{ The Non-Factsheet about sexual orientation and youth }

The APA, school administrators, educators and personnel are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of parents and students when it comes to same-sex attraction.

The APA, school administrators, educators and personnel are trying to pull the wool over the eyes of parents and students when it comes to same-sex attraction.

I wanted to do some research about treatment programs for homosexuality, (I happen to think it’s a very viable option) but during my Internet search, I am across some other interesting information. I do not believe that homosexuality is inherent in the DNA of gay individuals’. I personally believe that it is a trial that some people are given and have to deal with; I also believe that it can be overcome. I am not discrediting the difficulty that gay people face in dealing with their sexuality and everything that comes with that, I can’t even imagine how hard it must be. That being said, it should be no surprise that the gay agenda and the public school system are trying to make it even harder for America’s youth to deal with Same Sex Attraction (SSA) and to overcome it. Understanding more about homosexuality, treatments and the gay activist agenda will better equip all of us in defending traditional marriage.

Apparently the American Psychological Association (APA) has decided that our possibly GLTB at-risk public school students need help, protection and someone to ensure there are no violations of separation of Church and state with regard to homosexuality in public schools. Thus, they along with 12 other organizations that comprise their “coalition,” have so graciously put together a fact-sheet entitled “Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators, and School Personnel” which can be found on the APA website.

Now, one would think that the APA ought to know a little something about homosexuality, same-sex attraction, how to treat it, what causes it and how to best help our youth over come it. . . they certainly purport to, however the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality has a different opinion. “The fact sheet [which they actually refer to as a political statement] fails to accomplish any of these objectives,” in fact, it puts youth at risk, and violates separation of Church and state.  On the narth.com website they have posted their reply to the alleged “facts” presented by the APA.

Listen up parents! The Coalition has mailed copies of their fact sheet to all 16,000 public school superintendents in the United States. That means that like it or not, some or all of this gross homosexual agenda will likely reach your children, and, if Massachusetts is any indication, they probably won’t tell you about it either. Since homosexuals can’t reproduce, and they technically have no way of furthering their “race,” it makes perfect sense that they would be going after our children.

“The Non-Factsheet” written by By Dale O’Leary, author of “The Gender Agenda: Redefining Equality and One Man, One Woman,” and Drs. Dean Byrd, Ph.D., Richard Fitzgibbons, M.D., members of the National Association for the Research and Therapy of Homosexuality dissects the APA’s alleged “facts,” exposes their lies and gives the information that parents and students really need to know.

Students with SSA need to have their real problems properly addressed, their religious beliefs respected, and their health safeguarded. The programs recommended in the factsheet will put them at risk. Other students need to have access to information about both sides of this debate from both sides, not biased non-factual information from those with a clear agenda. This information properly presented, plus exposure to Ex-gays, has been shown to lead to a more compassionate attitude to persons with SSA and a reduction in negative behaviors.

Some of the “facts:”

• 40% to 50% of persons with SSA have been victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse
(CSA) or rape.4

• There is no replicated scientific evidence that SSA is biologically (genetically or
hormonally) predetermined and unchangeable.5 If it were identical twins would
virtually always have the same pattern of sexual attraction and they do not. In a
study of a large sample of male identical twins when one twin had SSA in only
11% of the cases so did the other.6

• A significant percentage of adults with SSA had symptoms of Gender Identity
Disorder in childhood.7 In most cases, this was not addressed and caused
significant suffering.

• A significant percentage of persons experiencing SSA in adolescence will find the
problem resolved by the time they reach 30.11

• Change as a result of therapy or other interventions had been documented in
numerous studies done before and after the 1973 APA decision.12 [to remove SSA from the list of mental illnesses]

The non-factsheet makes an interesting point:

Gay activists have been forced to explain why persons with SSA are at “elevated”
risk for “addictions, anxiety, depression and suicidality. They blame the problem on the
stress of living in a rejecting, heterosexist culture.13 If this were true then one would
expect to see lower levels of such problems in more accepting cultures such as the
Netherlands, but this is not the case.1

I find it incredibly interesting that the gay agenda always ignores this fact. Gays are not stressed, depressed etc., because everyone doesn’t approve of the homosexual lifestyle.  There are plenty of religious and psychological reasons to explain why they are however.

What will he be teaching your children?

What will he be teaching your children?

The non-factsheet then goes on to explain the “political agenda” contained within the APA’s alleged “factsheet” that school administrators, teachers and personnel now use to instruct America’s children on the ways of same-sex attraction.

The factsheet relies for its “facts” not on an analysis of well-designed studies, but
on the statements of professional organization. The public may assume that these statements are themselves the result of careful debate within these organizations and
analysis of well-designed studies, but this is not the case. These statements were generated by political pressure from activists within these organizations. In his book Homosexuality and American Psychiatry: The Politics of Diagnosis Ronald Bayer, who supports the gay agenda, documents how gay activists pressured the American Psychiatric Association to remove homosexuality from is Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. According to Bayer, the decision, from which 39% of the members voting dissented, was not the result of science, but politics.

According to Bayer, “The status of homosexuality is a political question, representing a
historically rooted, socially determined choice regarding the ends of human sexuality. It
requires a political analysis.”18
Each of the subsequent statements relies on the 1973 APA statement and therefore
must be looked up as the offspring of a political agenda rather than scientific conclusion.

The factsheet references several authors in support of its “facts.” However, if one
reads the articles referenced and other works by these authors, one finds that they are not
presenting conclusion based on an analysis of large well-designed studies, but political,
ethical, and even religious opinions.

The non-factsheet explains how the alleged APA “fact sheet” is trying to pass off the opinions of authors as factual evidence based on research and studies.

An article by G. C. Davison is referenced in the factsheet to support the following
statement “No data demonstrate that reparative/conversion therapies are effective, and in
fact they may be harmful.” Davison chose to ignore the massive body of pre-1973 reports
of successful therapy. A recently published longitudinal study by Jones and Yarhouse of
clients of religious ministries found no unusual reports of harm.

The factsheet is full of blatent misrepresentations and down-right lies. The gay agenda intertwined with the APA’s agenda is to encourage and in fact celebrate any same-sex attraction our youth might have, wonder about or explore. They completly disregard and discredit any study, program, or information that could be helpful in steering America’s youth away from these perverse practices and toward a  lifestyle of traditional relationships that is natural and healthy.

Haldeman, Davison, and the members of the Coalition [in suport of the APA’s factsheet] are, of course, free to have whatever social, political, moral, ethical, and religious views they choose. To present these as supported by science and therefore the only acceptable view is willfully to deceive. This is one more attempt by the left to use the schools to present their political agenda as scientific fact.

The APA’s factsheet for schools denies students appropriate help.

Our chidlren need to be protected and nurtured, not indocterinated by the gay activists agenda.

Our chidlren need to be protected and nurtured, not indocterinated by the gay activist agenda.

As is often the case, the left assumes that because it has identified a problem, it has a
right to prescribe the solution. There is no evidence that pro-gay programs prevent these
problems. The Coalition members claim to be motivated by a desire to protect students
with SSA, but their idea of protection is to encourage students with SSA to self-identify
as gay, lesbian, or bisexual and to “come out.” This will lead to a number of negative
consequences: [just to list a few]

1) The SSA may be a temporary condition, immaturity, or simple confusion about
sexuality that if not acted on would resolve itself in time.22 Acting on SSA before age 21
can have serious psychological, social and health consequences
2) 40 to 50% of adolescents with SSA may have been victims of Childhood Sexual
Abuse. Focusing on ‘coming out’ rather than addressing the abuse is not in the best
interest of the student and may leave the student vulnerable to additional abuse, substance
abuse, involvement in high risk sexual activity (including hustling for adolescent males),
depression, and suicidal ideation.

6) A high percentage of adolescents with SSA had symptoms of Gender Identity Disorder in early childhood, which was not properly addressed. Some may have been
teased and told they were “gay” and accepted this label. These students do not need to
have this labeling confirmed by authority figures.
7) The pro-gay school officials keep the parents in the dark about the students’ SSA,
until it is too late for the parents to take action, thus causing alienation between parents
and children.
8) The pro-gay policy directly attacks the religious beliefs of parents and students,
causing alienation and strife.

9) Students with SSA have a right to know that reparative therapy and religious
ministries that can address their problem are available. The purpose of the factsheet is
specifically to deny them this information. According to the factsheet, “The promotion of
‘reparative therapy’ and ‘transformational ministry’ is likely to exacerbate the risk of
harassment, harm, and fear.” There is no footnote for this statement because this is an
unsubstantiated myth promoted by activists. There is every reason to believe that
adolescents to whom the theories of causation, prevention, and treatment of SSA, which
motivate reparative therapy and religious ministries are explained are more likely to be
compassionate and less likely to harass to persons with SSA.

The number of negative consequences is staggering. How horrible for young people who are struggling with SSA, not to be helped and supported, or given the “truth.” The adults who are supposed to be looking out for these kids are the very ones who are promoting their destructive downward spiral towards homosexuality. The non-factsheet goes on to explain the victim mentality that is perpetuated by gay activists:

[they] engage in name-calling and insults referring to those who oppose their agenda as “bigots,” “homophobic,” “heterosexist,” “discriminatory,” prejudiced, and perpetrators of violence, bullying, harassment, intimidation and “hate speech.” They lump people of faith who truly care about persons with SSA with criminals. This creates a victim mentality among persons with SSA and leads them to fear persons of faith and cuts them off from spiritual support. In fact, there has been a major change in the attitude of religious communities toward those who struggle with this problem. While not changing their belief that homosexual behavior is always contrary to God’s plan for sexual intimacy, many of churches support ministries for persons with SSA through Exodus or Courage.

The “factsheet” and religion:

The fact sheet insists that “public schools may not promote religion, endorse particular religious beliefs or seek to impose such beliefs on students” This is true, but the factsheet itself promotes particular religious beliefs, going so far as to list religious organizations which agree with its views.

The pro-LGB religions are credited with promoting “love and acceptance.”
Religious organizations that believe sex intimacy should be restricted to in marriage
between a man and a woman are by implication unloving and unaccepting. Freedom of
religion requires public schools to refrain from promoting a strictly religious doctrine but
it also means that they cannot publicly demean religious beliefs of the students or their
students’ parents.

The factsheet states: “public officials may not impose discriminatory burdens or
unequal treatment on gays and lesbians.” We would add “nor on Christians, Orthodox
Jews, Muslims, or Mormons.”
Persons with SSA may decide to identify with a particular religion rather than
with the gay or lesbian subculture. They have a right to religious freedom and to seek a
solution for their problems that reflects their religious beliefs.

Sources: narth.com, “Just the Facts about Sexual Orientation and Youth: A Primer for Principals, Educators, and School Personnel”, “The Non-Factsheet”


One thought on “{ The Non-Factsheet about sexual orientation and youth }

  1. It’s just become a political issue. The facts about the research done with regard to the negative impact of the homosexual life style have become irrelevant.
    The whole government sponsored “gay agenda” has one underlying assumption. The gay lifestyle is a good alternative life style. This underlying belief gives rise to all sorts of errors in thinking and the creation of laws. The research done on the gay lifestyle suggests the opposite. The gay lifestyle is not a good life style at all, it is destructive. So the governments assumptions about the life style are wrong and this in turn brings about further errors which are manifested in our society.

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