{ Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View }

Check out this article for statistics on the traditional marriage fight in CA and across the nation. It looks like CA isn’t the only state to have to fight to protect traditional marriage, but thankfully 29 out of 30 states have won that battle so far. This is very promising as those of us in California fight to pass Prop 8.

This article is long, but totally worth the read. Definitely read this article if you are undecided about how to vote on Prop 8. This should make it pretty clear why we, and our society need to amend our CA constitution to define marriage as only between a man and a woman. Rather then a slanted and biased media article, this one was written by a psychologist, where she provides a social science view to homosexual marriage. Dr. Laura A. Haynes points out in her paper that, “A same sex couple is inherently deficient in ability to prepare a child for the future heterosexual married life that the vast majority of children will aspire to as adults. Two parents of the same sex cannot teach a child how to relate deeply to both sexes in the same way that growing up with married parents—one of each sex—can.” Children deserve the example and influence of both a Father and a Mother.

In case you don’t have time or don’t want to read the entire article by Dr. Haynes, here are some of the great points she makes: (p. 7-8)

“Research has not made the case that same sex lifestyle and relationships are as healthy for adults and young people or as healthy for raising children. Is it a social good to encourage more young people to experiment with going down a path that includes higher rates of disease, early death, drug abuse or dependency, partner battering, violence from sex with strangers, never having children or having children who will be motherless or fatherless and who will be at higher risk of going down the same path, never having a long term relationship or having one only with anguish and heartache over infidelity or with more dependency that can become life-threatening, many relationship breakups, or suicidality? How should we, as members of our society, direct our compassion? Wouldn’t preventative measures be in order? Shouldn’t we warn against, not enable experimenting with, taking this path?
At present, California curriculum includes units about families, beginning in kindergarten. The legalization of same-sex marriage opens the door for children from kindergarten on up to be taught that the state of California validates that marrying someone of the same sex is as legal and acceptable an option for them as marrying someone of the opposite sex. How would this impact required curriculum units such as family, health, values, child development, sex education, and history? Based on present research showing that the liberal sexual attitudes in colleges not only allow but actually elicit homosexuality, we should expect that extending education about liberal sexual attitudes down through kindergarten will elicit many more of our children to go down the path of homosexuality. Some parents who have raised their children in traditional sexual values have been shocked at how much those values have changed when their children went to public high school or
college. The same effect will begin in kindergarten if same-sex marriage is allowed to stand in California, and the strong precedent in California will be used to extend the changes across the U.S.
Marriage cannot fix disordered relationships. Is it good for children to be placed at higher risk of growing up with such conditions and behaviors in their parents? Does it improve mental health to tell society that these kinds of relationships are equal, approved, or healthy? Is it a social good to bring
relationships with these qualities at higher rates into the mainstream of society?”

Source: Homosexual Marriage: A Social Science View, By Dr. Laura A. Haynes