Stop Harvey Milk Day in CA Public Schools/ SB 572//

milk_penn320Oppose the pro-gay “commemorative exercises” of SB 572 aka Harvey Milk Day

Check out the following info from Beetle Blogger’s Post:

Thanks Beetle!!!!!

Children are already being indoctrinated into the homosexual lifestyle in government schools, but a new bill in the California Legislature would make things much worse.

SB 572 by homosexual activist state senator Mark Leno of San Francisco, a Democrat, would create an official “gay day” called Harvey Milk Day. It would be pushed on every California government school, affecting children as young as kindergarten.

I don’t get it. Hollywood makes a movie and now all of a sudden some guy gets his own “day” in public school? The gay community has several “days” already don’t they? I’m more concerned with this bill then with researching gay history,  however, it would seem that if gays were so sentimental about Harvery Milk, they would have tried to get him a “day” even before Hollywood thought they could make a mint with that movie. Maybe they did, and I just haven’t heard about it…

Can you even believe this? Seriously folks, we do NOT need an official “gay day.” Don’t the activists try to make every day “gay day” already? They needn’t worry about us forgetting they are out there,  perverting society, robbing children of their innocence, bombarding public schools with their trash, trying to destroy marriages and families, oh, no, we  won’t forget them…they are 24/7 trying to indoctrinate this country with their lack of morals  and values and perverted lifestyle.  Personally, I’m pretty sick of it!

If you can’t afford to send your kids to private school, and if you work and can’t home school them, then you need to get involved in fighting this bill. Use the info below to contact our representatives and let them know this bill’s gotta go!


1. EMAIL: Use’s Email Lobbying System right now to send a pre-written message opposing SB 572 to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and your California state legislators.

2. PHONE: All day Tuesday, call the 6 Democrats and 3 Republicans on the Senate Education Committee to urge them to oppose SB 572. The committee will hear and vote on SB 572 this Wednesday, May 6 at 9:30 a.m. in Room 4203 of the State Capitol in Sacramento.

Six Democrats who all support the homosexual agenda
Gloria Romero of East Los Angeles (916) 651-4024
Elaine Alquist of San Jose / Gilroy (916) 651-4013
Loni Hancock of Alameda County (916) 651-4009
Carol Liu of Pasadena / Glendale / San Gabriel Valley (916) 651-4021
Alex Padilla of L.A.’s San Fernando Valley (916) 651-4020
Joe Simitian of Palo Alto / Santa Cruz (916) 651-4011

~Notice all of the Bay Area gay supporters. What’s wrong with so many of the leaders in Nor Cal anyway?

Three Republicans who generally vote pro-family
Bob Huff of Glendora / Yorba Linda (916) 651-4029
Abel Maldonado of Santa Maria / San Jose (916) 651-4015
Mark Wyland of Carlsbad / San Juan Capistrano (916) 651-4038

~I love to see the OC represented by a pro-family guy. Thanks Bob!!!

California’s liberal “Republican” Governor
Call Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to urge him to veto SB 572 if it reaches his desk. Tell him, “I want you to oppose Harvey Milk Gay Day in public schools like you did last year. This bill takes away from academics, parents don’t want it, and children don’t need it. Veto SB 572.” Call the Governor to leave a message at (916) 445-2841.

You can find more info about SB572 in Beetle’s post {here}

Now let’s get to work!!!! Thanks for reading!!!!

7 thoughts on “Stop Harvey Milk Day in CA Public Schools/ SB 572//

  1. What a momentous day. Yes, today the city council of San Diego, California declared Friday May 22nd to be “Harvey Milk Day”. Thank you San Diego. Not content to wait for the State of California to make AB 2567 “Harvey Milk Day” official, San Diego has placed Harvey Milk where he belongs. Yes, in honor of his great accomplishments Mr. Milk is remembered alongside George Washington, Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln.
    Oops…Sorry, mistake made…there is no Benjamin Franklin Day.
    It appears as though Benjamin Franklin, despite the many gifts given to his fellow man, he failed to offer what Harvey Milk did.
    Despite his travels and accomplishments, it appears as though Benjamin Franklin never once offered-up his derriere to another man.
    The San Diego City Council believes that having an excrimentory orifice violently traumatized is more important than inventing bifocals.
    Two men naked, together, is more significant than two men crafting the Declaration of Independence.
    Wow, thanks San Diego. Now school children will not waste their time with electricity, Constitutions, or peace treaties.
    Yep, thanks to you San Diego City Council our next generation will not publish an Almanac or create an efficient fireplace in order to get honored with there very Own Day. The leaders of tomorrow will simply drop trousers and grab their ankles to gain fame.
    Thanks Again San Diego.

  2. And my wife did not beleive me when I told her my only problem with gays is that they would never be happy with just being married that they would want more and more and more.

    I was right. How about a heterosexual day!

  3. It’s like tax-paying, “back-bone of America”, heterosexuals are brushed aside and don’t exist! This entire attack on morality sickens me. I believe in God, I believe God has standards and a moral compass He expects people to center on. This is so wrong – doesn’t anyone stop to think of the consequences of honoring and glorifying homosexuality? This is sin – in your face sin – and it doesn’t speak for me.
    In response to the gentleman who commented earlier, namely, “homosexuals want more and more”; as with any terrorist organization believing in only themselves, caring for only themselves and everyone else be damned, I agree, these people (my husband has a term I will clean up here by referring to them only as “BF’ers”), are demanding more and more of our society and have to be stopped!!
    As in any fight, when my space and rights have been transgressed, I have been violated!! This is no different. A ‘Harvey Milk’ Day is WRONG!! Our kids are being violated if this goes through.

    I pity the poor fools who passed this in San Diego; when they answer for this, it’s not going to go well for them. The Bible says in regard to people who violate the innocence of children it would be better for a millstone to be put around their neck and drowned in the sea! (Chapter of Matthew) Jesus also went on to say that “offenses will happen, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes.” (Also in Matthew) Go on, and read the definition of “offense” – enlightening.

    I’m going to write and call regarding this bill SB 572. I can’t believe that it passed both houses before and was defeated only when our Governor veteoed it! Doesn’t anyone have a backbone in our state legislature!! Distressing and disgusting at the same time!!

  4. I see no reason to have a Harvey Milk Day, especially in the public schools. One can’t pray in school why tout praises for a a cough sufferer. His chief claim to fame was that, he was a homosexual, nothing more. Unless one would say his moment of fame was that he was killed by a guy that was hopped up on TWINKES.

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