Visualizing Obama’s budget cuts. Student Explains Obamanomics in 1 Minute

Hi Everyone! I haven’t posted in a while, but this video is too good to pass up. This is the kind of crap info the government tries to feed us if we aren’t looking. All we have to do is stay informed and educate ourselves. The Progressives and Socialists that run our government are very transparent if we pay attention. Happy Viewing!! ~Journalista

The blogger and math genius who made this video has more info on his blog:

Political Math Political Information Visualization and Other  Math-y Things

Go check it out!!!!


Why Shouldn’t Obama Have to Produce his Birth Certificate// he works for us

This controversial Obama billboard showed up in a suburban Denver town.

Personally I think it’s kind of cool when people are gutsy and stand up for what they believe in! If people want to know if the president is really a US citizen, then he should produce proof. The fact that he’s being totally aloof makes this whole thing seem sketchy.This man has every right to post whatever he wants on his own property. Anyone who disagrees has clearly not read the Constitution. Read-up folks!

Also, why should Obama get a “get out of jail free card?” The rest of us have to product our Social Security Card, Driver’s License etc., etc., etc., whenever we get a job, why shouldn’t Obama have to for this job?

Read the Fox31 News article here. . . that I found via Drudge Report. Love that website!!!

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I Thank Obama Book// not all hugs and kisses…


People thank Obama, although probably not for what he’d like them to.

Just thought I would pass this on for those of you conservatives looking for some hilarious leisurely Friday reading material. I got this info from my little brother, and  let me tell you, it’s a doozy. Apparently there is some website out there where people can post thank-yous to Obama. The geniuses behind the site are gathering these gems so they can put together a thank you book for the Big O on his alleged inauguration in 2013. I say, not a chance… Unless we all loose our right to vote before then….

{Click here to read the messages for Obama from some people he has done con-jobs on, and also some people that are way too smart for him…}

On a side note, let’s just say that some of the people who think Obama is doing a bang-up job, are not the most intelligent of folks. So what does that say about Big O? Grammar and spell check anyone??? This stuff goes way beyond typos…


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