Hawaii Debates Same-Sex Unions//

As the same-sex marriage debate heats up across the country, Hawaii has jumped in on it too. Here’s what’s going on there,

A measure legalizing such unions passed in the State House this month, and it now goes before the Senate, where a divided committee is scheduled to vote on Tuesday.

Both chambers of the Legislature are controlled by Democrats. Gov. Linda Lingle, a Republican, has declined to comment on the bill, and it is unclear whether she would veto it.

I don’t believe that the Governor of Hawaii isn’t sure about whether she would veto the measure, I think that just like many other politicians, she doesn’t want to say what her position really is. Why can’t politicians just stand up for their beliefs? Don’t they realize that their position on the issues is one of the reasons that they elected in the first place? I’m sure there are many citizens of Hawaii wondering why she’s stalling on stating her opinion on the gay marriage issue.

Gay rights organizations are citing their usual equality and civil rights rhetoric,

but opponents fear the erosion of an island culture that values conventional family ties.

Religious groups have been buying newspaper advertisements, setting up Web sites and holding rallies urging lawmakers to vote against the measure.

One anti-gay Web site warns of a bad influence on Hawaii “keiki,” the Hawaiian word for children.

We’ll have to keep an eye on Hawaii’s same-sex marriage fiasco and see how it all plays out.

Source: nytimes.com


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