How the Homosexual Agenda Threatens Our Freedoms//

I think we all know who the zombie is.... the GLBT agenda advocates and the government who lets them have their way...

I think we all know who the zombie is.... GLBT agenda advocates and the government who lets them have their way...

The fallout of allowing the country to be taken over by the homosexual agenda is eerie. What follows  in this post is serious, very scary and exactly what the homosexual agenda is trying to do. . . Be Informed!!!! Protect your Freedoms, your Families and your Beliefs.

The gay, liberal and democratic left has tried really hard to convince us that gays are a minority group deserving of special protections. They have also tried really hard to convince us that giving gays said special protections would have zero affect on the rest of us who don’t agree with this giving of special protections, including letting them marry. If you think this agenda doesn’t have an effect on our freedoms, keep reading. It might surprise you how much it is already happening, here and abroad.

Well, as usual, they have twisted the truth, and even outright lied. Check out this list of some results that would follow from granting homosexual marriage or its legal equivalent and making “sexual orientation” a specially protected civil rights category for “hate speech” and “non-discrimination” laws. The GLBT gang is certainly whining enough about getting themselves in a “special” protected category, but do they deserve it….nah……

(1) Go to jail for “hate speech.” If a “Human Rights Commission” finds that you have made public statements that “incites hatred” against homosexual persons, you may go to prison. Ultimately, even ministers of the gospel will not be exempt. [I assume they are referring to global orthodox angelicism since that is where I found the article, but I think that would also apply to those teaching at other churches as well].

How is it that the government could potentially think that  they can dictate what can be taught in Church.?That isn’t exactly the separation of Church and State.

Just three weeks ago in Philadelphia eleven people belonging to a Christian evangelistic group called “Repent America” were arrested for singing hymns and carrying signs (“Homosexuality Is Sin; Christ Can Set You Free”) at a homosexual celebration called “Outfest.” They were charged with “ethnic intimidation” under Pennsylvania’s “hate crime” law (“sexual orientation” and “gender identity” were added to the law this past summer). This, along with a charge of “criminal conspiracy,” and other trumped-up charges, could result in a prison sentence of up to 47 years.

(2) Lose your job for not supporting “coming out” celebrations at work or for “discriminatory” speech outside of the workplace. That’s right, you can even be fired from your job for statements made outside your place of employment. Chris Kempling, a public school teacher and guidance counselor in British Columbia, Canada, was suspended for one month, without pay, for writing allegedly “discriminatory and derogatory statements against homosexuals” to a local newspaper. What kind of terrible statements did Kempling write? Things such as: “Gay people are seriously at risk [of sexually transmitted disease], not because of heterosexual attitudes but because of their sexual behavior”; and “Homosexual relationships are unstable, ‘gay’ sex poses health risks and many religions consider homosexuality immoral.”

I’m pretty sure people don’t need any other reasons to be afraid of loosing their jobs. What happened to free speech?? So they (liberal, left, socialist folks, are, as usual, trying to limit our freedoms and prohibit us from expressing a personal opinion and discussing our beliefs and aversion to homosexuality when we aren’t at work, with out fear of retribution of getting fired, sued or incurring jail time. Are they serious?

In 1998 Annie Coffey-Montes, a New York Bell Atlantic employee for 20 years, was fired for attempting to remove herself from the e-mail list of GLOBE (Gay and Lesbians of Bell Atlantic), which advertised “gay pride” parades, “coming out” parties, and homosexual dances. After a year of petitioning her supervisor to have her name removed, she responded to one GLOBE e-mail with: “Please take me off this email. I find it morally offensive. God bless you.” She ended by citing Romans 1:27. Coffey-Montes was fired for “creating a hostile work environment.”

In 2001 Albert Buonanno was fired from AT&T Broadband of Denver for not signing a “certificate of understanding” stating that he would “fully value sexual orientation differences.”

In Oct. 2002 Rolf Szabo, a 23-year employee of The Eastman Kodak Company was fired when he responded to an e-mail requiring supervisors to promote a “Coming Out Day” for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender employees with the following: “Please do not send this type of information to me anymore, as I find it disgusting and offensive. Thank you.”

In 2003 Richard Peterson at Hewlett-Packard’s office in Boise, Idaho, posted at his cubicle two Bible verses critical of homosexual practice in response to a poster of two homosexual man placed near his cubicle. He was fired for not “accepting [the company’s] values.”

I guess we can add some companies to the list of those that we shouldn’t be working for. . .

(3) Be fined and pay heavy legal fees for daring to criticize, or not supporting with your business, homosexual practice. Two incidents in Canada give a good indication of where things are headed. Canadian print shop owner Scott Brockie was ordered to pay a fine of $5000 because he refused to print homosexual advocacy materials for the Canadian Gay and Lesbian Archives.

Find another doctor, find another printer. . . doctors shouldn’t be forced to practice against their beliefs and neither should anyone else.

In California businesses that don’t offer benefits to homosexual couples are denied state contracts, irrespective of the business owner’s religious beliefs. Moreover, perceived workplace discrimination against “transgendered” persons (both transsexuals and transvestites) makes businesses liable to a $150,000 fine.

(4) Have your children taken away from you if you teach them “homophobic” ideas. In 2003 Dr. Cheryl Clark was ordered by a Denver Circuit Court judge and later in 2004 by the Colorado Court of Appeals not to say anything to her adopted daughter that her ex-lesbian partner might construe as “homophobic.” In California potential foster parents who express disapproval of homosexual practice are disqualified from foster care.

This was news to me. Apparently the State of California has a skewed view of what makes a good parent. So apparently, if we don’t want gays to foster and adopt children, it doesn’t matter because they will ensure that children will be fed their trashy propaganda no matter what home they grow up in. . .not in my house!

Want to keep your kids??? Read up. . .

Adoption qualifications will one day screen potential parents on the basis of their stance toward “sexual orientation differences.” Where is this ultimately headed? It is not hard to imagine. Suppose your child wonders whether he or she is bisexual, homosexual, or transgendered-not a far-fetched possibility given the coercive promotion of bisexuality, homosexuality, and transgenderism in the school systems and the higher percentage of orientation confusion among adolescents. If your child then tells the school guidance counselor that you regard homosexual behavior as sin, the counselor will report the matter to your state Child Protective Services and your child will be removed from your home. The state will reason: Would we tolerate black children raised in the homes of Klu Klux Klan members?

(5) Have the school systems teach your children that you are a hateful bigot. In California all public schools, as well as private and religious schools that receive state money, must have curricula that “foster appreciation” for sexual orientation differences.

An example of the kind of material that children can be subjected to includes a presentation sponsored by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Educational Network (GLSEN) called “Cootie Shots.” In one of the skits a young boy declares how wonderful it is to dress “in Mommy’s high heals.” “What’s wrong with being like a girl? . / . . . They are swine, I am the pearl. / And let them laugh and let them scream. / They’ll be beheaded when I’m queen.”

In a GLSEN video, “It’s Elementary,” a resource promoted to elementary school teachers, an 8-year old girl reads her essay to her class stating that those who accept the Bible’s teaching on homosexual practice are stupid. The teacher gives her essay an award.

(6) Other Consequences. The ramifications of making “sexual orientation” a nationally protected civil rights category are endless. Here we can only mention briefly a few other consequences.

* Adoption agencies will not be able to give any priority to heterosexual married couples over homosexual couples because that would be discrimination. It makes no difference that the child is exposed to a homosexual environment and would be more inclined from this to experiment in homosexual behavior. It makes no difference that the vast majority of homosexual relationships will be not be long-term and monogamous.

* Christian groups on college campuses that do not allow practicing, self-affirming homosexuals as leaders will be charged with discrimination and kicked off campus.

* Professionals who have affiliation with such “discriminatory” groups as the Boy Scouts or the Salvation Army will be subjected to censure. Already, for example, the American Bar Association is considering prohibiting judges from involvement with any organizations that “discriminate” on the basis of “sexual orientation.”

* Christian colleges and seminaries that are suspected of “sexual orientation” discrimination-whether in hiring professors, allowing any faculty to say in class that homosexual practice is sin, or failing to provide “domestic partner benefits” to homosexual employees or “married student housing” to homosexual students-will be denied access to federal student loans. Eventually accreditation will be affected since the Association of Theological Schools cannot permit institutions to perpetuate the “moral equivalent” of racism.

* In order to protect themselves from federal lawsuits or civil suits, corporations will need to prove that they do not discriminate on the basis of “sexual orientation” by adopting affirmative-hire programs for self-professed GLBTs (gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered persons). It will not be good enough to have an “orientation-blind” policy.

We love to hear your thoughts. Post them in the comments section. Thanks for reading.


11 thoughts on “How the Homosexual Agenda Threatens Our Freedoms//

  1. A few years back, I took my 6 year old daughter to the park. Turned out it was Gay Pride Week, and they were holding a rally in the park. (I didn’t know prior to being there.)

    We walked through to see what was going on. The people were all very nice, they gave my daughter a plastic water bottle, a frisbee, and a balloon, all had nothing but a rainbow on it. She was thrilled. There was something bouncing around inside the balloon. When it popped, I checked to see what it was, and it was a crumpled up condom, (unused fortunately).

    Now they want your kids too.

  2. Wow. This really does bust the notion that SSM isn’t really “the straw that will break the camel’s back.” It’s allowance, as indicated by the Yes on 8 coalition, would affect parental rights, religious rights, constitutional rights to free speech, and many, many more rights that we hold dear and precious. And once again, through it all, children’s rights to be raised by a mother and a father are being categorically ignored by the government and people that are sworn to protect them as outlined in the Preamble of our Constitution:

    “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare [NOT THE MINORITY SEXUAL BEHAVIORS], and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity [YES, WE DO HAVE A DUTY TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN], do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

  3. I applaud this site – in the UK we are going down the same road – you can now lose your job for not agreeing with this insidious ‘gay’ agenda. If you speak out these intolerant people hound you mercelessly. Stand up aginst them for the sake of the traditional family! Don’t be cowed. They can’t win in the end and we know why – nature will!

  4. David–thank so much for you comment and for reading my blog! We keep reading about the marriage and family struggles in the UK too. There is some crazy stuff going on there. At least we are all in this together and can lean on each other for support and information! You’re exactly right, they can’t win!!!

  5. Just when parenting is enough of a challenge. Well, here’s the rest from my blog.

    The day I had to pull my kids out of school.
    Well I must say that I am annoyed with the fact that I may have to take my kid(s) out of school Monday because the so-called education system here in Ontario (which by the way I find sadly lacking in giving a real education compared to Ireland) feels the need to indoctrinate the children with their own mind-molding attempt at morality.

    My son came home today to tell me that on Monday the school will be having a discussion circle on why it’s okay to be a homosexual. I was very proud at myself that I didn’t move with any sudden emotional impulse and call the principal with a blast. I thought very calmly about this and sat down very composed and rang her to say that I longed for the days when kids went to school to learn reading, writing and arithmetic.

    She told me that they were doing this because they found so many of the students were saying things which were incredibly homophobic and that they needed to learn respect. Ah! There’s that word.

    Well I told her that I do not teach my kids to hate anyone nor to do violence to someone regardless of their personal morals, but they are kids. I don’t want my son nor my daughter to have to fulfill someone’s agenda in learning about what some people do in the privacy of their own personal places. It’s none of their business and it’s none of mine. I do not go around discussing my own personal heterosexual life.

    I do not want my children to have to forego getting an education while the human rights commission and the education system force their agendas down their throats.

    The principal of course did not agree with me and said that it wasn’t going to get that detailed into things. How can’t you get into the ‘in’s and out’s’ (no pun) of such a subject without having to explain what it is really about?

    What makes me even more upset is that the school never bothered to send a notice home to say that they were going to bring in an ‘expert’ in to discuss this moral issue with the children.

    How do they process this? I don’t think they care as long as they can promote their agenda.

    I certainly don’t think that I should have to take a day off of work in order to babysit my children because their school wants to push an agenda and make everyone conform to Canada’s rights and freedoms. What about my rights?

  6. Righto. It’s time to get human rights out of the schools and the courts and back into the gutter where they belong. How dare people want to live their lives without being marginalized, pathologized, and just generally made to feel like garbage?

  7. Right, Cat, so now these children and their parents and their beliefs will be marginalized, patholigized as “homophobia”, and made to feel like garbage for what?

    The gay activists love to tell the rest of society what is and is not moral. And they love to remind the rest of society that the schools are not in the business of pressing government version of public morality on youngsters. But here you are making excuses for indoctrination.

    Double-standards much.

  8. When some fourteen-year-old boy who’s been teased mercilessly for his prowess at sports and his love of hard rock music realizes he might be homophobic and throws himself off the gym building, then you can draw all the comparisons you like. Until that time, you are placing your own prejudices over the welfare of children.

  9. Pro-gay political bigotry is behind this stuff, Cat, rather than the pragmatic goal of increasing the safety of children.

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