San Diego Jury Awards Damages to Firefighters Who Were Sexually Harassed at Gay Pride Parade//

Toronto Gay Pride Parade--looks pretty mild compared to the mess that was San Diego's parade

Toronto Gay Pride Parade--looks pretty mild compared to the mess that was San Diego's parade

Here’s the follow-up report to the post we did on the case of four San Diego firefighters ordered by the lesbian fire chief to participate in a “gay” pride parade in uniform while driving a city fire truck. The figherfighters were sexually harassed and after a trial, were finally awarded damages by an obviously disgusted and fair jury. Stealing info from my friend Euripides again (Thanks!!!), he reported on his blog:

Good news for common sense and California courts. In San Diego, a jury determined that four firefighters were sexually harassed at a gay pride parade and awarded them $34,300 in damages.

The firefighters’ attorney, Charles LiMandri, said during his closing argument that his clients were targets of vulgar gestures and catcalls while being forced to watch barely clothed men and women simulate sex acts and touch themselves and one another.

Justice prevailed. These firefighters deserved every penny they got, and definitely more. It is absolutely unacceptable that this lewd and creepy behavior took place on public streets, utilizing public resources like police and firefighters, and no doubt a massive street-cleaning crew after they were done grossing everyone out and protesting their perceived lack of civil rights.  And furthmore,  just because they’re gay, and they claim to be “oppressed” or whatever, we’re all just supposed to support this offensive and disgusting type of public display? No thanks… not gonna happen! Citizens of San Diego should be outraged that their tax dollars have, either directly or indirectly, gone to support, assist and enable such trashy displays.

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