Good Parenting Is Absent From Television// have you noticed?

A recent column in The New York Times asked the question, “Why Are There No Good Parents on TV?”

Gone are the days of Ward and June Cleaver, and Cliff and Claire Huxtable. . . and it’s too bad really. My husband and I talk about how we don’t let our children watch TV. The Discovery Channel, Discovery kids, The History Channel and the like, are more in line with our values when it comes to TV viewing in our home. We do not want our children exposed to the filth and trash and liberal, sexual craziness that floods practically every channel on television. So what do we choose to do as parents…TURN IT OFF!

TV is not a necessity, it is not a worthwhile way to spend your time and it rarely educates your children. The cool thing is, that our kids don’t really ask to watch TV. They know that requests for tv watching and video games don’t ever get them very far. There are occasional Saturday morning Disney channel cartoons, but for the most part, we are together, reading, playing outside, taking trips to the park, ridding our bikes, playing at the beach, building things, cooking, singing around the piano, going to sporting events, putt putt golfing and bowling. Our 3 year-old is a pretty good bowler!!!! I wish more parents would pay attention to what their children get from TV; not the kinds of things they need to be exposed to.

“The Cosby Show” and “7th Heaven” have been replaced by “Wife Swap” and “Desperate Housewives.” Today’s TV parents are self-involved, clueless, overly permissive or absent, and experts say the move away from good parenting is a problem.

“We don’t have good role models on television anymore, and we don’t have good examples of what a family should look like or how families should interact,” said Melissa Henson, director of communications at the Parents Television Council.

Bob Waliszewski, director of Focus on the Family’s Plugged In Web site, said he would like to see the networks put money into shows with healthy family dynamics. “Parents need to have a role-model show out there,” he said, “that they can point to and say, ‘Hey, I like that. It’s funny. It’s clever, but hey the husband and wife love each other; their parenting skills are great.’ ”

— Nima Reza

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3 thoughts on “Good Parenting Is Absent From Television// have you noticed?

  1. I totally agree. 99% crap! I am very careful what I let my children watch as well. Most shows are sex driven, violence filled shows that make men look pathetic and parents useless. I think parents find it easier to turn on the T.V than to invest the time doing stuff they may not be to crazy about (ie games, parks etc..). and “the proof is in the puddin”, look at the world and you will see the evidence of these choices.

  2. My children never really had a desire to watch regular TV shows. I don’t watch any myself, so I guess they just picked up on that. We do watch select movies and some of the old TV shows on DVD. TVs in the childrens’ rooms are downright stupid.

    Thanks Journalista!

  3. Thanks for your comments Lisa and Euripides! I am constantly amazed at how much tv kids watch and video games they play. There is not much worth watching on TV so these kids are just watching junk all day. I totally agree with no TV, (or computers) in children’s rooms. Watching television and using the internet are activities that parents constantly need to supervise.

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