Reducing Poverty by Revitalizing Marriage in Low-Income Communities// a memo to president obama


It always astounds me why people so quickly discredit decades of research, and seem to simply want to ignore the status of our current society. Examine the info below for yourself and see if you can figure out why our so-called President and his cronies don’t want to preserve marriage, or help people really get out of poverty.

I mean, he doesn’t want to preserve any of our other rights and liberties, so it’s not surprising that he doesn’t care about preserving marriage either. Marriage and all it stands for and does for society is so contrary to what Obamination is trying to accomplish. If you haven’t noticed yet, then you should start to look around at the insane policies he’s trying to pass. Obama and his cohorts want American’s currently in poverty to remain there, and those who aren’t, well, he’s certainly helping us on our way. Poverty = reliance on the government, and a loss of freedom. The more people the government has to take care of, the larger it needs to be; theoretically speaking. Obama’s administration is trying very hard to make sure that marriages don’t succeed and that people “need” the government. Everyone’s probably heard the statistic that says that the number one reason for divorce is money. Well, forcing economic hardship and stress on to practically every American family is certainly a way to destroy them. Very clever Obama…..

The Heritage Foundation examined the relationship between poverty and marriage and has drafted up a little memo to our President. Here are some highlights from their Memo:

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Fox News Prop 8 “Legal Analyst” Bob Massi’s Commentary Way Off the Beam//


Photo: Bob Massi

So if you were watching Fox News on Tuesday, right after they announced the California Supreme Court decision, then you probably saw the insane commentary from legal analyst Bob Massi. Check out this analysis from my brilliant friend beetle blogger, sent in an email after the decision was announced. She’s right on as always.

I think we should all apply for analyst jobs at fox. I don’t have any news experience, but obviously it doesn’t matter, I apparently won’t need facts either…

Fox News Legal Analyst???  What kind of comment is this?  On live news, incorrect propaganda is being spouted:

“this movement, prop 8 was very much funded , millions of dollars, much by the Mormon Church as you know, they spent, they were organized, they went out .. what’s going to happen now? The bottom line is they lost….

There is a lot to be learned by this….  they got out charged, money wise.   They got out organized.  You and I have covered these kind of cases… its all about money.  If you have the amount of money to go out and try to raise the kind of support you want, and to pay the people and the volunteers to get out there, those are the ones that usually win.”

—Bob Massi, Fox News Legal Analyst
Would you like a point by point rebuttal of this awful legal analyzing?  I’m just a regular joe and I know more than your legal analyst does!
The Mormon Church gave no money.  Only in-kind donations amounting to an insignificant fraction of the donations received in the Proposition 8 fight.  As a prop 8 supporter I can tell you that I was not paid, and neither were any of the thousands of volunteers who worked tirelessly for marriage. We worked for Proposition 8 because it was right, not for money.
Proposition 8 supporters were out fund-raised and outspent by far, not the other way around.
Fire the “Legal Analyst”.
Massi goes on to say that gays a “class” of people, now divided…
We really have now… two classes of people within the same class… There is a sense of reverence. They want to be able to introduce their partner as their spouse. They want to say “this is my husband,” “this is my wife,” not “this is my partner.” And as a result, the reverence and the depth of that that you and I take for granted, they want that back. This will back very soon I’m sure in the next four years.
If you want to let Fox know how you feel about Massi’s rah-rah,gay marriage rally, write to Fox News here:

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Check out Bob’s video:

LDS Church Issues Response to California Supreme Court Decision on Proposition 8//

photo source:

photo source:

SALT LAKE CITY 26 May 2009 Today’s decision by the California Supreme Court is welcome. The issue the court decided was whether California citizens validly exercised their right to amend their own constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman. The court has overwhelmingly affirmed their action.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints recognizes the deeply held feelings on both sides, but strongly affirms its belief that marriage should be between a man and a woman.  The bedrock institution of marriage between a man and a woman has profound implications for our society. These implications range from what our children are taught in schools to individual and collective freedom of religious expression and practice.

Accordingly, the Church stands firmly for what it believes is right for the health and well-being of society as a whole. In doing so, it once again affirms that all of us are children of God, and all deserve to be treated with respect. The Church believes that serious discussion of these issues is not helped when extreme elements on both sides of the debate demonize the other.

I am proud and very grateful to be a member of this Church, where our leaders remind and encourage us to all love and respect each other, and treat each other with kindness, despite our differing opinions.


California Supreme Court upholds Proposition 8//


The voters, and now the California Supreme Court, have spoken.

Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman. That’s it!!!!!

Today, the California Supreme Court announced their decision to uphold Proposition 8, and the will of the voters, in a 6 to 1 decision!!! Only 1 dissenting vote. Marriage in California is now legally defined in our Constitution as only between 1 man and 1 woman. I totally agree with my blogger friend Pearl, when she said:

I am immensely relieved that this state’s judiciary was inspired to reaffirm the right of the people of California to amend our own Constitution as we see fit.

Society, families and children will benefit from this  preservation of marriage! As for the 18,000 same-sex couples who got married last year during a small window when it was legal, the court has ruled that they will remain valid. I find it interesting though, that these folks think they are married, in a state where our constitution clearly says their marriages aren’t “valid or recognized.” Married or not, homosexual couples retain the same rights under California’s domestic partnership laws,  so hopefully they will learn to be happy with that. They aren’t being deprived of any civil rights like they try to convince everyone they are. I’m just happy that the court didn’t let them hijack real marriage.

The Supreme Court’s website is most likely overloaded, so I haven’t been able to read the justices’ opinions yet. I’ll post more info later! Prop 8 made history today for a 2nd time. I hope that now all of the other states will follow suit…it seems like a lot of them have been willy-nilly passing pro SSM laws lately, but since we know that the nation watches, and often follows, California, hopefully today’s decision will have a positive influence when it comes to preserving marriage in other states.

{p.s.} Pearl, I stole tags from your post! They was awesome! Thanks!!!!

Why You Should Still Worry About Prop 8 & Protecting Marriage// stay involved…

prop-8As voters and citizens, we have more responsibilities to participate in our society and our government, above and beyond simply voting…. You voted. That’s great!!!!! If you voted with out studying the issues….not so great, unless of course you voted Yes on 8. No studying needed there.

Participating in our society, legislative, and legal processes is a full time job people! You can’t just check in once every 4 years because it’s fun to get an “I Voted” sticker at the polling place! (Although I love those too!) With the chaos that is constantly going on in politics, our economy and our society,  with the evils that constantly fight to destroy our marriages, our families and our children, we need to be constantly informed, educated, and up to date. We need to act according to our values and participate whenever and where ever we can, to make sure that our legislators are subsequently acting according to our values themselves, when they allegedly represent us.

Defending Marriage and Proposition 8 is no different. The legal battle is looming (this Thursday) and here’s what you need to know and why you still need to stay informed. The brilliant blogger John Galt over at Good Sense Politics has graciously provided me and other marriage bloggers with the following information. Read up and pass it on!

I Thought Prop 8 Passed. Why do I Still Need to Worry About It?

Because the Governor, the Attorney General, the Legislature and the Supreme Court of California, along with the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Clara are all conspiring to once again overturn the vote of the people last Nov. 4th. The State Supreme Court will hear arguments and is expected to nullify Prop 8 this Thursday, March 5th!

Why is it important that Prop 8 not be overturned?

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How the Homosexual Agenda Threatens Our Freedoms//

I think we all know who the zombie is.... the GLBT agenda advocates and the government who lets them have their way...

I think we all know who the zombie is.... GLBT agenda advocates and the government who lets them have their way...

The fallout of allowing the country to be taken over by the homosexual agenda is eerie. What follows  in this post is serious, very scary and exactly what the homosexual agenda is trying to do. . . Be Informed!!!! Protect your Freedoms, your Families and your Beliefs.

The gay, liberal and democratic left has tried really hard to convince us that gays are a minority group deserving of special protections. They have also tried really hard to convince us that giving gays said special protections would have zero affect on the rest of us who don’t agree with this giving of special protections, including letting them marry. If you think this agenda doesn’t have an effect on our freedoms, keep reading. It might surprise you how much it is already happening, here and abroad.

Well, as usual, they have twisted the truth, and even outright lied. Check out this list of some results that would follow from granting homosexual marriage or its legal equivalent and making “sexual orientation” a specially protected civil rights category for “hate speech” and “non-discrimination” laws. The GLBT gang is certainly whining enough about getting themselves in a “special” protected category, but do they deserve it….nah……

(1) Go to jail for “hate speech.” If a “Human Rights Commission” finds that you have made public statements that “incites hatred” against homosexual persons, you may go to prison. Ultimately, even ministers of the gospel will not be exempt. [I assume they are referring to global orthodox angelicism since that is where I found the article, but I think that would also apply to those teaching at other churches as well].

How is it that the government could potentially think that  they can dictate what can be taught in Church.?That isn’t exactly the separation of Church and State.

Just three weeks ago in Philadelphia eleven people belonging to a Christian evangelistic group called “Repent America” were arrested for singing hymns and carrying signs (“Homosexuality Is Sin; Christ Can Set You Free”) at a homosexual celebration called “Outfest.” They were charged with “ethnic intimidation” under Pennsylvania’s “hate crime” law (“sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were added to the law this past summer). This, along with a charge of “criminal conspiracy,” and other trumped-up charges, could result in a prison sentence of up to 47 years.

(2) Lose your job for not supporting “coming out” celebrations at work or for “discriminatory” speech outside of the workplace. That’s right, you can even be fired from your job for statements made outside your place of employment. Chris Kempling, a public school teacher and guidance counselor in British Columbia, Canada, was suspended for one month, without pay, for writing allegedly “discriminatory and derogatory statements against homosexuals” to a local newspaper. What kind of terrible statements did Kempling write? Things such as: “Gay people are seriously at risk [of sexually transmitted disease], not because of heterosexual attitudes but because of their sexual behavior”; and “Homosexual relationships are unstable, ‘gay’ sex poses health risks and many religions consider homosexuality immoral.”

I’m pretty sure people don’t need any other reasons to be afraid of loosing their jobs. What happened to free speech?? So they (liberal, left, socialist folks, are, as usual, trying to limit our freedoms and prohibit us from expressing a personal opinion and discussing our beliefs and aversion to homosexuality when we aren’t at work, with out fear of retribution of getting fired, sued or incurring jail time. Are they serious?

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Redefining Marriage Will Come With Costs// and it will never be worth it…


I came across this really interesting article about what marriage is and what redefining it would really mean for American society, couples and families. The author poses this question:

What is marriage, and what is its role in society?

The government does not bestow recognition and benefits on couples simply because they have a committed sexual relationship, but because of the good that their commitment can bring to society. With marriage between one man and one woman, this “good” is its fundamental link with family.

What makes marriage unique among all human relationships and raises it to the level of a sacred bond is this: The union of one man and one woman is the only natural way that children are conceived. Moreover, the people best suited and motivated to take on the great task of raising a child from helpless newborn to independent adult are the mother and father whose love first brought that child into the world.

Marriage, then, is not just a private pledge of faithfulness, but a public vow to place the needs of others (spouse, children) above one’s desires. The “procreative potential” of man and woman does not keep their love focused inward, but enables it to reach outward, through the family, to literally build up society.

This notion of selflessness that is fundamentally necessary when rearing a happy and healthy child, is entirely contrary to information contained in this post from yesterday, wherein gay parents seem to  live in some alternate reality where “same-sex couples [think they] have a right to “get” children. (obviously it would be “get” since homosexuals in a homosexual relationship can’t “have” their own children). It’s as though children are a commodity to have. “I want to have a car. I want to have a house. I want to have a child.” There is a complete disregard for the rights, needs and wants of a child, which first and foremost is that child’s right to both a married father and a mother. The best parents are the ones who understand this need for selflessness, and putting their children, spouses and families first.

States have an enormous stake in the success of families. When families are stable and successful, all of society benefits. When they fail, however, the consequences are devastating and far-reaching. States should make every effort to uphold the integrity of the family!

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Prop 8 Legislative Resolutions Don’t Mean A Thing// bad timing for same-sex marriage advocates

The resolutions are symbolic with a capital “S.” Not only are they certain to pass the Legislature on a virtual party-line vote, with Democrats in favor and Republicans opposed, but they also don’t mean a thing because the state Supreme Court has agreed to hear arguments on Prop. 8’s validity next month, with a decision coming in late spring.

Just another example why it is important to get out and vote your conscience and defend your values. You never know when these “gutless wonders” (love the nick-name given them by Euripides, in a comment on this blog post) aka legislators, who will try to pull a fast one and say something like we saw quoted yesterday at the blog, Standing Up For What Is Right!

“we are not required to represent WHO is in our district, we are voted in by our district to vote OUR OWN IDEAS…”

Sickening……Our elected officials actually think we don’t matter.

The timing couldn’t have been worse for the gay rights advocates who journeyed to Sacramento Tuesday to lobby for a pair of resolutions saying that Proposition 8, the ban on same-sex marriage in California approved by voters in November, was an illegal revision of the state Constitution and should be overturned.

Not only did torrential downpours cut the lobby day turnout from the advertised 2,000 people down to 700 drenched activists, but the ongoing budget fight also meant there weren’t many legislators around to lobby.

Floor sessions forced the state Senate’s Judiciary Committee to cancel a hearing on SR7, the anti-Prop. 8 resolution by San Francisco’s Mark Leno. But the Assembly Judiciary Committee managed to get its meeting in and passed HR5, by rookie Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, on a 7-3 vote.

Did anyone attend the rally yesterday? Tell us about it in the comments section. I’m headed to Nor Cal on Friday, I’m sad I missed it.


Government Funds Ad Campaign That Holds Up Value of Marriage//

Photo By Alejandro Gonzalez, USA TODAY

Photo By Alejandro Gonzalez, USA TODAY

The federal government is funding a $5 million national media campaign that launches this month, extolling the virtues of marriage for those ages 18 to 30.

There have been some changes to the marriage statistics in this country. People are waiting longer to get married, and the number of people getting married at all has decreased. The government felt they needed to do something about this.

The average age at first marriage is now almost 26 for women and 28 for men. And a growing percentage of Americans aren’t marrying at all: Provisional federal statistics released Tuesday report 7.1 marriages per 1,000 people in 2008, down from 10 per 1,000 in 1986.

The National Healthy Marriage Resource Center, is spearheading the campaign. It is a federally funded virtual clearinghouse, that works under an agreement with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Administration for Children and Families.

With ads on social networking sites Facebook and MySpace, videos on YouTube, spots on radio talk shows, ads in magazines and public transportation and a new website (, creators say the aim is to start a national conversation about marriage.

Thankfully, at this point it seems that this campaign and marriage resource center are focused on marriage between 1 man and 1 woman. After all, we already know that it is within the bounds of  a “traditional” marriage, that families and children flourish.

Research suggests a bevy of benefits for those who marry, including better health, greater wealth and more happiness for the couple, and improved well-being for children.

Interesting huh? Those of us in happy marriages probably already know these things, but isn’t it funny how despite personal accounts of the benefits of marriage, and research into the issue, the GLBT community would still have us believe that they have better lives, that they are better for children and that they are happier. They aren’t fooling anyone. Of course there are those who are saying that it isn’t the government’s business to get involved, however others say,

the campaign is just like those conducted by other federal agencies to encourage the use of seat belts and discourage drug use, smoking and drunken driving.

I’m glad that at lest someone in our government thinks that promoting and protecting marriage is at least as important as seat belts. Every little bit of promotion counts!

Resource center project director Mary Myrick of Oklahoma City says the media campaign has a budget of $1.25 million a year for four years; the campaign is part of the federal Healthy Marriage Initiative, a Bush administration effort under the Administration for Children & Families.

I should have known, Obama had nothing at all to do with this. Marriage and families don’t really seem to be at the top of his priority list.

To read more about the marriage campaign and the research behind it, click here


Proposal Advice// this is a marriage blog after all…

Sometime I get tired of the ho-hum of gay rights antics and want to share something a little lighter with my readers. So tonight I was sitting at the dinner table with my sister and her soon-to-be fiance, while my Dad was over in the next room working and listening in, and we started talking about their upcoming nuptials. They are in the already-picked-out-the-ring-surprise-proposal-pending phase of things. (If you read this blog regularly then you have probably picked on the fact that I’m super close to my family. I probably have dinner with my sisters and their boyfriends/fiances almost 3 times a week, at least once when my hubby is traveling for work during the week, and we almost always see them on the weekends, and if my parents are in town, then they are there too.

So as we started talking about their upcoming engagement we were joking around like we have been lately, that my sister had better get herself showered and dressed and not lounge around in her sweats or workout clothes after work (she teaches junior high, and that totally warrants lounging around in sweats after work) so that she won’t be grubby when B surprises her and pops the question, unless of course she wants to look like that in her proposal pictures 🙂  Which she says she does not, and he’d better not do it if she’s in sweats.

Click here for proposal ideas, or just for pure entertainment, some of them are so funny…