Why Shouldn’t Obama Have to Produce his Birth Certificate// he works for us

This controversial Obama billboard showed up in a suburban Denver town.

Personally I think it’s kind of cool when people are gutsy and stand up for what they believe in! If people want to know if the president is really a US citizen, then he should produce proof. The fact that he’s being totally aloof makes this whole thing seem sketchy.This man has every right to post whatever he wants on his own property. Anyone who disagrees has clearly not read the Constitution. Read-up folks!

Also, why should Obama get a “get out of jail free card?” The rest of us have to product our Social Security Card, Driver’s License etc., etc., etc., whenever we get a job, why shouldn’t Obama have to for this job?

Read the Fox31 News article here. . . that I found via Drudge Report. Love that website!!!

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4 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t Obama Have to Produce his Birth Certificate// he works for us

  1. The “rest of us”, particularly those that are born in hawaii, only are required to show the same Certificiation of Live birth produced by Barack Obama’s capping back in 2008. Despite the claims of Orly Taitz and Phillip Berg a Certification of Live Birth certified the government of Hawaii is just as valid as the hospital Generated birth certificate produced by the Kapi’olani medical center. The State Department of Health (DOH) no longer issues Certificates of Live Birth.  When a request is made for a copy of a birth certificate, the DOH issues a Certification of Live Birth; so are you asking Barrack Obama to request a record that no one else does (yes, I am aware no one else is president). In order to be president, one must have had birth right citizenship obtained either through birth location (the 50 states: including tribal lands, DC and Puerto Rico, Guam the Virgin Islands) OR if you were born outside the US one or both of your parents must be able to confer citizenship on to the child.

    What you believe is a conspiracy theory, in order for what you believe to be true there is a large groups of people that must keep silent about this issue in order for your theory to work. They have had to have conspired with the Hawaii department of health, the Cook County (IL) Bereau of Vital Statistics, the Illinios Secreary of State’s office, the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission of the Supreme Court of Illinios, the Republican Governor of Hawaii and the McCain-Palin campaign. It is possible that Barrack Obama has done this, but step back for a minute and ask yourself what is reasonable, especially considering there is no evidence that his Certification of Live Birth isn’t authentic. Keep in mind that it is undisputed that Stanley Ann Dunham is Barrack Obama’s mother, any federal curt could easily declare that current immigration laws are retroactive. A court could declare that that the current law of a mother needing to be only 16 (it appears she did not move overseas until she was 24) to confer citizenship applied to Barrack Obama.

    The president is trying to defend himself in court, the easiest way to do this is to dismiss the cases because producing his hospital-generated birth certificate would open another controversy to determine whether that was real or fake and cost him even more legal fees to dispute it in court. Obama did not get a “get out of jail free card”, his credentials to be president have been searched with a fine toothed comb. I will agree with you on one thing, however this person does have the right to post whatever insane conspiracy theories he wants, he even has the right to lie , we have a god-given (not government given of course) right to be as idiotic and stubborn as we so please.

  2. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for the info. I have to admit, I really could care less about Obama and his birth certificate scandal, and I haven’t wasted any of my time really looking in to that issue.

    When I posted that pic of the billboard, the main point was to show how so many people get up in arms just because someone exercises their right to free speech. I recognize that way too many people are concerned with being “PC,” (however, I’m not) and that even more people think that one shouldn’t have a right to free speech, unless one is saying something that they like.

    I will agree with you that our freedoms come from God and not from the government. The government derives it’s power from us, The People! And they are taking and continuing to take way more power then they should be. Which is also being perpetuated by the massive corruption going on in Washington. A lack of moral fiber in our leaders and in the family unit is a serious problem.

    It shouldn’t even be an issue whether or not our President is a citizen. Too bad we don’t have someone honest, with a strong moral fiber leading this country. However, a lot of people (myself included) don’t respect Obama, or what he stands for. He’s dishonest and shady and that makes people uneasy, so the birth certificate thing is an issue, and that is a right that people have.

    So you’re saying that this man is idiotic and stubborn because he posted up a sign that you apparently don’t agree with?

    I appreciate your comment. Thanks for reading! ~Journalista

  3. Perhaps idiotic and stubborn is a bit of a knee-jerk reaction, but such is the case when some see something they don’t agree with. However, because the idea itself lacks merit and the person believes it, I would question his intellectual merits on other issues. I realize now he gave an opinion on one other topic, President or Jihad. That is not a factual statement, but an opinion: opinions always have merit because they ma describe what he believes and not necessarily reality or the consensus of the majority. President or Jihad? Well, so far the country is in one piece; we’ve been without an attack on the homeland for 9 months; President Obama’s socialist policies are having difficulty (in his own party, let alone the whole congress) and his promises to end policies you disagree with like ending DOMA, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and allowing partial-birth abortions (I am not very supportive of the latter) are being put on his back burner and will not come to muster if he fails on healthcare.

    As a liberal libertarian, I welcome the opinions I disagree with. (This is in jest) After all how can I ridicule, contradict, disprove and/or insult someone’s opinion if it’s not spoken loudly for the marketplace to hear? However as a libertarian (I think the party is full of cooks and weirdos) I must warn you not to count on the Republicans to save you from the democrats, especially on important issues like freedom. They use social issues like gay rights and abortion to distract you from the real issues that plague us. Don’t place all the blame Obama for the lack of freedoms we have: the groundwork for that was laid out by George Bush 2, Clinton, Bush 1 and to a lesser extent Reagan and other before him. Keep in mind what president claimed not to be a socialist but ended up stabbing us in the back: George Bush 2, at least Obama is openly promoting that.

    Having an honest, strong moral fiber… even a half-way distorted one commonly found in some atheists is an unwritten, automatic disqualification for the presidency. What if I told you it is Obama who secretly started the birther movement to try to discredit conservative republicans? Who better to start that conspiracy than the one we already think started the other one? Obama is dishonest in shady, I hope it didn’t take a democrat for you too see that all recent presidents are like that. It was slightly less under Bush, less under Clinton, less under Bush and Reagan and less under the one before. Mark my words, the democrat or republican that replaces Obama in ’12 or ’16 will be worse.

    As for family units consider this. I must tap on the gay issue since it bothers you a lot (I laugh). Despite our tendencies to be promiscuous and polyamorous isn’t it curious that we are trying to emulate “traditional” marriage? We are trying to have a two-person couple, a white-pickett fenced house with 2.5 children with some of us even going to church on Sunday? Why would the gay community do that when the law makes it so easy to do otherwise? It is because the family unit is a foundation of society and important because humans are social creatures with a pack mentality, not a lone wolf mentality.

  4. Alex,

    Having “a strong moral fiber. . . even a half-way distorted one” is an oxymoron. Either you have a strong moral fiber or you don’t. I will agree that the last few presidents haven’t been perfect, however I never thought I would see the day when I would wish for crazy Clinton back in office. At least he seemed to care a little more what people thought, so that kept him in line in some of his policy making decisions. I’m all for having a “people-pleaser” for President. That is the president’s basic job after all. Stay in touch with what the people want and make informed and educated decisions that prioritize and support those wants and needs, and act as commander and chief of our armed forces. It just kills me how most politicians today think that they are autonomous and don’t answer to the people. Obama acts like a one-man-show pre-school teacher on her first day, trying to “rally the troops” of 3 year-olds sitting in the chairs reserved for real Congressional leaders. A circus is what it is. A perpetual show, that seems to be fueled by the people’s dislike and irritation for his attempted policies and “change.” (Oh, and on a side note, I would also like it if US Weekly would quit showing our alleged President in his swimsuit on the beach. I have never seen another president in so many tabloids).

    If you go back in my blog posts, you’ll see that I’m not a republican, but agree with most facets of the libertarian party’s platform, that’s who I vote for most of the time. There are weirdos everywhere, not just in the Libertarian Party. However, I’d rather have a total wierdo in office who believes in the freedoms afforded us in the Constitution, than some lame proponet for “change” that even the people who voted for him don’t even want now. I don’t think that there are many individuals from the Republican party in office now who understand, support and defend the Constitution. The people we have in office are a very scary bunch.

    I will agree with you that the family unit is the foundation of society, however, it’s the traditional family unit– married, heterosexual parents and children– that is the foundation of society. Or sometimes just Mom and Dad no children, extended family, etc. I will agree that there are many different kinds of families, however, if you’ll notice, families all start with a Mom and a Dad, after all, it is the opposite sexes that can reproduce to make their own family. Same-sex marriage does not make up the family unit that is the foundation of society. It you’d like to read my views on same-sex marriage, just browse through my blog archives. This is mostly a pro-marriage and family blog and you’ll find lots of info here. You laugh that “it bothers” me, however I believe that everyone has their own free agency, and is entitled to their own opinions, I don’t care if you laugh, it’s ok, I just don’t have to agree with the behaviors and opinions of the “gay issue” as you put it, or accept those behaviors or opinions, or pretend like it should all be “accepted and normal.” I think it’s great that gay people go to Church. Gay people are welcome at my Church also. I don’t think that anyone should have to be alone, in fact, I’m very saddened by the struggle that virtually every gay person has to go through in their decision-making process about their sexual orientation, (2 in my extended family for example) but but a gay couple and 2.5 kids that they either adopted or paid a surrogate to have, is not the foundation of society.

    When people decide to get back to morality, virtue, common sense, family values, their Constitutional rights, and actually stand up for what they believe in, it will hopefully be reflected in who they vote into office.


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