Alameda, CA may introduce gay issues to schools//


Elementary schools in Alameda may introduce lesson plans that address gay and lesbian issues. But first, the school district is asking parents for their input. The issue is already turning controversial.

Storybooks, a video and group discussions will be part of a lesson plan introduced in kindergarten.

But some parents and pro-family advocacy groups say the curriculum is not age-appropriate.

“This is not the role of the school,” Capitol Resource Institute spokesperson Karen England said. “These are issues that belong at home and these are discussions that belong at home, they certainly do not belong in the kindergarten classrooms of our public schools.”

They just don’t stop do they. It seems the GLBT community won’t rest until every child has been brainwashed with their moral-less propaganda. Keep your eyes open folks, make sure this doesn’t happen in your child’s school.

{Click here to read the entire article or watch the video}

Source: via DNA

One thought on “Alameda, CA may introduce gay issues to schools//

  1. This sort of indoctrination is outrageous. This isn’t civil rights, this is flagrant usurpation of parental rights and an attack on the moral structure that allows children to grow to become moral adults.

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