Our Constitution Rocks . . . and our kids should know that//


As parents it is our job to educate our children – not the government’s, not the school’s, not society’s – it’s OURS!  A woman told my husband the other day that she didn’t like to punish her kids for bad behavior at school because the school already did. So if they took care of it, then she felt she didn’t need to. Oh wow! This is the same passive, socialist attitude that so many parents have about happily and willingly shirking their responsibility for teaching and properly rearing their children (and I can certainly add disciplining and teaching them manners, and what some might deem as proper values, as well). I am proud to say that I am not one of those parents, and I learned from the best, my parents. We were lovingly reared and taught by them.

So when I saw this book on The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News the other day, I went to the internet and looked it up. I think this girl is brilliant! Continue reading

Most U.S. teens want to be virgins when they marry //

photo source: life123.com

Did you know that a recent survey says that most U.S. teens want to be virgins when they marry? It was news to me. I hadn’t realized that a large portion of teens were concerned with this.

My sister teaches Junior High math in a Southern California public school. Let’s just say she has a very interesting job working with today’s youth. Many teens seem to be lacking some basic moral character. It’s very sad, and honestly something that can really only be fixed in the home. Teaching children correct principles and values is the role of the parents, but unfortunately, many have quit that job and left their children to fend for themselves.

However, a recent study presents some marginally happy news. And considering how much trash kids today are exposed to, and how many of them have little to no parental supervision or guidance, LifeSiteNews.com posted an article about some positive findings from a poll conducted last year by

Drs. Rene Paulson and Jacquelyn Pennings under the auspices of the Christian youth research and outreach organization OneHope as part of their Spiritual State of the World’s Children study. . .recruited [teens] to take the online survey through a panelist company and through social networking websites.

The survey found that 61 percent of youth ages 13 to 18 would like to be virgins when they get married.

Additionally, 63 percent said that, presuming they had lost their virginity, they would change the past if possible and regain it.

I wonder how, if so many teens think that being a virgin when they get married is important, they certainly seem to act otherwise? I’m in complete agreement that the media and television play a huge role in this, in addition to absentee parents who fail to provide the essential moral teachings that these teens so desperately need.  The study addressed the loose morals found in a majority of television shows.

A press release from OneHope announcing the release of the study today said the results of the survey were “surprising” given the high teen exposure to sexually explicit media content such as the controversial MTV program “Skins.”

According to a report by the Parents Television Council, two-thirds (64 percent) of all TV shows contain “sexual content” – anything from flirting to intercourse.

Additional data about U.S. teens’ beliefs and values revealed in this survey include some troubling aspects of the influence of media on children, such as:

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In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms//

Dr. Laura and Stay-At-Home Moms

I’m a super huge fan of Dr. Laura. She is right-on most of the time, and I love listening to her show, reading her books, and learning from her.

She read the following letter over the air on Thursday. I was listening to a replay of her show on satellite radio late on Thursday night on my way to the San Francisco airport to pick up my husband from his week of traveling for work. This is the sweetest recount from a woman who really understands what family means and the importance of being a parent.

I wanted to share this with all of my readers because it is important for parents to understand their proper role in the rearing of their children. Basically, they need to be there to do it, and not hand off their children to someone else.  Children need to have their Mothers home with them, and they need to know that they are loved and appreciated. They need to feel safe and secure, and those are things that they don’t get at daycare.

I am very blessed to have a husband who willingly goes out and slays dragons for me and the kids everyday, no complaints. He’s an amazing husband and an amazing Father.

Subject: I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Date: 2009-11-20

I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Dear Dr. Laura,Yes, you read that subject correctly. I had a terrible night and I am thankful for it!! I had an epiphany last night as I cradled my 4 year old who caught a cold. But first I need to tell you about my night. My 9-month old caught a cold a few nights ago, on my birthday in fact, and kept me up all night that night. Well he’s sleeping a little better now, but he still struggles with congestion.

So last night he was having a hard time staying asleep because he couldn’t breathe too well through his nose. So figuring he needed some extra TLC I cradled him while he slept for about an hour. Then when my arms could not take it any more I placed him in his crib. I climbed into bed, at about midnight, thankful for sleep, as I’d had a little bit of insomnia the night before. As I started drifting off to sleep, I hear this tiny knock upon my door. {Click here to continue reading. . .}

This Brings a Whole New Meaning to the Word Sexting// do you know who’s texting your child?


Text messages: Enabling privacy for sex ed

As if parents don’t have enough to worry about these days, now states are sending sexually explicit text messages straight to your kid’s cell phone. So the cute football player is not allowed to send sex messages to your teenage girl, but the state can? Interesting….

Here’s just another way the government is trying to take control of America’s children and deprive parents of their rights to parent and teach their children according to their beliefs. Check this out:

“If you take a shower before you have sex, are you less likely to get pregnant?” asks one.

Another: “Does a normal penis have wrinkles?”

A young girl types: “If my BF doesn’t like me to be loud during sex but I can’t help it, what am I supposed to do?”

Within 24 hours, each will receive a cautious, nonjudgmental reply, texted directly to their cellphones, from a nameless, faceless adult at the Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign of North Carolina, based in Durham.

And might I interject, with out the knowledge, or consent of these kids’ parents.

A few universities and hospitals set up blunt Web sites for young people, like Columbia’s Go Ask Alice! and Atlantic Health’s TeenHealthFX.com, allowing them to post questions online. More recently, researchers have explored how to reach teenagers through social networking sites like MySpace and YouTube.

Now, health experts say, intimate, private and crucial information can be delivered to teenagers on the device that holds millions captive: their cellphones.

Programs in Washington, D.C.; Chicago, Toronto and San Francisco allow young people to text a number, select from a menu of frequently asked questions (“What 2 do if the condom broke”) and receive automated replies, with addresses of free clinics. Last month, California started HookUp 365247, a statewide text-messaging service. The texter can type a ZIP code and get a local clinic referral, as well as weekly health tips.

And here goes their argument:

“Technology reduces the shame and embarrassment,” said Deb Levine, executive director of ISIS, a nonprofit organization that began many technology-based reproductive health programs. “It’s the perceived privacy that people have when they’re typing into a computer or a cellphone. And it’s culturally appropriate for young people: they don’t learn about this from adults lecturing them.”

Oh really? They think that children shouldn’t learn about sex from their parents? Why do they assume it’s always “from adults lecturing them.” First of all, from a responsible and concerned parents, it probably wouldn’t be a lecture. It is imperative and also appropriate for a parent to teach their child about sex in the home, and to teach them that sex has a place only with in the bonds of marriage. Parents don’t need the state’s agenda, disguised as helpful and responsible sex education, to undermine their efforts and authority when it comes to teaching their own children. For the unfortunate kids who don’t have conscientious and responsible parents, they know how to use the internet and the library, if they want privacy concerning their sex questions. They know where to get the info. Parent’s don’t need the state marketing sex to, and teaching, their children.

That lack of oversight is what galls Bill Brooks, president of the North Carolina Family Policy Council. “If I couldn’t control access to this information, I’d turn off the texting service,” he said. “When it comes to the Internet, parents are advised to put blockers on their computer and keep it in a central place in the home. But kids can have access to this on their cellphones when they’re away from parental influence — and it can’t be controlled.”

Just what the states want, an avenue to contact your children, indoctrinate them, and do it all behind your back. Clever. We have the ACLU or some other crazed organization to thank for the fact that people can access porn on public library computers, so if kids want unfiltered sex-ed info, they can also get it there, out of their parents control.

While some would argue that such programs augment what students learn in health class, Mr. Brooks believes that they circumvent an abstinence-until-marriage curriculum. “It doesn’t make sense to fund a program that is different than the state standards,” he said. (The State Legislature is now considering a bill permitting comprehensive sex education.)

I think these texting programs are offensive and completely unnecessary. If the states wanted to be so involved in a responsible sex education program, then they should focus more on the basics in classroom sex-ed, and less on gay day, homosexual and gender issues and everything else the GLBT community has gotten them to teach. It seems that public school sex ed programs have gotten so far off track that these kids are left with so  many questions, basic sex education questions that could easily be answered in a decent sex-ed program.

What’s wrong with caring teachers being allowed to really teach biology,  and parents being able to teach their own children without being sidelined by the state? Real teaching and parenting has done the trick for hundreds of years. I remember my high school biology class, and our reproductive unit. We had the coolest biology teacher, and one of the best, if not the best, teachers in the entire school. We knew she cared about us and she really wanted us to learn. She is an amazing teacher! After our reproduction/sex-ed unit, she devoted an entire class to our questions. Students got to write them down anonymously and put them in a box. She pulled them out and answered them. I still to this day remember some of the things she said in class that day. Thanks Miss O’Brien!

Although as disgusting as this government-advocated-sexting is, unfortunately it’s probably not any worse then the homosexuality,  gay days and other trash that is taught in public schools these days.  These texting programs are just more private, but their intent to indoctrinate and undermine parents is the same. Sounds like the states are just adding to their repertoire. {Click here to read the entire NY Times article}

What do you all make of this? How would you feel if these were your kids? What else don’t you know about your kids? Let’s hope that these state-employed-so-called-sex-educator-texters aren’t actually pedophiles in disguise…..

Thanks for reading. Comments are always welcome!

{p.s.} I am aware that the current definition of “sexting” doesn’t exactly include government forced sex-ed, however, doesn’t it seem like they are trying to get in on the action too?

Sources: NYtimes.com, mobilehealthnews.com

Stop Harvey Milk Day in CA Public Schools/ SB 572//

milk_penn320Oppose the pro-gay “commemorative exercises” of SB 572 aka Harvey Milk Day

Check out the following info from Beetle Blogger’s Post:

Thanks Beetle!!!!!

Children are already being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle in government schools, but a new bill in the California Legislature would make things much worse.

SB 572 by homosexual activist state senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, a Democrat, would create an official “gay day” called Harvey Milk Day. It would be pushed on every California government school, affecting children as young as kindergarten.

I don’t get it. Hollywood makes a movie and now all of a sudden some guy gets his own “day” in public school? The gay community has several “days” already don’t they? I’m more concerned with this bill then with researching gay history,  however, it would seem that if gays were so sentimental about Harvery Milk, they would have tried to get him a “day” even before Hollywood thought they could make a mint with that movie. Maybe they did, and I just haven’t heard about it…

Can you even believe this? Seriously folks, we do NOT need an official “gay day.” Don’t the activists try to make every day “gay day” already? They needn’t worry about us forgetting they are out there,  perverting society, robbing children of their innocence, bombarding public schools with their trash, trying to destroy marriages and families, oh, no, we  won’t forget them…they are 24/7 trying to indoctrinate this country with their lack of morals  and values and perverted lifestyle.  Personally, I’m pretty sick of it!

If you can’t afford to send your kids to private school, and if you work and can’t home school them, then you need to get involved in fighting this bill. Use the info below to contact our representatives and let them know this bill’s gotta go!

TAKE ACTION NOW {Click here to continue reading…}

Do You Want Your Kindergartner Learning About and Engaging in Sexual Activity// the u.k. government doesn’t have a problem with it

Parents Shouldn’t Tell Kids What’s Right or Wrong about Having Sex says a U.K. Gov’t Pamphlet

They also announce mandatory sex education for kindergartners. The U.K. Government wants parents to bow to their wishes and let children, the younger the better, learn about and participate in sexual activities and accumulate contraceptives. The government has completely disregarded all parental rights, religious beliefs and basic morality with this new plan of theirs. If we’re not careful, this could happen here to us in the USA. It’s already on it’s way as evidenced by recent US sex ed news. Look out parents!

{Read the entire article here…}

Good Parenting Is Absent From Television// have you noticed?

A recent column in The New York Times asked the question, “Why Are There No Good Parents on TV?”

Gone are the days of Ward and June Cleaver, and Cliff and Claire Huxtable. . . and it’s too bad really. My husband and I talk about how we don’t let our children watch TV. The Discovery Channel, Discovery kids, The History Channel and the like, are more in line with our values when it comes to TV viewing in our home. We do not want our children exposed to the filth and trash and liberal, sexual craziness that floods practically every channel on television. So what do we choose to do as parents…TURN IT OFF!

TV is not a necessity, it is not a worthwhile way to spend your time and it rarely educates your children. The cool thing is, that our kids don’t really ask to watch TV. They know that requests for tv watching and video games don’t ever get them very far. There are occasional Saturday morning Disney channel cartoons, but for the most part, we are together, reading, playing outside, taking trips to the park, ridding our bikes, playing at the beach, building things, cooking, singing around the piano, going to sporting events, putt putt golfing and bowling. Our 3 year-old is a pretty good bowler!!!! I wish more parents would pay attention to what their children get from TV; not the kinds of things they need to be exposed to.

“The Cosby Show” and “7th Heaven” have been replaced by “Wife Swap” and “Desperate Housewives.” Today’s TV parents are self-involved, clueless, overly permissive or absent, and experts say the move away from good parenting is a problem.

“We don’t have good role models on television anymore, and we don’t have good examples of what a family should look like or how families should interact,” said Melissa Henson, director of communications at the Parents Television Council.

Bob Waliszewski, director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Web site, said he would like to see the networks put money into shows with healthy family dynamics. “Parents need to have a role-model show out there,” he said, “that they can point to and say, ‘Hey, I like that. It’s funny. It’s clever, but hey the husband and wife love each other; their parenting skills are great.’ ”

— Nima Reza

Source: citizenlink.org via email from lifesitenews.com

CA Teachers’ Union Protects Teachers Guilty of Sexual Misconduct// and school administrators are right there with them…

I have been out sick the past few days, well I’m still sick, but I dug up a few gems after I woke up from crashing on the couch this evening, and wanted to post something to keep my blog warm until tomorrow when hopefully blogging will resume as normal. I’ve probably missed so much marriage and family news this week, but I’ll get you all caught up over the weekend. I hope no one catches this nasty cold going around…it’s a bad one.

I found this info on Dr. Laura’s blog. Of course destroying marriage isn’t the only goal of the California Teachers Union, they also want to promote the destruction of the lives of some teacher’s students, all the while they protect the teachers. The children are the ones who really need protecting here!

Last Thursday, I posted a blog about “passing the trash,” a practice known within the educational system in which teachers who’ve allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct with a student resign and leave their school districts in exchange for confidentiality about their behavior. I received many comments about that story, but this is one I want to share with you. I’ve kept the writer’s name confidential:

Dr. Laura, as a former administrator of a small school district, let me tell you who the real villains are in these cases. No school administration will admit it, but it’s the teacher’s union. It’s like going up against the mob, to come against one of their members. And they don’t care if their member is guilty or not. They will use every tactic in the book to intimidate you into dropping your complaint. Any time an administration tries to discipline teachers or even look into a complaint, the union is there fighting the administration. They file lawsuits and nit pick at your procedures. The teachers have free counsel and unlimited representation, covered by their dues. Just to inquire into a complaint, the school [incurs] a great deal of cost, precious money that has to be taken from some other program or someone else’s pocket.

These types of complaints are the duty of the school board, and school boards are made up of volunteers – they don’t get paid, but they can get sued, and must defend themselves with their own money. It is a fight to correct an untenured teacher, and in fact, there is no way to fire or discipline a tenured one.

We had a horrid teacher (and many complaints), and we tried everything under the sun to get him away from kids. He had his ego stroked by being mean to kids. We tried to pay him off and offer him early retirement, but he wouldn’t go. We were a small district with limited funds. Eventually, the school had to close, and the man finally lost his job. And no one around would hire him. Our teacher was not a molester, but he was a “demeaner” – he enjoyed insulting kids.

Although I do not agree with what these schools have done, I am not surprised. If you have no proof that would hold up in court and kids who don’t want to officially testify, but you know in your heart that this person has done these things, the teacher’s union will spread [the word] that your school district is being very unfair to the teachers, and…will turn the hearing into a circus. As parents and board members, you will do whatever it takes to get them out of your school – and hopefully, away from kids.

Source: drlaurablog.com

Heather Has Three Parents// two lesbian mothers, one gay sperm donor father, and they are all fighting over her…

I'd be crying too if this crazy lot were my parents...

I'd be crying too if this crazy lot were my parents...

I found this shocking, but not-so-shocking, story over at the blog Jennifer Roback Morse. This is for the GLBT activists who think that their distorted versions of “families” are a benefit to society and children…

The tangled web of homosexual parenting has resulted in a Canadian court ruling that means a child could have three or four legally recognised parents. The players in the court case are a lesbian couple, a gay man (who is married to his partner), and the child born to one of the women using the man’s sperm. The man was known to the women and deliberately chosen as the donor. A contract was signed by the three adults before the child, a girl, was born in 2002, setting out his rights as a “co-parent” including regular access as well as full custody if both women were to die. It also included a promise to try for a “three-way” adoption, which was never followed through.

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Protect Your Family// read “raising a g-rated family in an x-rated world”

**Yep, I figured McKay Hatch’s (creator of nocussing.com) parents were pretty amazing, and I just found a book that they wrote:

Raising a G-Rated Family in and X-Rated World by Brent Hatch and Phelecia Hatch

From the Publisher (courtesy of Amazon.com)
This award-winning book has been recognized with a “Family Approved” designation from The Dove Foundation, the Seal of Approval from the National Parenting Center, and the iParenitng Media “Excellent Products” Award. The authors have also been featured on numerous radio and television programs, including the Dr. Laura radio show and in Woman’s Day magazine. However, the greatest measure of success is the impact this book is having on individuals and families, helping them cope with the negative influences in today’s world and emerge with happier, “G-Rated” families.

I’m ordering this book. From the reviews, it sounds like a must-read for all parents, and if Dr. Laura thinks its great, that’s good enough for me. Check it out. Read the reviews or order the book here on Amazon.com

Have you read it? Let us know what you think in the comments section.