The Gateway Pundit reports: CLEAN Conservatives vs FILTHY Liberals– A Photographic Essay

Click here to see all of their photos and their post. I’ve re-posted a couple here. I think they speak for themselves.

After the 2 million strong conservative freedom rally on 9/12:



And, here is the filth left for someone else to clean up after the Inauguration of Barack Obama:



Not surprised . . . are we? We sure wouldn’t see this stuff in the newspaper and television media.

4 thoughts on “The Gateway Pundit reports: CLEAN Conservatives vs FILTHY Liberals– A Photographic Essay

  1. Thanks Euripides! Yes, it’s a sort of metaphor, but from what I know, they are also real pictures. {comment edit… I realized I had responded to your comment thinking it was for another post. So I deleted it and re-wrote. Sorry}

    Yeah, I couldn’t believe when my husband showed me these pictures, but I was not surprised. I think it is so telling of the character and type of people who are supporting the tea party rallies as compared to those who support Obama. We, the tea party, are classy, conservative supporters who have a general respect for people, public property and honest efforts of individuals promoting integrity and conservative values at these rallies. Contrasted with Obama supporters who clearly have no respect. They must think that everything should be given to them, (obviously a reason they support Obama’s crap social programs, and think that Obama will pay their gas and mortgage) they littered with no thought of who would pick up the trash, they clearly felt entitled to have someone else clean up after them. We have no problem cleaning up after ourselves. We don’t want everything handed to us, we just want the government out of our lives and businesses.

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