Defending Marriage// a memo to president-elect obama

As I was browsing the web tonight, staying abreast of the marriage and family issues that are plaguing our country I came across this great post/memo from The Heritage Foundation.

Written by Thomas M. Messner, and Jennifer A. Marshall of the Richard and Helen DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society at The Heritage Foundation, they attempt to set President-elect Obama straight, or rather they call him out, on his support and then retraction of support for marriage as defined only between a man and a woman. They make some great points and cite tons of references. I am always impressed by citations and footnotes!!! Love it!! They know their stuff! Read their entire post here, and then if you feel so inclined, write a little memo of your own to Obama. Remember ladies and gentlemen, he works for us, not the other way around. In fact all government workers work for us, the American public!

We agree with you that marriage should be defined as a relationship between a man and a woman.

Societies through the ages have considered marriage to be a relationship between a man and a woman that forms the cornerstone of families and the ideal place for having and raising children.[5] Societies have a strong interest in marriage because “procreation [is] fundamental to the very existence and survival of the [human] race.”[6] Societies also have a strong interest in marriage because, as you have suggested, having both a mother and a father is important when it comes to raising children.[7] For these reasons, it is fitting and proper to define marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman and to resist any attempt by courts to remove this issue from democratic deliberation.

In addition, redefining marriage to include homosexual unions poses serious threats to the religious liberties of people who continue to believe, as you do, that marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. This understanding of marriage is an important religious belief for many Americans,[8] but the freedom to express this belief will come under growing pressure as courts, public officials, and private institutions come to regard the traditional understanding of marriage as a form of irrational prejudice that should be purged from public life.[9] Defending the legal definition of marriage as a relationship between a man and a woman, in addition to serving the fundamental public interests set forth above, would also check these threats to religious liberty and help to ensure that believers are not forced “to leave their religion at the door before entering into the public square.”[10]

I love the points they  make about homosexual unions posing serious threats to our religious liberties, because it’s true. However, gay rights activists try to convince us otherwise. The memo goes on to request that Obama adopt policies which will protect the traditional definition of marriage in this country. We don’t need a president who goes back on his word and blows around in the wind to see which statement will be most popular. We need a man of moral conviction to run this country, hopefully we will get one in 4 years, until then let’s hold him accountable.

Have a great weekend everyone! Thanks for reading!

{ Reader Poll… We ask, you answer….}

Do we still have to support individuals and businesses who contributed to the No on 8 campaign? It’s obvious that there is a great divide in our society where morality is concerned. Would we as supporters of traditional marriage be out of line to boycott, per se, what doesn’t fall in line with our values? Is silent, peaceful boycotting ok? I want to hear what you have to say. Leave a comment below and tell us why or why not!

In my opinion, it IS definitely ok to not-do-business with, not-buy-products-from, not-care-what-they-say, not-watch-movies-of, etc. the No on 8 Supporters and contributors, individuals and/or companies. I don’t necessarily think of it as boycotting, but more of a personal choice not to associate with destructive people. Dr. Laura says we aren’t obligated to associate with destructive people. Wouldn’t the No on 8 companies and individuals qualify? They have definitely been destructive, and continue to be so. Destructive to our society, morality, families, schools, marriages, politics, legal processes, voting procedures, parental rights…and the list could go on and on. We think it’s hateful that the No camp protested in front of an ice cream parlor, parked a suburban with nasty messages written in the window, in front of the home of a family who supported Prop 8, and barged into a church service shouting and throwing fliers, but is it fair if we do the same thing? Not that we would, but in theory of course, because I’m not going to march in front of the home of some no on 8 supporter, but who knows, perhaps the time will come for us to march if we need to….but I guess I’m talking about us, supporters of traditional marriage, in more of a peaceful way. The slogan describing U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt’s corollary to the Monroe Doctrine, “Speak softly and carry a big stick” came to mind as I was writing this post. 

Of course we don’t have the actual US military to fight this battle for traditional marriage for us, but we do have each other, and the DNA and every one else who is concerned and involved. The term comes from a West African proverb, which Roosevelt used to described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis.” That kind of describes the Yes on 8 team as we rallied together as soon as word broke that the Supreme Court had granted homosexuals the right to marry. We were kind, and polite, but used the law and the political process to accomplish our agenda. If you ask me, this quote states the exact opposite of what the gay-rights activists and same-sex marriage proponents who have recently surfaced in opposition to the passage of Proposition 8 did. We don’t scream, intimidate, belittle, harass, march, stalk, vandalize, and make the news with our protests like they do, but we still have a voice, we still have an army, and will go about our business trying to accomplish our agenda to protect traditional marriage. We don’t make a big nasty spectacle of ourselves, but we were ready when it came time for people to vote! The opposition didn’t have a clue about the campaign we ran and everything that we accomplished, until after the fact.

So, I don’t have to make a big deal out of my non-support for certain people and companies…I can just silently choose not to purchase, watch, endorse or support people who are trying to damage our society by helping to further the gay agenda’s indoctrination process. That will mean, no to the MAC computer I kept telling my husband I wanted. Apple, Google, Yahoo, Levis Straus & Co., PG&E, many many celebrities and some Silicon Valley Leaders were all opposed to Proposition 8, just to name a few. I don’t wear Levi’s I don’t have PG&E as my electric company, but there are a lot of future movies that I won’t be seeing………

As a little disclaimer, on account of the fact that Google sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising space to the YES on 8 campaign to advertise the day before the election, I will for now keep my gmail and picasa accounts!!! I don’t mind using google and their little nifty gadgets to further the fight for traditional marriage.

Let us know what you think about the boycott issue!

Source: Wikipedia-Big Stick Ideology

{ The Free Speech Debacle… }

I got this post as a comment from one of my readers, and I thought it was great, so I wanted to post it as a new post so readers would see it. Proud California 70%…..send me your name or alias if you want credit and I’ll add it to this post. Thanks for the insight and comment! Free speech is not just for homosexuals and those who agree with them. Free speech is for everyone in this country and it’s time the No camp got on board with that. Or else take it up with the voters and see what they have to say about it, after all, that’s what the Yes on 8 campaign did…..The voters have spoken, and we will continue to exercise our right to free speech.

Proud California 70% replied:

“This is getting ridiculous! They already tried to hijack the civil rights movement to fit their sexual preference, & now they are forcing homosexuality on the world!

The continued expansion of the homosexual agenda has increasingly become an attack on our First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Over the last several years, increasing proliferation of the idea that any statement that criticizes, disagrees with, or opposes homosexuality in any way, has been regarded socially, and increasingly politically, as discrimination and elevated to the status of a racial slur. It has become career suicide to call someone a homosexual, even if they are! Free speech is ultimately about free thinking and the right to expression, and that is what is at stake. As Americans, we used to be free to dislike, disagree with, and even exclude people for an infinite number of socially and legally acceptable reasons.
You can still tease or criticize people who are over-weight, old, short, funny looking, unfashionable, etc, and its perfectly ok. And what about attorneys, who are clearly the most hated group in America because of their chosen profession? But after a very successful marketing campaign, homosexuals have become a hyper-protected special interest group with an insatiable appetite for privileges that jeopardize the rights of others to disagree with them. Opponents to Prop 8 make ridiculous statements like “chickens have more rights in California than gays,” pointing to a ballot measure that was passed under which chickens got the right to have cages big enough to stretch their legs. So far there have been no reported incidents of any chickens getting married. Gays have been extraordinarily successful in convincing others that they are disadvantaged and mistreated. The homosexual agenda is intent on driving heterosexuals “into the closet” and prohibiting any speech that gay activists don’t approve of. It is to the point that much of the media will demonize anyone who dares to challenge the gay rights agenda. Making anti gay speech into a discrimination issue is aimed at making the heterosexual viewpoint illegal, both as a matter of civil and criminal law. The news has been littered with examples of public figures who have suffered swift and extreme political, professional, and social consequences for expressing heterosexual view points.
The right to free speech is very much at risk, and the cost for sentimentality for gay privilege will cost far more than most people realize.”

November 21, 2008

{ First Amendment Rights for Everyone….In Theory }

Too bad SF gay-activists don't think so.....

Too bad SF gay-activists don't think so

So, in theory we all have First Amendment Rights to free speech, and we should all be allowed to protest, no matter what the issue and no matter what side of it we are on….Right? Well, unfortunately, gay-rights activists in San Francisco don’t think so. Apparently only they have the right to free speech and to protest in front of our Churches, and attack us, but they don’t think Christians should be allowed to even come in to their neighborhoods. And they hatefully told them so…..I don’t think that the proponents of same-sex marriage have anyone convinced that they aren’t violent and hateful. The police even escorted the Christians out of the Castro District when things got ugly and they wouldn’t leave on their own. Who escorted the No protesters away from any of their protests?

Sparks fly as ‘gay’ activist mob swarms Christians
Residents of homosexual district: ‘We’re going to kill you. We know who you are’
Posted: November 17, 2008
10:16 pm Eastern

By Chelsea Schilling
© 2008 WorldNetDaily

Hundreds of homosexual activists rushed out of bars and swarmed a group of Christians who were singing songs in San Francisco’s Castro District – and some even threatened to kill the worshipers.

A group of Christians had been singing and praying in the “gay” district for several days, but they never expected an angry mob would run them out. However, that’s what happened Friday night.

One woman who was attacked told her story with Pastor Lou Engle at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. She said the group’s fellowship had been peaceful for several nights before the riot.

“People would come stand with us and join us,” she said. “We got to pray for some people.”

But then angry men began yelling profanities and warning the Christians to leave the district.

(Warning: Video may contain offensive language)

One asked, “Why are you here?”

The leader of the group said, “We’re here to worship God, and we’re here because we love you.”

A group of men approached the Christians and covered them with a large cloth, backing them into a corner. Then the angry mob began swearing and growing larger. The bars began emptying out, and a crowd completely surrounded the Christians.

The worship group began singing “Amazing Grace,” while an estimated 500 “gay” advocates sang, “We Shall Overcome.”

The woman said she and her friend were doused with hot coffee. One man took a Bible from her friend, hit her on the head with it, pushed her to the ground and began kicking her. People began lunging at the Christian group, blowing whistles in their ears.

“They started saying, ‘We’re going to kill you,'” she said. “They started taking our pictures and saying, ‘We’re going to kill you. We know who you are.”

(Story continues below)

Then she said a man jumped through the crowd and pushed her forehead.

Just then, a squad of police officers arrived in riot gear, surrounding the Christians and forming a protective human wall.

She said the police told them, “You have to leave if you want to make it out.”

When the group continued praying, an officer came back and said, “You don’t have a choice anymore. We’re going to escort you out.”

The officers then took the Christians to their cars. The angry mob began lunging at them through the riot gear and chanting “Shame on you!”

Some yelled, “We are going to follow you all the way home!” Others called the Christians “hypocrites.”

One man screamed into a camera, “We don’t ever want them coming back. Do you understand that, other Christians? Do you understand that, other Mormons? I’m talking to you, people. Yeah, you. Stay out of our neighborhood if you don’t like us. Leave us alone!”

Learn about the intimidating tactics and brilliant marketing techniques being used by “gay rights” activists – read David Kupelian’s controversial blockbuster, “The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom.”

The woman said her group had merely organized a peaceful fellowship and wasn’t there to condemn homosexuals.

“We hadn’t preached,” she said. “We hadn’t evangelized. We worshiped God in peace, and we were about to die for it.”

“Their rights were respected,” Joe Schmitz, an opponent of Prop. 8, told San Francisco’s KTVU Channel 2. “They got a chance to go ahead and pray on the sidewalk, and I had the opportunity to express my freedom of speech, which is telling them to get out of my neighborhood.”

The following day, approximately 20,000 people marched in San Francisco to protest passage of California’s Proposition 8 protecting traditional marriage. Several thousand people conducted other protests around the nation in cities such as Manhattan, Chicago and Los Angeles. According to reports, many protesters feeling emboldened by the recent election chanted, “Yes we can!” – a slogan popularized by the Barack Obama campaign.