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Given the completely-out-of-control-current Presidency of the United States and the wild ride that they, and politics in general, are taking us on – we’re making some changes to our blog theme and focusing more on the Constitution, our freedoms, and our rights and responsibilities as Americans. 

The bloggers here are a Father-daughter duo and we’re Libertarians. We are politically active, very religious (Latter Day Saints – Mormon) and pay attention to and care about what is going on in the world around us. We are supporters of traditional marriage and believe that we as Americans and children of God have the responsibilities of caring for our family, friends and neighbors, (it’s not the government’s responsibility) sharing our beliefs and values, educating ourselves and standing up for what is right. 

Journalista – I’m a wife, a step-mother of three and I own and run a company. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science back when Bush and Gore battled it out for the White House. I was headed to law school but found business to be more exciting for now. Politics haven’t been any more interesting and chaotic before in my lifetime than they are right now. The current state of the economy and the tax burdens and restrictions placed on small businesses are a huge deal to me. The socialism and sexuality taught and forced on our nations children in public education (not to mention the socialism forced on all of us now by Obama) is a huge deal to me.  (When my husband and I have our own children, we’ve agreed that they’ll attend a religious private school or we’ll home school them). The government ignoring the Constitution and working tirelessly to take away my freedom is an even bigger deal to me. My family calls me the “queen of research,” if it’s out there, I can find information about it. 

Commodore – is my Dad. He’s a husband to my Mom, business owner and amazing Father to me and my four siblings, and also a grandfather to four. His degree is in finance, he is a corporate business owner and has employed hundreds of people over the years, and he continues to build new businesses. Commodore thinks the government needs to get out of our lives, out of our business and out of our way. (I totally agree). Politicians work for us, the American People, and they need to remember that. He says that the Libertarian philosophy is really the only legitimate political philosophy – read his blog posts and you’ll see what he means.  

My siblings and me, our spouses, our kids, and our parents spend an incredible amount of time together (which we love) and 99.9% of the time you’ll find us sitting around discussing politics/world affairs, Church, business, public education, cooking/recipes, and nutrition and fitness. That usually about sums it up. It’s not uncommon for us to still be sitting around the dinner table hours after we’ve finished eating – debating, discussing and exploring these topics. Of our little familial group, everyone has a college degree (and there are even a couple of graduate degrees) covering – Political Science, Economics, Finance, Sports Management, Information Security, History, Business Management, Mathematics, Accounting, Psychology, Philosophy, Elementary Education, Urban Planning, English and Interior Design. Between my parents, siblings and I, we own and run five businesses, so how the government treats small business actually affects us. 

We welcome polite and constructive questions and comments on our blog and via email. If you write something offensive, rude or off-color, it’s not going to get posted. 

Thanks for reading! We’re glad to have you here. 

~Journalista & Commodore

8 thoughts on “About the Bloggers

  1. I love all the blogs, I visit some of the same sights you do. Busy mom of many, notto politically active, emails mostly. What I am seeing is the thread that runs through much of what happens today. Take away a right in the business world, and it is followed by one in the daily life of the citizen. Lets continue to watch out for rights being squashed wherever they are.

  2. Thanks for visiting Debbie, and thanks for the comment! We have to keep our eyes open at all times, people and organizations and even our own government are trying to take away our rights as we speak.

  3. I think we should start a campaign against Heterophobia. It seems like the Heterophobes are all more phobic than the majority who happen to be straight. They fear us, they clamber, they protest, they destroy property, they attack innocent people. These are much more phobic characteristics than anything exhibited by those that are straight whom they claim have phobias. Aren’t these typical tendencies you would see exhibited by practically anyone that knows they are in the wrong but are too ashamed to admit it and so they act out to cover it up. When you are hateful, vengeful and destructive to others it is usually because you have a guilty conscience. When you are in the right accusations and attacks by other are as inconsequential as water on a ducks back. People in the right normally don’t pay much attention to attacks. That’s the reason the Heterophobes have been able to make such in-roads into our society. We have been tolerant – way too tolerant. Now it has gotten to a point that it is affecting our liberty and freedoms so now it is time for us to pay attention and take action to protect ourselves.

    You will get the Heterophobes claiming that all of these same things have also been done by straight people. But if you look at a per-capita basis it is clear that the balance is tipped far to the Heterophobes side when it comes to this kind of negative behavior.

    We should see a headline something like this “Heterophobes attacking society and attempting to subjugate the majority against their will!!”.


  4. This is awesome. Thanks Commodore!!!! You’re exactly right. I love the part about “When you are hateful, vengeful and destructive to others it is usually because you have a guilty conscience.” Homosexual activists are constantly blaming straight people for the problems in their life, but when you make bad choices, you created the problems for yourself.

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog. It’s a great blog! You should keep it up! The news is old but still so pertinent for today. Since we conservative Christians have taken a stand at the polls in November 2010, changes are starting to happen. We can’t be naive, however, and think those we elected can take care of all of our problems. We must all stay active and keep abreast of what is really going on in our government. Otherwise, our country won’t be “our” country much longer! Your blog is refreshing. Everything conservative that I find on line ends up being mean-spirited and no different from the liberals in attitude. I believe in taking a Biblical stand with a Biblical frame of reference. Jesus spoke the truth in boldness, not in meanness. We need to speak up and apply the golden rule at the same time. I love your reference to the principal at the football game in Tennessee. That principal did the right thing in the right spirit and got a right response from the people. We need more people like that principal.

  6. Hi Suzanne,

    Thank you so much for your nice comment. I love it that people are still finding my blog even though I haven’t posted in so long, but I love that people are interested in reading about traditional marriage and conservative principles and values. I started out blogging specifically about traditional marriage and family during California’s Prop 8 ballot measure, but things have kind of quieted down and I debated whether I should convert it to more of a political blog and post my conservative rants 😉 Thanks for the encouragement. I really like blogging, so I might have to start posting again. There is certainly tons going on right now politically and otherwise. I think it’s definitely a time where people are finding they can’t sit on the fence any longer, it’s time to pick a side and for people to decide exactly what they believe and where they want to stand. Things are becoming very black and white and its easy to see right from wrong. I’m very grateful that I know exactly what I believe. It seems like many people are trying to figure that out for themselves, and are becoming more aware and more involved in our political process then ever before. It’s a very exciting time! Thanks for reading. ~Journalista

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