The No Cussing Club// their motto: leave people better then you found them

The foolish and wicked practice of profane cursing and swearing is a vice so mean and low that every person of sense and character detests and despises it. George Washington

This is just about the cutest website I have ever seen. My husband heard about it from someone at Church today and we looked it up. The owner, creator, operator and brain child behind is McKay Hatch. A regular 14 year-old boy from S. Pasadena who likes to play soccer, play video games, and hang out with his friends. Here’s how it all got started.

A lot of kids at my school, and some of my friends, would cuss and use dirty language all the time.  They did it so much, they didn’t even realize they were doing it.  It bothered me so much that one day I challenged them to stop!  They were shocked.  They didn’t know that it was bothering me.  They didn’t even realize how much they were doing it until I said something.  I was actually surprised at how they reacted; they accepted my No Cussing Challenge.  But some of the kids said they didn’t know how to stop.

So he created the No Cussing Club so they could help each other by reminding and supporting each other not to cuss.  Word spread at McKay’s  school, and a month later the No Cussing Club had 50 members. After entering high school as a freshman, and getting the school to let the No Cussing Club be an official club on campus, they are now in all 50 states, in countries all over the world and have over 20,000 members.

Our members take the No Cussing Challenge, which is a commitment to themselves to use better language.  This commitment not only improves their lives but also the world around them.  Through our motto, “Leave People Better Than You Found Them” our members are also looking for opportunities everyday to help people and lift them up through their words and actions.

What an incredible young man, who obviously has incredible parents who raised him with strong morals and values and taught him to be a positive role model and influence on his peers. I can guarantee, he didn’t learn this stuff in public school.

So here it is. . . The NO CUSSING Challenge! I won’t cuss, swear, use bad language, or tell dirty jokes.  Clean language is a sign of intelligence and always demands respect.  I will use my language to uplift, encourage and motivate.  I will Leave People Better Than I Found Them!

I have always agreed with this philosophy. I tend to discredit an individual who can’t communicate with out using foul language. I think it is demeaning to the person speaking and to whomever they are speaking too. Clean language is a sign of intelligence! I remember praying when I was in high school that I wouldn’t get called on to read aloud in English class when a passage contained a cuss word. (Of Mice and Men is coming to mind). Thankfully I never had to. . . my prayers were answered. My parents don’t cuss, and my siblings and I don’t either. I remember being taught that bad language is wrong. My parents led by example, just like I’m sure this boy’s parents have, and I have always been drawn to hang out with people with whom I “clean language” in common. I just wanted to give this website and club a little more publicity, although he’s been all over the media and does school assemblies. McKay speaks to students about standing up to peer pressure and bullying.

Besides taking heat from kids at school for his stance on clean  language, McKay has got to be the most cyberbullied kid in the world, receiving thousands of hate filled e-mails from kids and adults from around the world. McKay explains what keeps him going.

He’s also written a book: [Our 10- year-old will be reading this book shortly. I believe that kids need all of the positive role models they can get].

THE NO CUSSING CLUB How I Fought Peer Pressure and How You Can Too! A true story of standing up for what you believe in, no matter the cost. In spite of the thousands of e-mails from kids and adults around the world full of ridicule, abusive profanity, and even death threats, McKay Hatch (now 15 years old) continues to lead a worldwide movement that all started from a simple desire to have his friends stop using profanity.

All of us who are blogging, writing, and emailing in defense of traditional marriage, or just thinking about getting involved, can learn so much from McKay’s example. When you know something is right, stand up for it, don’t get pushed around, don’t be scared and don’t back down! The marriage dissenters and gay rights activists can harass us all they want. We can just hit delete and move on! McKay explains

I think this is the coolest thing ever! I’m very impressed. What an amazing kid and an amazing example for everyone! Parents, send your kids to this website, order McKay’s book and encourage them to be positive role models to their friends and students in their school. McKay posted club member pictures on his website! I love it!


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