Attacks on Miss California reveal intolerance of gay-rights activists//


[Carrie] Prejean hardly is alone in her conventional view of marriage. Polls show that most Americans share that view and voters in 29 states, including California, have approved state constitutional amendments banning gay marriage. Yet Prejean did something most Americans who oppose gay marriage no longer dare to do: She voiced her beliefs in the public square. And when pressured to recant, she refused.

I haven’t read a ton about the pagent debaucle, but what I do know is that this lady is a class act. She stood up there, in front of our entire country and told everyone what she believes,

“I believe that a marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there, but that’s how I was raised.”

That took courage and guts and I’m impressed. She probably knew that her no-on-gay-marriage answer would not be popular, she probably even knew that it would cost her the crown (Miss CA is almost always in the finals and has a chance of winning) but she answered the question honestly. And I think it’s great that Carrie Prejean has gotten even more press then the actual winner of the Miss USA pageant. I even watched the very end and I can’t remember who it is. People say there’s no such thing as bad press!

With that mild answer to a beauty-pageant query earlier this month, Miss California Carrie Prejean was catapulted to the center of an international controversy resulting in vicious attacks on her character, intelligence and religious beliefs.

I’m just a blogger and I sometimes get nasty hate messages because of my personal views, that of course I don’t approve to be posted in my blog comments, but this poor girl… a national scandal all because she doesn’t agree with the gay community… No one seems to have launched a national nasty campaign on anyone who believes in gay marriage. Isn’t that interesting????

With the personal assault on Miss CA being lead by blogger Perez Hilton, {click here to read about what a bang-up job Mr. Hilton did as a judge in this contest. I came across this blog post: “This Is What Happens When You Let Bloggers Judge Beauty Contests,” By graneyandthepig. I do not support the picture of a passed out girl in a thong in the blog’s header, but this post  makes some great points and seems to support Miss CA. If you want to get the 411 on Perez’s judging gig, check it out}.

Incensed by Prejean’s failure to endorse his views on gay marriage, Hilton took to the airwaves and Internet to call Prejean a string of unprintable names.

Oh nice. You get to berate and belittle and harass someone just because they don’t agree with you? Since when did the GLBT community get that added to their mile-long Constitutional rights want list? In addition to Hilton, the Miss CA’s barrage of harassers,

ranged from the TV journalists who fretted on air about Prejean’s insensitivity and pageant officials who publicly sided with Hilton to the parade of Hollywood celebrities who denounced Prejean and high-ranking gay British politician Alan Duncan, who called her a “silly [expletive]” and said that if she turns up murdered, “you will know it was me.”

Is this really national news people? Or rather world news, because apparently a British politician wants in on the nastiness too. Real classy huh? I wonder if his constituents are proud that they voted for him?

Prejean did something most Americans who oppose gay marriage no longer dare to do: She voiced her beliefs in the public square. And when pressured to recant, she refused.

I love that part!!!!! How cool is that? What a great example of standing up for your beliefs no matter the cost.

At a time when many politicians and pastors are too intimidated to defend their beliefs about marriage, a beauty queen willing to stand up to a bully is an inspiring sight.


5 thoughts on “Attacks on Miss California reveal intolerance of gay-rights activists//

  1. Actually The Conservative Party voters are NOT proud that they voted for Alan Duncan MP and his Party Leader David Cameron WHO HAS REFUSED TO APOLOGISE TO THE USA FOR THE MURDER THREAT TO MISS CALIFORNIA REPEATED THREE TIMES ON BBC PRIMETIME TV. The Washington Times contacted The British Ambassador Nigel Sheinwald in Washington and some groups in The USA have already called for President Obama to send him home for one day in protest.

    You can protest by writing to:,,

    Mr Michael Rook
    + 44 1664 566444

    Mrs Anne Brutnell
    Alan Duncan’s
    +44 1664 566444

    Alan Duncan MP
    +44 20 7219 5204

    Salma Shah
    +44 20 7219 5204

    Robert Riddell
    Political Advisor
    +44 20 7219 1606

    You can read the level of angry protest at:





  2. I’m surprised this post of yours hasn’t been inundated by negative comments. My version of Carrie Prejean and the news got swamped with comments.

    This whole thing reads like George Orwell’s 1984 to me – the newspeak the doublespeak and especially the normalization of same sex marriage within the media. It’s not the world I want my kids to have to grow up in.

  3. I’m surprised too Euripides. I got more hits on my blog today then I have in a while, but no one wants to comment. The invasion of liberalism in this country and it’s attempt to invade our homes and our lives is eerie… I guess everyone involved in the media are crazy liberal pro- homosexual marriage supporters too, because that is certainly the theme of most conventional media. It must just escape them that there are people out there who aren’t liberal and don’t want to see that type of stuff being reported on 24/7.

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