Tycoon Backs Grandparents Fighting Gay Adoption Bid//

‘Allowing two men to adopt children against the wishes of their grandparents who want to care for them is positively wicked.’

And they shouldn’t have to fight. . .however, U.K. Social workers ruled that the grandparents were too old, at 46 and 59, to offer a loving home to their two young grandchildren, so they have allowed two gay men to adopt the children instead. Thankfully, this injustice isn’t acceptable to everyone, so a multi-millionaire has agreed to foot the bill for the grandparents’ legal fees to challenge this outrageous adoption.

With the support of the benefactor and the Catholic Church, the family hope the move will quickly lead to a judicial review of Edinburgh City Council’s decision to remove the four-year-old girl and her five-year-old brother from their family.
The tycoon, who has requested anonymity, was among a group of businessmen considering offering the family financial support after the adoption plans were revealed last week.

His offer has received the ‘moral backing’ of the Catholic Church, which is fundamentally opposed to gay adoptions.

Because of their opposition to the gay adoption and speaking out publicly, the grandparents were threatened with never seeing their grandchildren again. Who does this? Removing children from their blood relatives and giving them to two random gay guys?

The family claim they have been victims of ‘bullying’ social workers and politically-correct manipulation.

The grandparents finally agreed to the adoption after being crippled by legal bills, and promised they would have continued contact with their grandchildren, who’s mother is a recovering heroin addict. These social workers shouldn’t have even bothered with this case. The children had a loving home, were being well cared for and didn’t need to be “put in the system” and put up for adoption.

There were several heterosexual couples on the council’s books willing to offer a loving home – leading to suggestions that the council was operating a politically-correct quota system.

[The grandfather, a farm worker, added: ‘Because of the generosity of a stranger, we might have a chance to put things right, not only for our family but for others who are put in this position.’

It seems like if their mother is “recovering” and they have someone to care for them in the mean while, that the children wouldn’t have even been eligible for adoption. This is definitely a case of liberal, socialist, government agencies trying to set a precedent and take away the rights of children. Let’s hope these grandparents get these kids back safe, and soon.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk