Labor Unions// ick. . . talk about throwing your weight around, I mean money

More CA labor unions are throwing their weight around

More CA labor unions are throwing their weight around

Big Labor, the most powerful lobby in all of California is urging the court to overturn proposition 8. Again, we ask, just like the CTA, why is it any business of a labor union to support or not support a Constitutional Amendment that has nothing to do with labor? These labor unions feel it is a slippery slope that could lead to other rights being revoked, but Proposition 8 didn’t revoke any rights. Gays didn’t have the right to marry before Prop 8 and they don’t have the right now. What is a right, however, is the right of California voters to “define” the word marriage in their State Constitution.

A coalition of more than 50 labor organizations representing more than two million Californians filed a friend-of-the-court brief Tuesday urging the state Supreme Court to overturn the voter-approved constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.

They are arguing the same tired old argument that Jerry Brown is arguing, and that the gay people who filed the law suits are arguing. . . that any change to the Constitution that takes away fundamental rights or divides citizens into a suspect class, has to be done by a revision and not by a mere amendment. They are apparently bent out of shape that California voters have exercised their political rights and voted, and that in this country, majority rules.

“If a simple majority of voters can take away one fundamental right, it can take away another,” the brief states.

Yeah, they have a point, but so what. That is what the Founding Father’s of this country wrote into our Constitution, and that most states have written into theirs. People may not like it, but that doesn’t mean the rules of this country should all just change because gays want to up and get married and adopt children all of a sudden.

“We believe Prop. 8 is improper and it’s immoral and it’s also legally invalid,” Art Pulaski, executive secretary-treasurer of the California Labor Federation AFL-CIO, told reporters Tuesday. “We have an interest not only in defending the rights of our members, but we have an interest in defending the constitution of California.”

So  Big Labor is so concerned with the morality of California voters who are for Prop 8, but they are not, however, concerned with the moral character, or lack there of, of the people they purport to be defending. Interesting.

It doesn’t matter that most rank-and-file union members voted in favor of Proposition 8, according to exit polls. More than 50 of the biggest unions in the state joined to essentially support gay marriage. In a political sense, it figures: Unions, Democrats and gay leaders are traditional allies in California – the views of their members be damned.

I guess they fit the union profile. The CTA didn’t care how their members voted on Prop 8 either. They used their union dues for personal interests and supported No on 8 anyway.

UHW-West President Sal Rosselli is worried that wealthy, bigoted people could organize the votes of the electorate to take away other civil rights. This is an interesting statement coming from the opposition. Doesn’t it appear that they are trying to do the same thing, well, in a running-after-the-bus kind of way. They couldn’t organize their voters and get Prop 8 passed, so they are going to the CA Supreme court to tattle on the unfair Prop 8 voters. sniff. . . sniff. . .

Equality California executive director Geoff Kors said he believes “the leadership of labor in this brief is going to have a tremendous impact.” Jenny Pizer, Lambda Legal senior counsel and Marriage Project director, said the brief “is putting a special emphasis on how high the stakes are here for everybody in California.”

They have a point, the stakes are high for everyone in California, but not for the reasons they think. If traditional marriage isn’t protected in this state, and in the country, there will be a dangerous fall out.

The California Supreme Court has set a fast-tracked briefing schedule, which should be completed this month, with oral arguments heard as soon as March.

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