The 9/12 Project Rally Report….

A sign from a supporter at the Quincy, IL Rally yesterday. I love it!

A sign from a supporter at the Quincy, IL Rally yesterday. I love it!

I was feeling icky yesterday, so my Dad and my hubby went to The 9/12 Project Rally in Quincy, IL with out me. Here is some info from my Dad about the rally:

We went to the protest rally Saturday in Quincy, Illinois.  It was at the park where the Lincoln/Douglas debates took place.  It was really great with a ton of people there, I’d say about 3 to 5,000.  They had a lot of main stream people there speaking.  One of the best was Andrew Breitbart who is the publisher of  He is the one that broke the pimp/prostitute story on Acorn which it helping to bring them down. {Also check out}  Acron has been fired from the census taking job.  He is also the one that broke a lot of info about the then now resigned green jobs czar Van Jones.

We are making headway.  Our politicians are getting nervous and are starting to run scared and make more mistakes.  Their arrogance continues to astound me but it will be their downfall.   Not too much longer and they will try something desperate like staging an incident that they try to blame on the tea party movement that will  give them an excuse to come down on us.  As we walked up to the rally we heard two guys talking about that subject.  That it would probably eventually come down to bullets but that they would do the first shooting but try to blame it on us.   This is probably the reason that the administration is cutting back on defense, stifling the CIA, limiting interrogation of prisoners, and in general not concentrating on our security.  They hope that something will happen, some new terrorist attack that will give them excuse to increase surveillance on the citizens and limit our freedoms even more, take control of the internet, crack down on talk radio, etc.  The politicians are not stupid.  They are not letting our defenses down for no reason.   They know that letting down our guard will ultimately bring more attacks.  Their ulterior motives are easy to see.  When intelligent people do things that don’t make sense.  It is not that they are stupid.  It is that their motives are concealed.
Keep watching Glenn Beck and you will know what the important issues are and will avoid being side tracked by the politicians who continue to put up diversions.
Here are some pics from the Quincy, Rally. I love the signs that people brought! If any of you went to other rallies, post up your accounts in the comments section. We’d love to hear what you thought.
Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart

ACORN Alert Corrupt Organization Remove them Now!

ACORN Alert Corrupt Organization Remove them Now!

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4 thoughts on “The 9/12 Project Rally Report….

  1. I LOVE the signs! People are so clever. We attended the one in Los Angeles yesterday, 3-4,000 people were there. Very awesome! Favorite signs: “You think healthcare is expensive now, just wait until it’s “free”! and “Obamacare puts the YOU in EUTHANASIA.” and of course the big cartoon drawing of Obama with a pinnochio nose, complete with sprouting leaves on the end.

    It was a great day! Great American experience.

  2. Beetle~ I’m so glad you went. I’ll be back in S. Cal before Thanksgiving and hope to be joining you all at the next LA rally. I’m loving how the media is totally downplaying the numbers of rally-goers! They are runnin’ scared and can’t bring themselves to report the actual numbers. Everyone knows they aren’t to be trusted and that the liberal media never reports the real news anyway. Go Conservative Values!!!


  3. Does that look 5000 attendees to anyone? Exaggeration, psychological self-satisfying delusions are the tenet in which certain people cling to. Pathetic.

  4. Please do your research Aria….and not on liberal “fringe” media websites and TV programs. Those were pics taken by my hubby at the Quincy, IL rally. They got to the rally early and sat in the very front as the pics show. Clearly these pics don’t reflect the thousands of people who were sitting and standing in the streets behind them. So sorry we couldn’t provide an aerial view for you!

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