CA Supreme Court May Make Prop 8 Ruling on Thursday//

SFPD Drops Off Barricades In Castro, All Eyes On California Supreme Court

An SF City Hall insider tipped me earlier tonight that the SFPD was dropping off racks of barricades in the Castro in advance of an expected Thursday ruling on Prop 8 from the California Supreme Court. No confirmation at this point, but similar reports are coming in from San Diego. We’ll know around midday when the Court posts its list of rulings for the next day.

VERY RELATED: Thursday will also be the 30th anniversary of the White Night Riots, and Friday is Harvey Milk’s birthday. You have to wonder if the Court is aware of that timing and what it may mean if they’ve decided to rule this week.

The California Supreme Court announces its decisions on Mondays and Thursdays and in most cases will give 24-hour advance notice of the announcement. The deadline for the court’s decision is June 3, 2009.

We will see if this turns out to be true. I’ll be watching the news tomorrow.

Source: via my friend’s facebook page,


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