Gives Thanks For The Internet//

Big gives thanks for the internet and the rest of us should too!

Big posted a really great story the other day about the internet, and how it empowers the dissemination of the truth, real information, and more importantly, information that the lame-street media doesn’t want us to know. The internet is amazing because anyone can post whatever they want, a researcher, or reporter or anyone who would like to share their political savy with the world, can  post whatever they want. And they don’t have to answer to some editor being controlled by bureaucratic cronies or advertisers. They can just post whatever they want and it’s there, on the internet for all to see.

Big Government talked about being particularly grateful for the internet:

Thanks to the Internet, and the Army of Davids it has empowered, the mainstream media no longer possess a strangle hold on information. They no longer get to decide what we know about the people and organizations that effect our daily lives.

In direct terms, this means that when SEIU thugs beat up a black conservative at a health care town hall meeting, the whole world gets to see it via the internet.

And when those thugs are outed as Health Care for America (HCAN) coordinated responders to criticism of Obamacare, the whole world can take it upon themselves to learn about HCAN, using Google and other fabulous tools of the internet.

And when the world learns that HCAN is primarily a function of a group called USAction, they can investigate who USAction is using the same fabulous tools of the Internet.

And when the world learns that USAction was founded by DSA-Marxist 60’s radicals named Heather and Paul Booth, they can take it upon themselves to learn more about USAction, like that their president and spiritual leader, William McNary, is a BIG TIME communist sympathizer. And that valuable information can be spread far and wide for all to see, complete with video documentation of the facts, all without the lamestream media being able to sweep it under the rug on behalf of their favored candidates.

Click here to read the rest of’s post. They have some videos there too.

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Does the Government Really want to help people….sure they’ll help you, right out the door they’ll help you…


So, the government is trying to convince everyone how much they want to help Americans huh? How helpful was this?

So I had an interesting discussion with my brothers and my Dad today. My Dad has this friend, well actually he’s never met her, but my brother has. She answered the door naked one day when my little bro went over to her apartment to check out an electrical issue. Interesting meeting…… Anyway….

See, she used to be a tenant of my Dad’s in one of his apartment units. Well, she couldn’t make rent, she moved out, found a cheaper place in town, and one day sent my Dad a letter saying that her building had been condemned by the city, and that she had been evicted and had to move by last Sunday. So here’s how the story goes from there: {Click here to continue reading…}