Public schools and ‘tolerance’ training// laws will focus on homosexuality

In response to a Massachusetts case involving a young girl who was allegedly harassed by a third-grade boy, the Supreme Court unanimously ruled that people have the right to sue schools over sexual discrimination. Courts in Massachusetts had ruled that the parents could not sue the school, citing Title IX.

The founder of Liberty Counsel says a recent Supreme Court ruling will have far-reaching consequences.

However, the Supreme Court has ruled that Title IX does not prohibit lawsuits. Mat Staver, the founder of Liberty Counsel, fears the future treatment of homosexuality in schools.

“And I think what it ultimately will mean is — long-term and even in the short-term — are these policies that schools will pass as a reaction to this [will require] homosexual sensitivity training programs. [T]hey’ll call them ‘no bullying’ laws or ‘sensitivity’ or ‘tolerance’ laws, but actually what it will be are laws that will focus on homosexuality,” he contends. “And anybody who says anything that is negative against homosexuality or in support of traditional morality — which, by the way, discriminates against nontraditional immorality — is going to be subject to these particular laws.”

We don’t’ need special laws in public schools that teach homosexuality, disguised as tolerance and sensitivity. No-bullying lessons do not need to be homosexual-specific, for kids to “get” what behaviors aren’t appropriate. Parents need to keep informed about what their child’s school plans to teach regarding these things. There are many ways to teach kindness and tolerance and difference and sensitivity to children, with out the graphic exploitations that are usually involved in public school homosexuality lessons. Law suits are law suits and what’s right is right. Hopefully we will see parents just as willing to fight for traditional morality, and for tolerance and sensitivity to be taught in the home, not by liberal public schools.