Supporters of Marriage Rally At Inauguration// group will hand out buttons in support of traditional marriage

“President Barrack Obama says he supports traditional marriage but is catering to anti-marriage forces by appointing known-gay rights advocate Eric Holder as Attorney General and by announcing his intent to reverse the ban on open homosexuals in the military. To balance his anti-marriage actions, Public Advocate will demonstrate public support for the marriage protection amendment in Congress on his first day — and frequently during his term — as President, ” said Eugene Delgaudio, President of Public Advocate.

Tooday from 10 A.M. to 12 noon, a group of 25 volunteers with US conservative pro-traditional marriage group Public Advocate, will congregate near the corner of Louisiana Avenue, N.E. and D Street, N.E. from to hand out buttons at the Presidential Inauguration! The group has been granted a permit by U.S. Capitol Police to be near Union Station in the designated public demonstration area.

The group will also interview citizens on their support of marriage using small video cameras with special Inaugural day messages to President Obama to support traditional marriage. [This is such a cool idea]

I don’t live anywhere near Washington D.C. and I’m not all that wild about the inauguration tomorrow and the millions of tax payer dollars that have been spent on a party for D.C’s new scandalous elite, but I am happy that some people have planned to attend and rally for traditional marriage. I imagine it will be a complete zoo there tomorrow, and I’m sure there will be rallies for the gay agenda too, and I just don’t think I could stomach listening to those people chant all day. So, I’m grateful for the people who are willing to brave the chaos for this great effort!


8 thoughts on “Supporters of Marriage Rally At Inauguration// group will hand out buttons in support of traditional marriage

  1. I do not know how all this will play out. I only hope that our new president will follow through with his claim to SUPPORT TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE.

  2. Sounds like a good idea. It reminds me of the pro life cause which has grown over the years. Hopefully the “gay marriage” thing will be quickly squashed and doesn’t drag on for years.

  3. Yay for support of marriage. It’s a shame we have to qualify it as “traditional” marriage instead of just marriage. The word marriage should obviously refer to a man and a woman.

  4. great point euripides. it’s sad.

    journalista! will you keep us updated on this? i want to see some of the videos!

    wish i had been there to pass out pins.

  5. It would have been so much fun to pass out pins!!!! I’m so proud to be involved in this fight to protect marriage! I will check and see if I can find any updates so we can see how it went yesterday!

  6. I completely agree with your Euripides. Marriage means one man and one woman, there’s no reason people should be confused, but the gay agenda is trying to confuse them, so we keep having to clarify “traditional” marriage!!!! As in, the way it’s always been.

  7. I second that. I’m not getting tired of blogging and defending marriage, but I am getting tired of the opposition’s ignorance, lies and blatant disregard for society. When are they going to get tired of their charade? When will they choose to recognize the damaging effects that same-sex marriage has on society, families and children? It’s almost as if the opposition thinks that their’s is the only opinion that matters. Thanks for the comment Secular!!

  8. Thanks for commenting squeegeeman!!! I hope that Obama chooses to do what’s best for society. That kind of is his full time job now! I guess it’s a “wait and see how much he will go back on his word” kind of game.

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