Why You Should Still Worry About Prop 8 & Protecting Marriage// stay involved…

prop-8As voters and citizens, we have more responsibilities to participate in our society and our government, above and beyond simply voting…. You voted. That’s great!!!!! If you voted with out studying the issues….not so great, unless of course you voted Yes on 8. No studying needed there.

Participating in our society, legislative, and legal processes is a full time job people! You can’t just check in once every 4 years because it’s fun to get an “I Voted” sticker at the polling place! (Although I love those too!) With the chaos that is constantly going on in politics, our economy and our society,  with the evils that constantly fight to destroy our marriages, our families and our children, we need to be constantly informed, educated, and up to date. We need to act according to our values and participate whenever and where ever we can, to make sure that our legislators are subsequently acting according to our values themselves, when they allegedly represent us.

Defending Marriage and Proposition 8 is no different. The legal battle is looming (this Thursday) and here’s what you need to know and why you still need to stay informed. The brilliant blogger John Galt over at Good Sense Politics has graciously provided me and other marriage bloggers with the following information. Read up and pass it on!

I Thought Prop 8 Passed. Why do I Still Need to Worry About It?

Because the Governor, the Attorney General, the Legislature and the Supreme Court of California, along with the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and Santa Clara are all conspiring to once again overturn the vote of the people last Nov. 4th. The State Supreme Court will hear arguments and is expected to nullify Prop 8 this Thursday, March 5th!

Why is it important that Prop 8 not be overturned?

1. To Protect our Democracy: The People rule the government in America, not vice-versa!

Prop 8 was written to protect the will of the people of California from being overruled by a handful of politicians in Sacramento and San Francisco. Twice now the people have clearly voted that they want marriage to remain as it has always been, and now once again our government is going to nullify our vote. Allowing four activist judges to overrule the decision of the entire state brings us back to the days of the tyrannies of King George before the Revolution. We live in America and here the people decide their laws. If the people of California want to change the institution of marriage let them so vote in a legal election!

2. To Protect our Civil and Religious Rights: It is not a hate crime to oppose homosexuality!

Our country was founded to be a safe-haven where all men and women could say and practice what they believe without persecution. Americans have fought and died to protect these fundamental freedoms of speech and religious worship. In recent years, however, homosexuals have pressured individuals, private organizations and churches to accept their actions, labeling those who oppose on moral and religious ground as “narrow-minded,” “homophobic” and “bigoted.” Already homosexuals have successfully sued a private photographer in New Mexico who refused to photograph a lesbian wedding, a New Jersey church that refused to allow gay couple to be married on their property, a gynecologist in California for referring the in vitro fertilization of a lesbian to an associate due to religious beliefs and the Boy Scouts in Berkeley, Calif. for excluding gay men. A Boston Catholic adoption service was forced to close rather than be required to adopt to gay couples and the Christian dating site eHarmony.com was forced to provide dating services for gay and transsexual individuals. Already religious leaders have been prosecuted for making “disparaging” remarks about homosexuality—even reading straight out of the Bible!—and the tax-exempt status of their churches threatened. The names of individuals who donated money in support of Prop 8 were listed on websites by the LA Times, SF Chronicle and Google with encouragement to harass them; several revealed donors were consequently dismissed from their jobs for their support for traditional marriage. There is no place in America for silencing religious belief or coercing people and organizations to support a behavior that goes against their conscience!

3. To Protect Parental Rights: Kids should not be taught in public schools that homosexuality is okay.

At a young, impressionable age it is especially important that our children be taught correct principles and morals. Since California law requires teachers to instruct children as young as kindergartners about marriage (Education Code §51890), when Prop 8 is overturned teachers will be required to contradict the moral convictions of the majority of the parents and teach our children that there is no difference between gay marriage and traditional man-woman marriage and that homosexuality is healthy and normal. When one Massachusetts couple tried to prevent their child from being indoctrinated with homosexual teachings in a public school, they were told by the Court of Appeals that because their state recognized gay marriage they did not have a right to opt their children out of it. One 8th grade science teacher in Massachusetts proudly told NPR that she now teaches her classes how to use sex toys and in San Francisco a first grade class went on a field trip to watch a lesbian wedding. It is wrong for our state to teach our children morals that we don’t agree with behind our backs.

4. To Protect our Society and Children: Stable Families = Well-Raised Children = Stable Society

The entire history of mankind offers proof that children are best raised in a stable family of a woman and man who commit to come together for life to support and nurture them. Marriage was created to promote and support this ideal family arrangement. With the increase of children born or raised outside of this ideal, especially those abused or neglected by unfit parents, it is more important than ever that the ideal child-raising situation be honored and protected. A Dutch study concluded that gay couples cannot provide a stable child-raising situation, noting that the average homosexual relationship lasts 1.5 years and even “committed” homosexual couples average eight sexual partners outside of the relationship per year. By diluting marriage to include any relationship desired, we will seriously undermine its meaning and value; hence, our society and children will suffer.

5. Gay “Marriage” Is NOT About “Love” or “Civil Rights”: It is about forcing approval of homosexuality

Homosexuals defend their intimidation and undemocratic actions by claiming that their “civil rights” are being violated when they are not allowed to “follow their hearts” and have their relationships recognized by all as marriage. In reality, however, gays already have every right that heterosexuals do: They can marry or remain single, and they can engage in any kind of relationship or activity they desire, so long as it is legal. California has even created “civil unions” as an alternative for committed same-sex couples to “have the same rights, protections and benefits…as married spouses.” (California Family Code §297.5) There is no restriction whatsoever on a gay couple’s ability to love or practice sexual relations with their partner. But homosexuals are not satisfied with mere tolerance or equal rights: their agenda is to force everyone to approve of their actions. Homosexuals do not have the right to take away everyone else’s rights by forcing them to change their definition of the fundamental unit of society to include same-sex relationships. Already polygamists and pedophiles have begun to cite gay marriage laws as legal justification for their actions. To be able to force everyone to recognize anything you want to be marriage is not a civil right!

Marriage is not a vehicle for social recognition of morally taboo behaviors. It is a protected and honored arrangement designed to promote the raising of children in an ideal environment, the way nature intended. Prop 8 is not about denying rights to homosexuals: They retain every right that heterosexuals do . . . plus the right to a same-sex “civil union” that state law ensures is equal to marriage in all ways but name. They have no right to force the rest of society to change their moral convictions to fit their fancy. Twice, the people of California voted in fair elections for marriage to remain solely between a man and a woman. The government of California should abide by the democratic voice of its people and not tyrannically impose its will on them.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Still Worry About Prop 8 & Protecting Marriage// stay involved…

  1. I could read all this a thousand times and I’ll still cry every time.

    Today I brought up the subject of same-sex marriage to my Mother, who’s 82 and lives a very secluded life. She doesn’t read newspapers, doesn’t drive and the only TV she watches is a preacher on Sunday mornings and a few game shows; all by choice since my Dad died 10 years ago. I wanted to hear her reaction since I know she doesn’t realize what’s going on out there. I’m still shocked at her first response. I’ve heard it said quite often, but I guess to hear it from her, it’s having a greater impact. She said “God will end the world.”

  2. Thanks for your comment Sandy. My blogger friends and I are always so baffled why the opposition can’t see how destructive the gay agenda is and how destructive gay marriage would be to all of us, our families, marriages, children and society. The opposition, the pro-SSM-ers just ignore the facts, the statistics and God’s plan for marriage to be between 1 man and 1 woman. It’s really scary how ugly the whole thing has become. I’m anxious to see how the hearings go tomorrow. Thanks for visiting my blog!

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