud that they voted for him?

Prejean did something most Americans who oppose gay marriage no longer dare to do: She voiced her beliefs in the public square. And when pressured to recant, she refused.

I love that part!!!!! How cool is that? What a great example of standing up for your beliefs no matter the cost.

At a time when many politicians and pastors are too intimidated to defend their beliefs about marriage, a beauty queen willing to stand up to a bully is an inspiring sight.