Obama’s Bankrupt Foreign Policy//

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I have had enough, I can’t take any more of this blatant incompetence from our chief executive.  So, from now on you are going to hear from me quite often on this blog.

Our Embassy in Cairo was breached and our flag desecrated by heathens and our consulate in Libya was destroyed and our ambassador murdered along with 3 other US citizens. Clearly the video was merely an excuse to hit us on the anniversary of 9/11.  Before now very few had ever heard of this video. Now millions know about it and are going to view their prophet in a bad light. These are acts of war and require a greater response than the milk toast appeasement from our President.

A true leader would have anticipated some sort of problems on 9/11 and would have taken precautions to protect our interests; especially our embassies in the middle east, which are our most visible presence there.

Do we not have marines to protect our embassies? Why were protestors able to breach the walls without so much as a shot being fired? Why were our enemies able to destroy our consulate with RPG’s without the least resistance? If we cannot, or are not willing to, protect our interests then we should not be in these places.

We have supposedly pulled our troops out of Iraq but I understand we still have 16,000 people at the embassy there. So, have we really pulled out?  If we can afford to have 16,000 in Iraq then you would think we could spare a few to protect our embassies elsewhere in the Middle East.

All of our enemies know that Obama is a wimp and will not back up our own interests or retaliate for aggressions against us. He can scarcely put together a firm scolding much less some form an appropriate response. He treats this as some kind of crime that needs to be investigated and the criminals brought to trial. Maybe he will try them in NY.  His foreign policy, if he actually has one, is bankrupt along with his whole presidency. Obama’s supporters tout his foreign policy as his greatest achievement. I’m still looking for any achievement from this president.

We can’t afford to let GM go bankrupt but it’s OK to let our foreign policy and the reputation of the USA go that route. Hmmm…  more evidence that D’Souza in on the right track.

I’m not saying start a war over this. I’m saying you have to decide.  If you are going to be there then you need to be ready to defend your interests, if not then get out. There is no middle ground.

What do you think the result would have been if instead of the weak, appeasing message put out by the Cairo embassy they had put out a stern warning that any attempt to breach the US Embassy, which is the sovereign territory of the United States, would be met with firm resistance of whatever strength necessary to repel the intruders?  Just wondering.

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