California Judiciary Committee Votes 7-3 To Oppose Prop 8//

one of the reps went on to say: “we are not required to represent WHO is in our district, we are voted in by our district to vote OUR OWN IDEAS…” he actually said that. i couldn’t believe it. so, you lie and cheat your way into the position, and instead of doing the job you were hired to do which is REPRESENT the people your district, you bend to special interest, radical groups and undermine the very people who put you in office?

Can you even believe this mess? These radical, self-centered, power-trip-y legislators actually think that they have no obligation to the people who elected them… At least 3 of them stood their ground.

For details about the hearings that took place today, and for her personal account of the rally, visit my blogger friend over at Standing Up For What Is Right!

4 thoughts on “California Judiciary Committee Votes 7-3 To Oppose Prop 8//

  1. Thanks for linking to my link 🙂 I really believe, in spite of my pitty party about what is happening, that good people will start to stand for what is right. Just as bad people have slowly shoved all this garbage down our throats, good will happen slowly.

  2. Maybe this is the audacity of hope that Obama was telling us about. We hope our government leaders represent us but they have the audacity to ignore the voters. What a bunch of gutless wonders!

  3. Lisa– I totally agree. I think sometimes people are slow to take notice of what’s going on around them, but when they do hear about things, they will stand up and fight. There are so many good people out there and I hope they all get involved in the fight for marriage.

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