Why smart people do stupid things//

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There are a lot of smart people “serving” as elected officials in our government, yet most of the decisions made by them are wrong.  This leads me to wonder, are they really not smart? I doubt that is the case.  If you take as a given that these people are smart then it follows that the decisions they make cannot be stupid. So when it appears that they are, what is the reason for it?

I submit that they appear to us to be stupid because we do not understand the true goals they are trying to achieve. When you understand the true goals, then you see that the decisions being made are very smart. We think they are trying to improve the country while what they are really trying to do is serve their own personal interests. When you realize that serving their own personal interests are the actual goals, then you see that they are very effective at achieving them. They aren’t stupid at all, just very deceitful.

They have become very effective at crafting policies that look one way, in order to play to our sympathies, while the actual result achieves the opposite of our desires but directly in line with theirs.

So when you see a politician supporting a position that seems absurd, don’t think they are stupid, look for the ulterior motive. A smart person should be able to look at history and see what has and hasn’t worked in the past. For example, socialism has been tried many times but has never worked, EVER! Every society that has tried that system has collapsed because of it.

There is a reason liberals and progressives promote such policies yet argue till dooms day that they are not socialists. You know those reasons; I don’t have to spell them out here. You would think that if they truly believed in that system they would be proud to be recognized as such. Yet they don’t. Why is that? It’s curious don’t you think? They espouse those beliefs but are ashamed to be called by that description. They claim not to be socialists and appear insulted when others call them such, but every policy they promote is socialist. They have ulterior motives, trying to hide a wolf in sheep’s clothing. At least the socialists in Europe are not ashamed to be identified by what they are.

 There is a reason that the USA became by far the greatest and most prosperous nation ever in the history or the world. And the reason for this is the principles given to us by our founders. Due to their ulterior motives most or current elected officials don’t seem to realize this. There are a lot of ego maniacs in our government as evidenced by the fact that they think they are superior to Jefferson, Adams, Washington, Franklin or any number of our founders. When in fact, there is not a single elected official today that is half the caliber or has half the intellect and character of any of those men. And if any of our current “leaders” think that they can improve on the ideals that God put into the minds of our founders, they are either deceiving themselves or trying to deceive us.

 The Capitalist system works better than any other. And the freer the system the better it works. I agree with Milton Friedman when he said, (paraphrasing) – Capitalism does produce a far greater level of prosperity for all involved but even if this were not the case and there were less prosperity under capitalism than under a centralized government controlled system he would favor Capitalism because liberty and freedom are more important than a little more prosperity”.

Do you think a capitalist system and liberty and freedom are important?

Thank you for reading.

-El Commodore

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