School website promotes homosexual agenda// shocker huh? Nah, not really…

bus1A California school district is coming under fire for a homosexual website being funded with taxpayer dollars. The San Francisco Unified School district has launched a “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning” (LGBTQ) website for students in order to create a “safe space for all students” and promote activities both in the classroom and outside. Carrying the inviting web address “,” the website includes links promoting Gay Pride Celebration Month, Day of Silence, and Gay/Straight Alliance clubs.

This is not what our tax dollars should be funding. How many websites has this district provided for kids interested in music or sports or Christian family values? You get the point… The school district has no business providing homosexual information to students, especially with tax payer dollars. I think that’s a gross misuse of money, and that money is going to fund something for a small minority that does not reflect the values of the entire student body or their parents.

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