DNA Debuts Protect DOMA Buttons// defense of marriage act…

Find this and other DOMA buttons at digitalnetworkarmy.com

I loved this DOMA button! And there are tons of other amazing “Protect DOMA” buttons on the Digital Network Army’s website.

Cruise on over there and get a DOMA button for your website, blog, facebook, myspace or twitter page. They are free to snag, just don’t change them, and be sure to read the disclaimer on their DOMA Button page.

If DOMA is just a bunch of jumbled letters to you, then it’s time to get informed! Click here and here for information about what the DOMA is, and why we need to protect it. There are also other DOMA links in the side bar. Have you written to your Senators yet?


One thought on “DNA Debuts Protect DOMA Buttons// defense of marriage act…

  1. Marriage is an infinite union of benefits between man and woman, this man and woman union has no limitation or boundary, and the depth of joy, satisfaction, and happiness that man and woman find within each other is an everlasting abyss of increasing fulfillment. This is what homosexuals envy, and seek to erode away and destroy, and perverting the identity of marriage is the first step in the process. Now, in contrast, SSM’s are limited, and the depth of their irrational relationship is shallow and weak, which causes them seek satisfaction through multiple partners. So, to make themselves feel as if they have value, homosexuals have attacked and have eroded away the monogamous loving relationship of heterosexuals, by introducing moral perversions, and this homosexual corruption has already brought us down to the level of dissatisfaction and unhappiness that gays experience on a daily basis. Heterosexuals do have the Liberty Right to pursue happiness in a monogamous traditional marriage, just as gays have the right to pursue happiness in a sodomite union. Therefore, the DOMA should remain unchallenged, if the USA is to have any last-straw of morality and human decency; otherwise, the USA will suffer the same fate as Sodom and Gomorrah. Why, because, a woman has value when she can give value to the love of a man, a man has value when he can give value to the love of GOD, and this is the natural order of godly human life. Moreover, never in history has any gay man been admired by the LORD GOD, never has any gay man been acknowledged by LORD GOD, never has a gay man prophesied the words of GOD to the people; and never has a lesbian been acknowledged by GOD. So, unless GOD does reverse and abandon his contempt for homosexuals, and does give value to the existence of gays and lesbians, the DOMA should remain in place. Everyone keeps saying, GOD bless the USA; however, these same people continually practice the very things that GOD finds offensive. So, why would GOD bless the USA when the USA does present GOD with everything that GOD finds offensive?

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