Protect the DOMA// if the federal DOMA falls, every state marriage amendment stands to be overturned by activists in federal court. . .

We will not be silenced. . . Defend Marriage! Defend the DOMA!

We will not be silenced. . . Defend Marriage! Defend the DOMA!

Here’s a little info on the Defense of Marriage Act that stands to be overturned under the Obama administration. This is serious because radical left-wing Democrats are attempting to repeal DOMA, which could then lead to,

“rapacious lawsuits” and “legal Armageddon,” one commentator warns.

So what you might say. . . well here is why this matters,

[the] DOMA provides federal statutory protection to states against legal efforts to force them to recognize same-sex “marriage” through federal court decisions.

“This statutory protection is now more important than ever, as witnessed by the rapacious lawsuits of radical activists in California,” [Niger Innis] argued, [Innis is an advisory board member of Alliance for Marriage and national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality]. “If federal DOMA falls, every state marriage amendment stands to be overturned by activists in federal court.”

Certain legislators and their media allies are pushing for the repeal of the DOMA, which is why you probably won’t hear on the news how important it is to preserve it.

President Barack Obama should not inflict “great harm” upon the “future of marriage” by allying with those who “falsely invoke” the Civil Rights movement to “radically” change the definition of marriage.

[Innis called the  DOMA, the] “legal underpinning” of marriage amendments passed in 30 states.

California leads the  marriage issue, like it leads a lot of things in this country. Referring to Prop 8, Innis claimed,

“A court ruling voiding a second democratic vote on marriage in the nation’s most populous state would mark the beginning of the end for democracy in America.”

The California Supreme Court is schedule to hear arguments on the legality of Prop 8, beginning March 5th.

The redefinition of marriage has resulted in freedom of religion, association and conscience being “trampled upon.” He cited the decision of Catholic Charities in Boston to end its adoption services because it could not place children with homosexual couples as required by a new Massachusetts law.

“What happened in Massachusetts is simply a foretaste of what is to come to every state from California to Missouri to Virginia – with or without state constitutional amendments – if federal DOMA falls.”

Do not be silent~ Write to Congress and express your opinions! Let them know that we expect them to Protect the DOMA! For more information, visit



4 thoughts on “Protect the DOMA// if the federal DOMA falls, every state marriage amendment stands to be overturned by activists in federal court. . .

  1. So part of DOMA “fell” recently with separate orders by Kozinski and by Reinhardt regarding benefits for federal employees married to members of the same sex…granted these were just internal employee grievance opinions, but there is no telling how far they may reach if DOMA is challenged more directly in the future. The scope of the decision seems to be confined only to those employees who are “married” — Massachusetts, Canada, Connecticut, and California (June 2008 -November 2008), but still….the repeal of DOMA may not be Obama’s doing if it’s chipped away at by the courts in the way that DOMA supporters have so feared for over a decade.

  2. That’s the social liberal approach – chip away at the law until you can attack it directly in the courts. Bit by bit conservatives have lost civil and legal rights.

  3. True it is the social liberal way to chip away at things such as DOMA, just as it is the conservative way to chip away at economic regulations (think the EPA) via challenges that certain regulations are outside of the legislature’s Article I powers. Cases decided in the mid-1990’s ,Lopez and Morrison, shift the power to the judiciary to be the final arbiters. As the Rehnquist court established that principle, Conservative judges will start using that power to strike down the regulatory state. And for a libertarian like me, the less government regulation, the better.

  4. Fullwithfaith,

    You’re a libertarian? Me too!! I totally agree with you that the less government regulation the better! Our government is so far off from what the founding fathers first established that it’s not even funny. My fave So. Cal conservative talk radio show guys said last week that in the last 10 years government has doubled. That’s so creepy. They are creeping into every aspect of our lives and trying to take over basically everything. They are so sly that most people don’t even see what’s happening right in front of their face.

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