In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms//

Dr. Laura and Stay-At-Home Moms

I’m a super huge fan of Dr. Laura. She is right-on most of the time, and I love listening to her show, reading her books, and learning from her.

She read the following letter over the air on Thursday. I was listening to a replay of her show on satellite radio late on Thursday night on my way to the San Francisco airport to pick up my husband from his week of traveling for work. This is the sweetest recount from a woman who really understands what family means and the importance of being a parent.

I wanted to share this with all of my readers because it is important for parents to understand their proper role in the rearing of their children. Basically, they need to be there to do it, and not hand off their children to someone else.  Children need to have their Mothers home with them, and they need to know that they are loved and appreciated. They need to feel safe and secure, and those are things that they don’t get at daycare.

I am very blessed to have a husband who willingly goes out and slays dragons for me and the kids everyday, no complaints. He’s an amazing husband and an amazing Father.

Subject: I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Date: 2009-11-20

I had A Terrible Night Last Night And I Am Thankful!

Dear Dr. Laura,Yes, you read that subject correctly. I had a terrible night and I am thankful for it!! I had an epiphany last night as I cradled my 4 year old who caught a cold. But first I need to tell you about my night. My 9-month old caught a cold a few nights ago, on my birthday in fact, and kept me up all night that night. Well he’s sleeping a little better now, but he still struggles with congestion.

So last night he was having a hard time staying asleep because he couldn’t breathe too well through his nose. So figuring he needed some extra TLC I cradled him while he slept for about an hour. Then when my arms could not take it any more I placed him in his crib. I climbed into bed, at about midnight, thankful for sleep, as I’d had a little bit of insomnia the night before. As I started drifting off to sleep, I hear this tiny knock upon my door.

I dragged myself out of bed and was surprised to see my 6 year old at the door, as she of late doesn’t usually wake us up. As soon as I opened the door she began to cry. It turns out she had an accident in bed. So I told her it happens and helped her get changed. She needed some extra hugs, which I gladly gave and she thanked me for helping her. Now I must explain that my girls share a room and they had an idea a few days ago that they wanted to sleep in tents. So, we have an indoor play tent that my husband set up for my six year old, which she was sleeping in. My younger daughter sleeps in the lower bunk bed so we tucked blankets around it so she had the enclosed feeling of a tent. This was where they were sleeping when she had an accident. I learned that this play tent was not meant to hold an accident and the floor was soaked.

So I set my daughter up in her top bunk bed and had just got her settled when my younger daughter, who is sick, woke up saying she had an accident. Now this was weird because she was wearing a pull-up, but somehow it totally leaked and she and her bed were soaked. So I brought her to the bathroom to change her and she couldn’t stop coughing. I sat with her in the bathroom running the shower for a while. I realized she was shivering and couldn’t get warm so I brought her to bed with me (not a normal occurrence).

As I lay there at 2 in the morning snuggling my 4 year old, her little arms wrapped around me I realized just how lucky I am. My husband goes to slay dragons all day long so that our children can have a mommy. Their mommy could cradle and cuddle them in their need and did not have to worry about being ok to work the next day. Their mommy’s job centers around them. I am lucky because I could be there for them and I don’t have to put on a game face today. Trust me when I tell you that my husband’s job is a dragon. He is very unhappy there but he goes for us. He knows he’s lucky to have a job right now and so he swims those shark-infested waters…for our children and me.

My sister-in-law has her daughter in day care. A few weeks ago they all got the stomach flu. They got the flu because a little boy in the day care got sick while at day care and his mom and dad wouldn’t come get him. Work was too important. That poor boy!! When I’m sick I want to be home in bed and sometimes I still want my mommy. He was forced to stay in a stranger’s home and consequently everyone else got sick too.

This Thanksgiving I am thankful that I can be there for my kids and hold them when they need me, not just when it’s convenient for me. I have you know that you and my husband converted my thinking. I grew up with a working mom and took some classes, as an adult that convinced me that day care was good for kids. My husband always said, “Why would we have kids if you’re not going to raise them.” The funny thing is he is not a listener…he just knew in his heart it’s the right thing to do. I started listening to you about a year after our marriage and by the time I was pregnant with my first daughter I had decided that we needed to do whatever necessary for me to be home. We live in California and it is expensive. Most people will tell you it can’t be done on one income in this State. But it is if you are willing to sacrifice some things!! Now we don’t go out to eat, we put off house repairs and car repairs, we don’t have cable…but we do have a house of love and it shows. Our children are growing up to be very loving people and we get asked all the time what we do because our kids are so great. We decided that it’s simple – we show them with our actions that they are important and loved. Parents who work so much say they love their kids, but make them stay in day care while sick, showing their children that money and things are more important than they are. Our children don’t get a lot of new toys, but they get a lot of love.

So yes I am thankful for last night as it reminded me that what I do is important.

And by the way my night had just begun where I left off, I am a very tired but happy momma and I can proudly say, “I AM my kids’ mom!!”


Source: Dr.

{Dr. Laura has a new book : “In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms” is a special book, a profound and unique understanding of how important it is for mothers to raise their own children.}

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2 thoughts on “In Praise of Stay-At-Home-Moms//

  1. I’m a Dr. Laura fan, too. She has improved my life and my thinking. I have a few mostly minor quibbles with her – mostly, she is dead-on right. And people can’t stand that. It can be quite amusing to read the rantings of people who do not like what she says, but are unable to pen a good counterargument or refutation.

  2. She’s so great, isn’t she? I always think it’s funny when callers who are totally in left field, call her up looking for some validation for their bad parenting, bad choices, etc. I love how she speaks the truth, speaks her mind, and puts those people in her place. She is a great role model! Thanks for reading!

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