Famous blogger, popular writer and all around irritation to liberals… apparently…


Don’t just peer in at the conservatives, open the door, grab a chair and find out what you’re missing!

I’ll have more political insights on Monday, but for now…. I have just one question…

When liberal haters of all things conservative and truth-based take their time reading my blog, and writing nonsense in the comments section, (half of which I delete with out reading), and then hop over to their own blog and write an entire post about me and my post, and my views, and my stories, does that make me famous in the blogosphere?

Sure seems like it… they say there’s no such thing as bad press!

I can certainly tell you that I have better things to do then stalk around crazy liberal blogs where the blogger writes things totally contrary to what I believe in. Who has time for that? Besides, I have no interest in what liberal bloggers have to say.  But they seem to take quite an interest in us conservatives. Is it kind of like them spying on the opposing team’s strategy session before a big game? But usually all they can come up with is “journalista is a bad writer” (like I care what you think…) and “her post infuriated me (lol… maybe you should look at the facts and stop getting so “infuriated”) I don’t really get it, but they continue to cyber-stalk us and our friends, they get infuriated by our posts which I think is totally hilarious, and they leave ridiculous comments, and try to derail the post topic discussion; and then go bad-mouth us on their own blog or their liberal friends’ blogs, and waste even more of their time talking about us over there (sorry, totally a run-on sentence….is that “bad writing?”).

If you’ll notice, liberal-haters-of-conservative-truth can never intelligently argue the real issues, the only thing they can do is launch wanna-be personal attacks and say how insane we are. They always seem never to “get” what exactly we are really posting about, and instead extrapolate all sorts of other ideas for what they think or want the post to be about. Their arguments aren’t based in reality or on facts, it’s all emotional and completely void of logical reasoning and intelligent political theory. Read all you want, comment all you want, just know that we totally know your game.

I ask my liberal readers…where do your liberal values come from? What are they based on?

For me,  my conservative values and beliefs come from my LDS religion, my views on economics and my conservative political ideology. All three of these complement and support each other. I’m not all over the map, I don’t blow around in the wind, I don’t sit on the fence, I don’t change my mind from policy to social program and back again. I am not confused wondering what to vote on this or that , because I have my belief system solidly in place.

So, thanks for the support from all of my conservative, marriage and family, and political blogger friends! You guys are the best. I know most of us have been under attack and it doesn’t really phase us in the least. And for all of the liberal cyber-stalkers and journalista haters…. I’m not writing for you. I’m writing for people who are actually looking for facts and information, and people who want to learn about conservative views and values. Everyone is welcome here, regardless of your political views, just keep an open mind and you might actually learn something new.

Thanks for reading!


{p.s} if you want to get more conservative information, visit my previous posts, my blogger friends’ links in the side bar, and the awesome people at these websites: biggovernment.com, glennbeck.com gatewaypundit.com, breitbart.com

9 thoughts on “Famous blogger, popular writer and all around irritation to liberals… apparently…

  1. Journalista, I believe you have struck a nerve. When readers complain about your posts, it reminds me of the line from McBeth: “Methinks [they] doth protest, too much.” Keep up the great work!

  2. Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear. C&A, first of all, it’s “Macbeth.” Second of all, that line you mangled is from Hamlet, not Macbeth, and it is, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” Queen Gertrude says it while watching the play Hamlet has constructed in order to get his murderous uncle/step-father to give some public hint toward a guilty conscience.

    I don’t comment on politics one way or the other on the Internet. I DO swoop in to rescue Shakespeare.

  3. The answer is in the liberal handbook. Rule #1 says, attack the messenger, not the message. Rule #2 says, forget thinking about anything, tell us what you feel. It’s all downhill from there.

    By the way, if they want to bother writing about your blog and attacking you and your views, that means that you’ve won. Just remember to stick with the issues and write what you think (not feel).

  4. Wait, I kinda stopped reading and started skimming when you said “delete without reading” (I don’t care politics-wise, but flat deletion just defeats the point of a comments section) but if I skimmed right, you values come from your LSD?
    Wandered In

  5. Wandered In– The “delete” comments with out reading quote to which you are referring, applies only to comments form posters that I recognize as having a frequent history of attempting to post crude, off topic and harassing comments. As the disclaimer states on the “About the Blogger” page, “I of course reserve the right to post or not post any comments that are left. If a commenter writes something offensive, rude or off color, it’s not going to get posted.”

    I welcome all readers, and any comments that are polite and productive to the discussion. Yes, my values come from my LDS religion. However, I am not obligated to let my blog be plastered by harassing and obscene comments.

    Thanks for stopping by.


  6. My liberal values stem from a core belief in human rights for all humans, a recognition of the complexity of the systems and circumstances that make it harder or easier for certain humans to enjoy those rights, and my own experience of life in what you would consider a liberal state with liberal values. I also pride myself on the ability to see many points of view, and actually change my mind when the situation warrants it.

    I don’t know if I’m actually going to change anyone’s mind with my arguments, our worldviews being, apparently, very different. But I do see it as my duty to point out that we liberals do not simply disagree with you out of perversity, stupidity, or bad faith; we have good-faith reasons for believing what we believe.

    And if you want to intelligently argue the issues, I am at your service.

  7. Cat, If your values come from a core belief in human rights for all humans – is it not a basic human right to keep what you earn and not have it taken from you without your consent? Don’t liberals believe in the redistribution of wealth? Isn’t this a socialist/communist principle? I believe that the Soviet Union collapsed under its own weight because its principals didn’t contain enough truth to sustain itself. It is curious that our current leaders don’t seem to remember that fact as they gravitate towards that system. Or… perhaps they do realize that fact but they also realize that that particular system gives them more power and that is more motivating to them. Liberal thought can not sustain itself under scrutiny. Hence, there are very few liberal talk shows where callers can debate what is being said. Liberal principles are primarily espoused in settings where the delivery is one direction, or where the deck is stacked strictly with supporters.

    Remember in the long run as the government gets more and more power, giving away more and more freebies, some one is eventually going to have to work. We will see how benevolent our government is when there is no one left to support the freeloaders. I don’t believe the Soviets were very benevolent.

    Liberal thought is not consistent. If you look at it you will see that liberals believe in freedom in some instances – ie: abortion, gay marriage, etc. but in others they do not – ie: redistribution of wealth, etc.

    To be fair, conservative thought is not consistent either, as it is just the opposite – Let people keep their money and support the poor if they choose but no way on abortion and gay marriage, people can’t have that freedom.

    The only consistent philosophy is the Libertarians. (The Founding Fathers were basically Libertarians). Libertarians believe in freedom in all areas with a government doing only those things that only a government can do. Anyone that is honest with himself and has an open mind will eventually come to this realization. I recommend the following web site for information and articles that make sense. http://cafehayek.com/

    Liberals have many admirable beliefs such as their concern for the less fortunate. But is it any better to “force” someone else to support that belief against their will. It is admirable to want to help the poor but it is not admirable to take someone else’s property to do it. The only just and a fair system is freedom and the use of persuasion and logic to support ones beliefs. Not coercion. I believe that by far the majority of people are good and compassionate. And if they had the means, which many more would if so much were not extorted from them by the government, they would support many compassionate causes of their own free will.

    You said that you prided yourself in the ability to see many points of view, and actually change your mind when the situation warrants it. I hope that you will consider the above with an open mind.


  8. Thanks for answering, Commodore!

    I think people have a right to not be arbitrarily deprived of property, but taxes aren’t arbitrary, and they pay for services that benefit all citizens, both rich and poor. I also consider taxes a user fee for capitalism. I’m not opposed to capitalism, but by its very nature, it’s a game that some people win, and many people lose, and under the current system it’s impossible to decide not to play. No one should lose so badly that they are stripped of personhood, and the rights that derive therefrom.

    This view isn’t communism, but rather Keynesian capitalism. It’s worked extremely well for Canada, Western Europe, and Australia.

    In response to your assertion that liberalism is espoused in one direction only, that has never been my experience. One of the factors in developing my liberalism from an abstraction to a practical way of dealing with my fellow human beings has been talking with, and listening to, the experiences of all sorts of different people. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard.

    And while I can’t speak for every liberal, I don’t see support for gay marriage, abortion, and taxation as incompatible with each other: I believe in the right to marry, the right to security of the person, and the economic, social, and cultural rights that are in our society protected by a g0vernment-maintained social safety net.

    And I have to say, the assertion that the Founding Fathers were libertarians doesn’t hold a great deal of weight with me, for three reasons. First of all, I have had Christians tell me that the Founding Fathers were Bible-believing Christians, atheists tell me that the Founding Fathers were atheists, conservatives tell me that the Founding Fathers were conservatives, and American liberals tell me that the Founding Fathers were liberals. Secondly, I’m not sure why it should matter. The world has changed a lot in two hundred-odd years, and while they were smart men, we know more about the world than they did. Third and finally, they’re not my Founding Fathers. My founding fathers were the good men of the Hudson’s Bay Company, and the great majority of them were drunk, smelly, and antisocial. Though I admire them, I do not see fit to emulate their qualities.

    I flirted with economic libertarianism in my teenage years, and ultimately rejected it. It’s not that it’s inconsistent; it just doesn’t create the kind of society that I would want to live in. I’ve seen a version of it function on a very small scale, meeting the day-to-day needs of a barter economy in the Almaguin Highlands, but libertarian-leaning politics have gutted cities.

    I checked out the link you gave me, but the main page seems to be limited to links and brief commentary. I can’t figure out what exactly you wanted me to see, so if you could provide something specific, it would be much appreciated.

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