Prop 13, lower taxes and small government //

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since it’s Valentine’s Day, I’ll make this short and sweet. . . .

Check out the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and support Prop 13 (for all of you California Residents). Founded in 1978, this organization is California’s largest taxpayer rights organization. Committed to opposing new taxes and defending Prop. 13. California is in for a rough 4 years, so it’s great to have an organization watching the bottom line, even if the Governor Brown and Sacramento aren’t.

If you’re all about lower taxes and smaller government, this is a group to check out. I follow them on facebook so I can see their updates, and you can find their twitter page here.  On their website you’ll find press releases, legislative updates and studies and reports. If you’re not in California, I’m sure there is a similar organization in your state that will provided you with pertinent tax related information. It’s great to stay informed and involved. It’s our money, our future and our bottom line, and we shouldn’t expect the government to ever look out for our interests.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association has been leading the California Tax Revolt since Howard Jarvis’s passage of Prop. 13 in 1978. Prop. 13 has saved homeowners billions in taxes and has saved countless people who would have otherwise been taxed out oftheir homes. Originally called the California Tax Redution Movement, the organization was renamed in honor of Howard Jarvis when he passed away in 1986. Recently, HJTA led the campaign against the Proposition 1A $16 billion tax hike through our No New Taxes campaign committee. Our Department of Legal Affairs has just this month won major victories for taxpayers establishing that money government raised by water rates cannot be used for any other purpose other than the provision of water and in another case that government must disclose bureaucrat salaries to concerned citizens who would otherwise have no way of knowing the extent of waste, fraud and abuse in our government. HJTA also has a full time lobbying presence in the Capitol and works closely with the California Tea Party Patriots and other taxpayer organizations.

One thought on “Prop 13, lower taxes and small government //

  1. Unfortunately for Californians, while Prop 13 kept taxes lowered, the government continued to expand and spend and has nearly bankrupted your fair state. Heaven help us from well-meaning politicians with a leftist agenda.

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