In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms//

Dr. Laura and Stay-At-Home Moms

I’m a super huge fan of Dr. Laura. She is right-on most of the time, and I love listening to her show, reading her books, and learning from her.

She read the following letter over the air on Thursday. I was listening to a replay of her show on satellite radio late on Thursday night on my way to the San Francisco airport to pick up my husband from his week of traveling for work. This is the sweetest recount from a woman who really understands what family means and the importance of being a parent.

I wanted to share this with all of my readers because it is important for parents to understand their proper role in the rearing of their children. Basically, they need to be there to do it, and not hand off their children to someone else.  Children need to have their Mothers home with them, and they need to know that they are loved and appreciated. They need to feel safe and secure, and those are things that they don’t get at daycare.

I am very blessed to have a husband who willingly goes out and slays dragons for me and the kids everyday, no complaints. He’s an amazing husband and an amazing Father.

Subject: I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Date: 2009-11-20

I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Dear Dr. Laura,Yes, you read that subject correctly. I had a terrible night and I am thankful for it!! I had an epiphany last night as I cradled my 4 year old who caught a cold. But first I need to tell you about my night. My 9-month old caught a cold a few nights ago, on my birthday in fact, and kept me up all night that night. Well he’s sleeping a little better now, but he still struggles with congestion.

So last night he was having a hard time staying asleep because he couldn’t breathe too well through his nose. So figuring he needed some extra TLC I cradled him while he slept for about an hour. Then when my arms could not take it any more I placed him in his crib. I climbed into bed, at about midnight, thankful for sleep, as I’d had a little bit of insomnia the night before. As I started drifting off to sleep, I hear this tiny knock upon my door. {Click here to continue reading. . .}

CA Teachers’ Union Protects Teachers Guilty of Sexual Misconduct// and school administrators are right there with them…

I have been out sick the past few days, well I’m still sick, but I dug up a few gems after I woke up from crashing on the couch this evening, and wanted to post something to keep my blog warm until tomorrow when hopefully blogging will resume as normal. I’ve probably missed so much marriage and family news this week, but I’ll get you all caught up over the weekend. I hope no one catches this nasty cold going around…it’s a bad one.

I found this info on Dr. Laura’s blog. Of course destroying marriage isn’t the only goal of the California Teachers Union, they also want to promote the destruction of the lives of some teacher’s students, all the while they protect the teachers. The children are the ones who really need protecting here!

Last Thursday, I posted a blog about “passing the trash,” a practice known within the educational system in which teachers who’ve allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with a student resign and leave their school districts in exchange for confidentiality about their behavior. I received many comments about that story, but this is one I want to share with you. I’ve kept the writer’s name confidential:

Dr. Laura, as a former administrator of a small school district, let me tell you who the real villains are in these cases. No school administration will admit it, but it’s the teacher’s union. It’s like going up against the mob, to come against one of their members. And they don’t care if their member is guilty or not. They will use every tactic in the book to intimidate you into dropping your complaint. Any time an administration tries to discipline teachers or even look into a complaint, the union is there fighting the administration. They file lawsuits and nit pick at your procedures. The teachers have free counsel and unlimited representation, covered by their dues. Just to inquire into a complaint, the school [incurs] a great deal of cost, precious money that has to be taken from some other program or someone else’s pocket.

These types of complaints are the duty of the school board, and school boards are made up of volunteers – they don’t get paid, but they can get sued, and must defend themselves with their own money. It is a fight to correct an untenured teacher, and in fact, there is no way to fire or discipline a tenured one.

We had a horrid teacher (and many complaints), and we tried everything under the sun to get him away from kids. He had his ego stroked by being mean to kids. We tried to pay him off and offer him early retirement, but he wouldn’t go. We were a small district with limited funds. Eventually, the school had to close, and the man finally lost his job. And no one around would hire him. Our teacher was not a molester, but he was a “demeaner” – he enjoyed insulting kids.

Although I do not agree with what these schools have done, I am not surprised. If you have no proof that would hold up in court and kids who don’t want to officially testify, but you know in your heart that this person has done these things, the teacher’s union will spread [the word] that your school district is being very unfair to the teachers, and…will turn the hearing into a circus. As parents and board members, you will do whatever it takes to get them out of your school – and hopefully, away from kids.


Dr. Laura Sounds off on Executive Orders and Roe vs Wade// personal responsibility and moral choices are where abortion needs to go

My readers know how much I admire Dr. Laura, and agree with pretty much everything she says, so I thought I would post on a recent blog entry of hers, where she talks about the recent abortion upset in the media and Obama’s plans.

Dr. Laura has coined Roe v. Wade as the “you can kill the babies in your body” law, and as a huge advocate of personal responsibility and moral choices, she thinks that this is where abortion should go.  She writes,

approaching this issue of abortion through the legislature and the courts is a lost battle. Totally lost battle, in my opinion.

I am here every day begging, pressuring, cajoling, negotiating, nagging people to do the right thing, especially when it comes to their kids.  Not divorcing, unless it’s dangerous or destructive in some horrendous way, because kids need an intact family.  Not to have kids out of wedlock intentionally, because that ruins their lives, statistically speaking, emotionally and psychologically.  And not to have abortions.  You live with that for the rest of your life, and there’s a dead human being who could’ve been somebody really special.

I love this part: “It’s NOT against the law, NOT to have an abortion.”

The law could say that it’s perfectly legal to rip a baby out of your body anytime you damn well want.  But the law can be there, and we can choose not to do it.  It’s not against the law to not have an abortion.  It’s not against the law to put a child in a situation for adoption.  And, is the only time we’re going to do something, is when there’s a law?  Can’t we do the right thing without a badge in our face?

If you’re in a quandry about your position on abortion, think about what Dr. Laura has to say… Its always easier to make the morally right choice. Ask any girl who’s had an abortion. Most of them regret it and are still haunted from that fateful decision.

Calling all parents, pregnant teenagers and Roe .v Wade supports…

So, in your families, you can teach your children that affordable housing means housing you can afford, not housing the tax payers can afford for you, but what you can afford for you. I’ve lived in some sad situations, but that’s because that’s what I could afford.  So, for me, that was affordable housing.  To say somebody else has to afford your housing is not the mentality this country was built on.  And it’s certainly not a mentality that makes you feel good about yourself.  That it’s perfectly legal to get pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, pregnant, abort, doesn’t mean it’s something you ought to do or it’s a good thing to do.  It can’t make you feel better as a person or a woman, when giving somebody you created the opportunity for life is a better choice.

Attention Pro-Life Advocates. . . let’s take a different approach

So I give up with the Planned Parenthood nonsense.  That, to me, is just part of the evil empire…that place. And I give up with Roe vs. Wade.  I give up with that.  You’re not going to get anywhere with that, folks.  Give that up and turn to each other.  Stop looking for the government to take care of this.  Look to yourself.  Influence each other.  Do the right thing; be open about it.  Anybody who’s ever gotten pregnant in the wrong situation and put a baby up for adoption, say it out loud!  Make it be a wonderful thing!  Not a thing of shame, but a wonderful thing – that you were willing to sacrifice nine months of your life, plus the nine months it takes to get your body and mind back together again, in order that another human being, brought into this world by no fault of their own, no doing of their own, has a life.  You should be proud of yourself. That’s why when women call me and tell me they put children up for adoption they couldn’t take care of, I tell them they’re my heroes. So, stop looking to the government for the handout, the bailout, the law.  You know what the right thing is to do.  You know.  You know the right thing to do.  Unfortunately, since the beginning of time (read the Bible) the influences around you try to dissuade you from doing the right thing.  Listen to the small, still voice:  Your conscience that tells you the truth.  Follow that voice.  If not, follow mine.  Okay?

{ Feminism….another sneaky agenda to destroy marriages, families, and women! And sadly, it’s working…. }

I stumbled upon this article today from entitled “American Women,” via the blog. Masculinisme talked about women in America today and what many women have done and lost, and stooped to, because of their so called loyalty to feminism. In my opinion, feminist behaviors and ideals have become too common-place in today’s American society that I don’t even think women and young girls realize that the Feminist Movement and their indoctrination tactics are actually responsible for the negative behaviors women have assimilated in to their speech, ideas, actions, values and treatment of men and their children. Read on to be enlightened if you don’t know what I mean.

Masculinisme’s article makes some interesting points about American women:

A female friend of mine recently tried to join a local political group that seeks to be mentors to teenage girls. However, this friend of mine lacks the advanced professional credentials that this group wants. My friend works in an office during the day and works in a restaurant at night – perfectly reasonable jobs and both worthy of respect.

However, the group of women she wanted to become involved with – spearheaded by a local female TV news reporter – made it clear that the group of women mentoring young girls would be made up of CEOs, doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. Are these the only role models for girls? Should there not be a whole bevy of options for American girls? How about a happy, stay-at-home mom or a contented wife in a child free relationship as role models? Apparently these options are not viable for young American girls, if this group of modern feminists is to be believed.

$650...cost of day care for one month, while a Mother climbs the corporate ladder...

$650...cost of day care for one month, while a Mother climbs the corporate ladder...

I would take my Mother and my Grandmother as role models for my daughter over a feminist CEO any day. Masculinisme continues by pointing out that:

The sad stereotype of the shrill, unfriendly, independent American career woman is becoming stronger and stronger. The equally repellent stereotype of the overwrought and unfriendly soccer mom shuttling her kids around while trying to keep her independence is also becoming part of our cultural landscape. The scowling American woman is all too common. It’s not men making her scowl. It’s her inability to see reality and choose appropriately that is making her scowl.I am not angry with American women. I merely pity them. I pity them for embracing feminism without any critical thought. I pity them for making men the enemy and not loving partners. I pity them for their unsuccessful struggle with their own rules. I pity them for not understanding that life is about compromise and that compromise is not weakness.

The Opine Editorials didn’t really seem to like this article, but I have to respectfully disagree with them…
Keeping Reading Here for More of the saga…

{ Traditional Marriage 101, Courtesy of Dr. Laura… Read on!!! }

I love Dr. Laura Schlessinger!!! Aka Dr. Laura to her fans and listeners. You may or may not have heard of her before, and you may or may not like her… but I agree with almost everything she says. She is one of this country’s most avid champions for children and marriage. She hosts a call-in radio show and is a best-selling author (she’s on noon to 3pm M-F–AM 640 for S. Cal listeners and AM 580 for N. Cal listeners).  She tells it like it is and advises people how to be better parents, how to be better friends and how to make life better for their children and how to have a better marriage. I think we need more people like her. As a huge fan of Dr. Laura’s since college when I first started listening to her, and now as a newlywed of just over a year… I wanted to share with my readers two great Dr. Laura books in which she talks about traditional marriage and the wonderful differences between men and women. There are great reviews on these books and some not so great, but despite the title of “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands,” it is a book for both wives and husbands. I’ve read it, so has my Dad, Mom, my brothers, my husband, and mother-in-law.  Everyone loved it, and I’m in the middle of reading “The Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry when you realized that some of the behaviors she talks about might be your own, you’ll commit to never treating your spouse like the callers in this book, and it will make you proud to be a man or a woman, as Dr. Laura explains the importance of our individual gender roles and how critical it is that we fulfill them. Your marriage and your family will be better for having read these books! My husband and I like to think that we have a near perfect marriage. We rarely fight and when we do it’s never mean, more jokingly, and we respectfully agree to disagree. I read the “Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” before we even got married. Having listened to Dr. Laura’s radio program for years, I have heard some of the calls she references in her book. These books are real eye-openers and a must read for any couple in a troubled marriage, or in a great marriage and would like to keep it that way.

I love checking out books for free at the library, especially for the kids, but you can purchase the books on Amazon here…. also.

Read the book, read the reviews and let us know what you think in the comments section!

Here’s a link to Dr. Laura’s website, if you’d like to find out more information on her.