Gays Defend Marriage// … seriously!!!!

This has to be one of my favorite new resources in the defending marriage fight. Let me introduce you to a website/blog with information about marriage, coming from, you’re not going to believe it, inside the gay community! How cool is that? They are defending marriage, or what some like to call “traditional” marriage!!! I love it!!!!! The blogger, by the name of David Benkof, is someone on the other other side who actually “gets it.” He writes on his About Me page:

David Benkof is openly gay/bisexual, but as an Orthodox Jew he is guided by Jewish law in the areas of sexuality and family life. He writes a biweekly column from his particular perspective called “Fabulously Observant” in the Jerusalem Post.

He has written books on both Jewish history and gay history.

Gay history is what I found on his site so far to be quite interesting. (I took to reading all of that and haven’t delved into his post archives much yet, but I plan to). He writes, and cites other professional sources like anthropologists, and sexual and social historians, on the subject of gay history, and the consensus is: (drum roll please) how basically, there weren’t any gays in history.

Yep, you read that right. He goes on the point out, again with sources, that being gay, lesbian, and all of those other things, are simply social constructions that have been conveniently coined in the last 100 years or so. So, for all of you who were wondering. . . nope, there wasn’t a gay minority in ancient Rome. There weren’t any gays at all. Click to read more about gays defending marriage…