Send a Message to Congress// don’t mess with the DOMA!

. . .That would be the Defense of Marriage Act. You know, the one Obama is trying to do away with, so he can keep in line with going back on his word to protect marriage. This is what I get for not reading my blogger email over the weekend, and I feel bad I’m late to this game. I got an email from the National Organization for Marriage saying that we need to hold our legislators accountable and send letters to them explaining that we do not want them to repeal the DOMA.

Thousands of letters have already been sent, but we need more sent to Congress and the White House urging President Obama and members of Congress to save the Defense of Marriage Act!

At, in just a few minutes, you can contact President Obama, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Sen. Harry Reid, as well as your own representatives in Washington via email, or you can print out the letter and mail it. They’ve created a site to make it easy — Just click here to email your letter in defense of the DOMA. Let your voice be heard!

You can find the text of the DOMA here.

{p.s} I just sent my letters and it seriously took less then a minute. Just type in your name and address and hit send!

Photo courtesy of this blog. Very cool pic! He took the words from the DOMA, and made the pic here.

2 thoughts on “Send a Message to Congress// don’t mess with the DOMA!

  1. Hey, I sent the emails. It really only took like 30 seconds. also i bookmarked your blog. Look forward to following you. Thanks for the effort you put in to writing your blog.

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