Grievances Against the Government…What are yours?

Following a statement declaring our rights to govern ourselves and stating where those rights come from, the Declaration of Independence enumerates a long list of grievances which the people had against their government in England.  I think that it is time that we write another list of grievances which we, the people, have against our current government.

I have begun the list here with a few of my items.  I know that this is but a small fraction.  If you have items feel free to add them by responding in the comments.  Perhaps we will then compile them in the form of a petition to our government and send it around for signatures.  Add your items to the list!!

Grievances which the people of United States have against their Government:

  1. It has extorted personal property in order to give it to others through taxation for the intent of redistributing wealth.
  2. It has perpetrated the largest Ponzi scheme in history in the name of Social Security by extorting funds from the population claiming these would be held for retirement all the while absconding these funds to squander on political pork projects to enhance its own power while expecting future generations to cover the void.
  3. Members of all branches have violated their oath to uphold and defend the constitution by enacting and signing laws that are not constitutional.
  4. The executive branch has appointed officers without the consent and approval of the Senate.
  5. The executive branch has initiated legislation, an action not enumerated to the executive branch.
  6. It has established bureaucracies with authority beyond any single branch of government,  ie. the separation of powers enumerated in the constitution has been ignored and a single bureaucracy has been empowered to make rules, enforce rules and levy punishments without due process.  Numerous bureaucracies have been established with this power.
  7. It has usurped the rights of states by subverting the interstate commerce clause. {This is a biggie folks…the government has gotten away with so much  nonsense just by purporting that it falls under this clause}.
  8. It has usurped the rights of states by assuming upon itself powers not enumerated in the constitution which are therefore “reserved to the states and to the people”.
  9. The Legislative Branch has allowed the Executive branch to usurp powers from it.
  10. The Judicial Branch has usurped Legislative powers.
  11. It has allowed the establishment of a central bank, not authorized by the constitution.
  12. It has violated the constitution by subverting personal property rights through enacting environmental laws which prohibit the free use of ones own property.



Thanks for reading. All comments welcome and we’d love to hear your grievances!


Insights into The Declaration of Independence

I am please to bring you a guest post today. Submitted by my Dad, who writes under the name of Commodore, (and who is NOT a slumlord, for those of you who misread the previous post about housing). Enjoy!


Insights into The Declaration of Independence

If you have read the Declaration of Independence then you know that in the second paragraph it states:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed”.

There are so many topics that could be discussed based on just these two sentences alone. But what I would like to point out is that our liberty comes from our Creator, not from our Government!! There are many in our government that would have us believe that there is no Creator, in which instance then, our Creator could not have endowed us with Life and Liberty. And it follows then that these things must come from our Government which becomes the benefactor of all things.

The second sentence states that Government derives its powers from us, the people. You can argue that if our Creator did not give us our rights and liberty and that they actually come from our Government then powers must flow from the Government to the People as well and not the other way around.

You can see the motivation of our government to discredit the existence of a Creator. If they can do that then they discredit the authority of the People.

When government receives it powers from the people it acts as a limiting force upon government. If government receives its authority from the people then government can not possess any authority that the people themselves do not possess. The people can not grant authority to the government that they themselves do not have to grant. Yet we see government exercising authority which the people do not have. When you see this happening then you know that government is getting out of control. For example, people do not have the authority to take what belongs to someone else and give it to another or to keep it for themselves. Yet you see this happening all the time by government in the form of redistribution of wealth and in many of the environmental laws which restrict the use of private property.

When we allow the government to destroy our Creator we are simply allowing them to discredit the source of our life, liberty and right to pursue happiness and our right to exercise authority over our own government. Everyone has the right to choose but do not be deceived by the rhetoric of the day. By denying nature’s God you deny your right to freedom and lay your fate at the hands of a government that is swiftly becoming tyrannical.

here is a link to the Declaration of Independence