Prop 13, lower taxes and small government //

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll make this short and sweet. . . .

Check out the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and support Prop 13 (for all of you California Residents). Founded in 1978, this organization is California’s largest taxpayer rights organization. Committed to opposing new taxes and defending Prop. 13. California is in for a rough 4 years, so it’s great to have an organization watching the bottom line, even if the Governor Brown and Sacramento aren’t.

If you’re all about lower taxes and smaller government, this is a group to check out. I follow them on facebook so I can see their updates, and you can find their twitter page here.  On their website you’ll find press releases, legislative updates and studies and reports. If you’re not in California, I’m sure there is a similar organization in your state that will provided you with pertinent tax related information. It’s great to stay informed and involved. It’s our money, our future and our bottom line, and we shouldn’t expect the government to ever look out for our interests.

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Stop Harvey Milk Day in CA Public Schools/ SB 572//

milk_penn320Oppose the pro-gay “commemorative exercises” of SB 572 aka Harvey Milk Day

Check out the following info from Beetle Blogger’s Post:

Thanks Beetle!!!!!

Children are already being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle in government schools, but a new bill in the California Legislature would make things much worse.

SB 572 by homosexual activist state senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, a Democrat, would create an official “gay day” called Harvey Milk Day. It would be pushed on every California government school, affecting children as young as kindergarten.

I don’t get it. Hollywood makes a movie and now all of a sudden some guy gets his own “day” in public school? The gay community has several “days” already don’t they? I’m more concerned with this bill then with researching gay history,  however, it would seem that if gays were so sentimental about Harvery Milk, they would have tried to get him a “day” even before Hollywood thought they could make a mint with that movie. Maybe they did, and I just haven’t heard about it…

Can you even believe this? Seriously folks, we do NOT need an official “gay day.” Don’t the activists try to make every day “gay day” already? They needn’t worry about us forgetting they are out there,  perverting society, robbing children of their innocence, bombarding public schools with their trash, trying to destroy marriages and families, oh, no, we  won’t forget them…they are 24/7 trying to indoctrinate this country with their lack of morals  and values and perverted lifestyle.  Personally, I’m pretty sick of it!

If you can’t afford to send your kids to private school, and if you work and can’t home school them, then you need to get involved in fighting this bill. Use the info below to contact our representatives and let them know this bill’s gotta go!

TAKE ACTION NOW {Click here to continue reading…}

Revolution is Brewing!!// tea party day (as in taxed enough already) is April 15th…

boston-tea-partyAs you well know, in 1773, colonists gathered to dump imported tea into the Boston Harbor to protest the British government’s oppressive tax system that allowed for no direct representation. At the Boston Tea Party, determined colonists stood against the expanding British authority and said no more!

Taxed Enough Already??? I should say so…..

Expanding government authority… sound familiar?

Are you tired of bailouts, stimulus packages, endless national debt and increasing subsidization? Do you practice financial responsibility and watch those who do not get rewarded by the government? Along with many other Americans, are you frustrated by our government reaching its hand out to take far more than it needs?

Are you tired of politicians who:

  • vote for a $500 billion tax bill without even reading it?
  • waste your tax dollars on foolish stimulus projects?
  • are spending trillions of borrowed dollars?
  • do not care about the national debt that our children and grandchildren will have to pay?
  • admit to using the financial hurt of millions as an opportunity to push their political agenda?
  • run up trillions of dollars of debt and then sell that debt to countries such as China?
  • want government controlled health care?
  • appoint a defender of child pornography to the Number 2 position in the Justice Department?
  • want to force doctors and other medical workers to perform abortions against their will?
  • want to impose a carbon tax on your electricity, gas and home heating fuels?
  • want to reduce your tax deductibility for charitable gifts?
  • give special interest groups billions of dollars in earmarks to help get themselves re-elected?
  • If so, join thousands of Americans on Tax Day, April 15th, at your local Tax Day Tea Party to express your frustration over our out of control government and its redistributive economic policies. Whether you are Democrat or Republican, conservative or liberal, all are welcome in this stand against unrestrained government. This true grassroots movement is spreading with Tea Parties planned across the nation.

    Visit : for more information and to find a Tea Party in your area.

    Sources:, and

    Rally in Person, or Watch the Hearing on TV// Prop 8 goes to court on Thursday…

    Well to everyone but homosexuals, the CA Supreme Court and the Legislature

    Well to everyone but homosexuals, the CA Supreme Court and the Legislature

    Prop 8 oral arguments begin this Thursday at the California Supreme Court in Downtown San Francisco.

    If  you can attend, make some signs and get out there in support of real marriage!!!!! Help send a message to the court.

    Time: March 5, 2009 from 9am to 12pm
    Location: California Supreme Court – San Francisco, CA

    Call your local newspapers and news stations! Let them know that the will of the people will be represented, whether at the courthouse or at individual residences across the state. We are still here. We are California. California has voted!

    Coverage of the hearing will be broadcast on The California Channel and can also be viewed in a live stream online at…
    Info courtesy of Pearl-Diver!

    The CA Legislature Wants to Reject Your Vote// go rally at the capital on Tuesday…

    Calling all Nor Cal residents and everyone else who can get to Sacramento by Tuesday. It’s time to get serious and let our government know that we don’t appreciate them ignoring our votes and forgetting who they work for.

    Proposition 8 Hearings will be held in these rooms: {Scroll down for background details on the hearings}

    HR 5
    Tuesday, February 17
    State Capitol
    Room 4202

    SR 7
    Tuesday, February 17

    State Capitol

    Room 4203

    Here’s the latest update from the DNA: **Ok, so the most recent word is that the opposition is going to be busing people in from San Francisco for the hearings so seating at the actual hearing may be limited, come early. If you have kids, bring water bottles and a few snacks, comfortable shoes. Security is tight there, so remember, no pocket knives etc.

    If we have more people come to the hearing than we can fit in the room, we’ll hold a concurrent rally outside the capitol building with a petition signing.  No body will be wasted!  Kids and families are welcome!  Come and be heard!  Wear your yellow shirt if you like!  If it rains, bring an umbrella, we’ll rally in the hallways!

    Don't let our legislators stamp this on our ballots! Rally for marriage on Tuesday!

    Don't let our legislators stamp this on our ballots! Rally for marriage on Tuesday!

    Here are the details on the rally from United Families International:

    This resolution would put the Assembly on record as supporting the repeal of Proposition 8 and declaring that the initiative was an improper revision to the California Constitution. -Equality California Website

    Dear California Supporters of the Family,

    State Assembly and Senate Considering Resolution Encouraging State Supreme Court to Overturn Prop 8!!!

    SR7 and HR5

    On Tuesday, February 17th at 10:30 am, The Assembly Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing followed at 12:30 pm by a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Proposition 8. The committees will be considering crafting a joint resolution encouraging the California State Supreme Court to overturn Prop 8. By issuing the resolution the Assembly will officially express its opposition to Proposition 8, calling for its repeal, and stating that it was an “improper revision” to the state constitution.

    Read HR5 and Read SR7

    Passing these resolutions flies in the face of the will of the voters. Prop 8, was passed by a clear majority of California voters in November 2008. Fifty-two percent of California voters stood up to protect the family, which is the lynch pin of civilization. William Glaston, a former policy advisor to President Clinton, is quoted in the UFI Marriage Advantage Family Guide. He states, “Marriage is an important social good, associated with an impressively broad array of positive outcomes for children and adults alike….Whether American society succeeds or fails in building a healthy marriage culture is clearly a matter of legitimate public concern.”

    Don’t let the Assembly take your vote away. Join us in protecting marriage, children and the future of family and our society.

    What You Can Do

    Attend the hearing. It is taking place Tuesday, February 17th at the state capitol in Sacramento. The Assembly hearing will be in room 4202 at 10:30 am. The Senate hearing will be in room 4203 at 12:30pm. (See hearing info updates above). We encourage you to make the trip. By attending you will send a visible signal to the committee members in support of the family. To get driving directions and parking information follow the click on the links below:

    For directions
    For parking information

    Call the members of the committees and fax letters asking them to vote no on HR5 and SR7

    Assembly Judiciary Committee-Vote NO on HR5

    Julia Brownley
    Phone: 916 319 2041
    Fax: 916 319 2141

    Noreen Evans
    Phone: 916 319 2007
    Fax: 916 319 2107

    Mike Feuer (Chair)
    Phone: 916 319 2042
    Fax: 916 319 2142

    Dave Jones
    Phone: 916 319 2009
    Fax: 916 319 2109

    Steve Knight
    Phone: 916 319 2036
    Fax: 916 319 2136

    Paul Krekorian
    Phone: 916 319 2043
    Fax: 916 319 2143

    Ted Lieu
    Phone: 916 319 2053
    Fax: 916 319 2153

    Bill Monning
    Phone: 916 319 2027
    Fax: 916 319 2127

    Jim Nielsen
    Phone: 916 319 2002
    Fax: 916 319 2102

    Van Tran
    Phone: 916 319 2068
    Fax: 916 319 2168

    Senate Judiciary Committee-Vote NO on SR7

    Ellen Corbett
    Phone: 916 651 4010
    Fax: 916 327 2433

    Dean Florez
    Phone: 916 651 4016
    Fax: 916 327 5989

    Tom Harman
    Phone: 916 651 4035
    Fax: 916 445 9263

    Mark Leno
    Phone: 916 651 4003

    Mimi Walters
    Phone: 916 651 4033
    Fax: 916 445 9754

    Please forward this to your friends and family members. We believe that through a grassroots movement, we can secure a safe future for families in our state.

    United Families California

    These links are courtesy of Beetle Blogger: Read HR5 and SR7

    Obama Picks Top Notch (no pun intended) Porn Lawyer as Deputy Attorney General// ick is all I have to say…

    A friend of marriage and family? Guess again...That's right, he's bff's with Playboy, Penthouse and the ACLU, but Obama picked him anyway. I guess they must have similar values.

    A friend of marriage and family? Guess again...That's right, he's bff's with Playboy, Penthouse and the ACLU, but Obama picked him anyway. I guess they must have similar values.

    Our lovely new, doesn’t-have-the-country’s-best-interest-in-mind-or-he-wouldn’t-have-picked-this-perv-as-general, President, has in fact picked someone who could very well be practically a porn king himself, to be our fabulous country’s attorney general. Smooth move right? After all, he worked for Playboy and the ACLU… kind of neck and neck for the amount of sleaze associated with these “organizations” don’t you think? Not what I would want my professional resume to consist of.  I would venture to say that his morals might be (are definitely) a little loose, his legal perspectives a little skewed and our children more in danger because of him, but that’s just my opinion. Here’s the low down on David Ogden, and you can decide for yourself.

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    The Digital Network Army (DNA) Is Now On Twitter//

    Just launched. . .You can now find the

    Digital Network Army


    If you’re on Twitter. . .add the DNA to your list of feeds here.

    From the DNA’s Twitter profile, you can also find the profiles of some of us DNA members, so you’re welcome to “follow” us too!

    We hope you’ll join us on Twitter and use this exciting resource for defending Marriage and Family!

    Send a Message to Congress// don’t mess with the DOMA!

    . . .That would be the Defense of Marriage Act. You know, the one Obama is trying to do away with, so he can keep in line with going back on his word to protect marriage. This is what I get for not reading my blogger email over the weekend, and I feel bad I’m late to this game. I got an email from the National Organization for Marriage saying that we need to hold our legislators accountable and send letters to them explaining that we do not want them to repeal the DOMA.

    Thousands of letters have already been sent, but we need more sent to Congress and the White House urging President Obama and members of Congress to save the Defense of Marriage Act!

    At, in just a few minutes, you can contact President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid, as well as your own representatives in Washington via email, or you can print out the letter and mail it. They’ve created a site to make it easy — Just click here to email your letter in defense of the DOMA. Let your voice be heard!

    You can find the text of the DOMA here.

    {p.s} I just sent my letters and it seriously took less then a minute. Just type in your name and address and hit send!

    Photo courtesy of this blog. Very cool pic! He took the words from the DOMA, and made the pic here.

    H8 Map Update// write to the ny times

    Let's get emailing!

    Let's get emailing!

    The NY Times ran an article about the H8 donor list map. Read it here.

    Let’s take a minute and write  a letter to the editor and tell them what we think! Be sure to follow the instructions.

    Letters to the Editor—NY Times instructions for submitting:

    Letters for publication should be no longer than 150 words, must refer to an article that has appeared within the last seven days, and must include the writer’s address and phone numbers. No attachments, please.

    Send a letter to the editor by e-mailing

    The No Cussing Club// their motto: leave people better then you found them

    The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it. George Washington

    This is just about the cutest website I have ever seen. My husband heard about it from someone at Church today and we looked it up. The owner, creator, operator and brain child behind is McKay Hatch. A regular 14 year-old boy from S. Pasadena who likes to play soccer, play video games, and hang out with his friends. Here’s how it all got started.

    A lot of kids at my school, and some of my friends, would cuss and use dirty language all the time.  They did it so much, they didn’t even realize they were doing it.  It bothered me so much that one day I challenged them to stop!  They were shocked.  They didn’t know that it was bothering me.  They didn’t even realize how much they were doing it until I said something.  I was actually surprised at how they reacted; they accepted my No Cussing Challenge.  But some of the kids said they didn’t know how to stop.

    So he created the No Cussing Club so they could help each other by reminding and supporting each other not to cuss.  Word spread at McKay’s  school, and a month later the No Cussing Club had 50 members. After entering high school as a freshman, and getting the school to let the No Cussing Club be an official club on campus, they are now in all 50 states, in countries all over the world and have over 20,000 members.
    Read more here