Should Gays Be A Protected Class?// not a chance, read on to find out why…

Do handicapped or elderly workers just volunteer to joing those protected classes? Nope, but gays join their club voluntarliy and then want the government to protect them...

Do handicapped or elderly workers just volunteer to join those protected classes? Nope, but gays join their club voluntarliy and then want the government to protect them... There's a difference

I came across this amazing post by my blogger friend at Comments on the Contemporary. He talks about the facts surrounding a class of people becoming a “protected class,” which can then sue for a violation of their civil rights. He talks about the classes of people that are legitimately a protected class, and how gays are trying to wiggle their way into protected status. Read the post here.

It is apparent that the argument in California over Proposition 8 has jumped over this fundamental issue and made an invalid assumption that a protected class exists without ever defining that class. Class definition is not difficult in the instance of race, or sex (i.e. women vs. men) but has been and will continue to be problematical for national origin and religion. Are we ready to include a class that does not have a definition? Won’t that open the door to almost any possible group or preference labeling themselves and claiming protected class status?

Constant repetition of the mantra of “gay rights” does not automatically create a protected class, unless there is some rational way of defining the class other than by someone claiming membership. To do otherwise, destroys the whole concept of civil rights in America today.

Protected classes seem to have historically been made up of individuals with characteristics that they have no control over. It seems like homosexuality has been drummed up by gays as they are trying to convince America that they should be a protected class because of their immoral choices to have-sex with, cohabitate with and fake-marry people of their same sex.

How does one go about proving they are a member of a class that has no accurate definition and no criteria for membership?

Again, referring to Euripedes, “The slippery slope exists when other people group themselves together and begin to claim protected class status for the most frivolous of claims. ” For example, if a person is the subject to same-sex attraction, but never acts out any of their feelings, is that person entitled to class protection as a “Gay?” What about the commonly argued situation where two people of the same sex live together but are not sexually involved at all. Are they also a member of this protected class of “Gays?”

Calling all college roommates in same-sex-only dorms, or people who don’t believe in living with the opposite sex before marriage. Check this out….they too could potentially also become a protected class, and therefore categorized by government and all of Americans as gay! Ok, folks…see now how ridiculous this gay protected class thing is… Thanks for the info ‘Comments on the Contemporary!